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New Poll - Demographic Hate

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From User Message Body
Post #589229
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Site Admin

4:31 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 56

Weird poll, since you can't hate what you don't even pay attention to.

Here's the deal, I hate everything. Out of the three demographics that I actually read/pay attention to, I hate them all. I hate seinen when it isn't interesting, I hate josei when it isn't interesting and I definitely hate shonen when it isn't interesting.

But more importantly, I hate the webtoon genre. I hate it with a passion. I hate it even more as each day passes since I can't filter it out.

Post #589230
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5:01 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 20

what a surprise, everyone hates yaoi. Although I can see why.

I read yaoi but only the good yaoi (which is hard to find anyway)

Post #589232

5:43 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 16

Hentai, because it so discriminatory against women; also for those homophobic people who voted against yaoi or shonen ai I only have this to say: if the world had more love in it, it would be a better place for us all, u included

Post #589234 - Reply to (#589183) by giinko
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6:17 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 72

meh... dont think i could ever handle NTR with hentai* like its nothing and boring

Cherelle Ashlee
Post #589236
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Shoujo Queen

6:26 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 419

LOL I knew Yaoi would have been leading. However, the only genre I don't read that much is Shoujo Ai and Yuri but I don't hate it. Its my least favorite, I would rather read a good Yaoi than Yuri any day :3.

Last edited by Cherelle Ashlee at 6:45 pm, Mar 2

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But if it makes you happy to win on the internet, have at it.

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need her theme music...
Post #589238 - Reply to (#589232) by aigaither

6:36 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 66

Lol, hypocrite.

Yaoi is full of allegorical sexist tropes and misogynistic behavior acted out by genderless looking men. The whole seme and uke bit is an asexual reenactment of male sexual domination over women.

In addition, if you're female, the I guarantee your interest in yaoi is of a purely purient nature; and to talk about hentai the way you did is the height of hypocrisy.

Post #589239 - Reply to (#589236) by Cherelle Ashlee

6:37 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 66

That's because you're a heterosexual girl. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Post #589241

6:50 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 261

Hm..... I voted for yaoi because when it comes to yaoi I mostly just find smut.
At least hentai doesn't present it self as having a plot, and sometimes it actually does have a plot and can be interesting...
Smut on the other hand not so much...

All the same, there is good yaoi too, and honestly I read everything. I don't really hate any genre. x]]

Lastly, if anyone thinks that a genre discriminates and stereotypes against a group (men, women, homosexuals, etc..) then you're a complete hypocrite because you are stereotyping a genre. You can claim it doesn't hurt anyone, but it can spread ignorance and hurt a demographic which could lead to a decline for them, and hurt people financially. Moreover a decline in a demographic could also hurt it's loyal fans and followers, which would hurt emotionally also because of the loss of something loved.

Any who.. I think that's all I have to say. >.>; I'm probably going to go lurk elsewhere now.

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Post #589244
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7:28 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 247

shy I'm back after a long absence.

I have to agree with a lot of people who commented that the word "hate" a bit too much/ strong for this poll. Also it was kind of pointless in my opinion since it's kind of obvious yaoi would be "it".

Now as for me i didn't vote just hit the view button, since I don't hate any of the choices. If it had been which i read the least of it would be yaoi, now don't get me wrong plenty of times i've been attracted to the title and/ or plot but the idea of seeing two guys going at it keeps me away.

Now for those who would imply that doing such a thing is homophobic are just haters trying to start arguments. I mean common if i were homophobic i wouldn't be willing to read much less enjoy yuri since it also involves same gender sexual intercourse.

And last how can anyone hate Hentai. I mean Hentai is awesome and certainly better than porn, you don't have to get annoyed at the non-acting skill you find in porn. Though it is thru that no one watches porn for the acting but still I try to watch porn and get irritated/ annoyed with the acting and stop watching it. And most of the drawn characters are hotter than most porn stars out there.

So those were my two cents

Words to live by: "Let sleeping dogs lie"
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Post #589248

7:55 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 16

@philip72 actually genius I'm a homosexual man, glad to know where you stand on the I.Q. totem pole

Post #589251
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8:02 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 156

Well as usual, the poll question could have used a bit of tweaking. Instead of hate, I'm sure a phrase better suited for this subject would have been least likely to read, dislike, or unappealing. And the choices could have been better thought out, as some have all ready mentioned. If that had been the case and certain other genres were to be included, then I'm sure shota/loli-con would have gotten its fair share of votes too.

As for me, I voted hentai for very obvious reasons. It's not a knee-jerk reaction as I have read (if you can call it reading) some of them. Shoujo ai and yuri would have probably followed, but it's not a "hate" reaction for these two genres, just that I find the subject matter unappealing.

Post #589252 - Reply to (#589209) by CuthienSilmeriel
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Mome Basher

8:02 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 3380

Quote from CuthienSilmeriel
Quote from Scyfon
WOW....44.8% against Shounen Ai as I'm typing this. I'm gobsmacked o_o

erm..I think you've got it a little mixed up.
It currently stands at
Shoujo - 8.3%
Shounen - 3.1%
Seinen - 2.8%
Josei - 3%
Shoujo-ai - 2.1%
Shounen-ai -4.8%
Yaoi - 44.3%
Yuri - 11.2%
Hentai - 20.3%

LOL whoops~
Posted it late at night haha laugh

Quote from aigaither
@philip72 actually genius I'm a homosexual man, glad to know where you stand on the I.Q. totem pole

He never claimed to know what your gender is or your sexual orientation...

Last edited by Scyfon at 8:09 pm, Mar 2

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Everyday I'm tumblin'
Post #589255
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8:32 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 612

Voting for yaoi is like beating a dead horse, but that's the only genre that I actually could not finish even one story. I was under the impression that there's a more or less even split between guys and girls on this site, so why is there so much more hate (more than the other top 3 combined)? I expected yuri and hentai combined to have around the same amount of votes.

Post #589261
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8:59 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 232

I voted for Yaoi. And I can easily explain why.

I kinda dislike Shoujo and Josei, but I did read some good stories from these demographics.
Choosing Shoujo ai or Shounen ai is kinda pointless, because they're just mild versions of Yuri and Yaoi. So it was between Yuri, Yaoi and Hentai. I chose Yaoi because in the other two there are girls at least, but I actually don't read any of them.
I would have chosen Lolicon, though, if there was such an option. I may not like Yaoi, but I hate Lolicon.

My current top 3:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Pandora Hearts
Silver Spoon
Cherelle Ashlee
Post #589262 - Reply to (#589239) by philip72
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Shoujo Queen

8:59 pm, Mar 2 2013
Posts: 419

Quote from philip72
That's because you're a heterosexual girl. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Yes, because your that intelligent enough to be able to justify my sexual orientation based on the few words I've said. Thanks.

User Posted Image

But if it makes you happy to win on the internet, have at it.

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need her theme music...
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