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Your Religion

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Post #279462
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I am the Devil

3:29 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 2083

i know this is a repeat topic, but the others are locked and this is different anyway.
soooo.... i was hoping to have a poll, but there are lotsa religions that i have not heard of ant i think its unfair to have an "other" option.

i want to know what religion you follow and why. being not religious is all cool too. but i want no bashing. please. we need peace here. if we cant have it on the net, how is it ever gonna work in real life?
im a pastafarian. so is my step brother. what that is is the belief that the world was created by a flying spaghetti monster. for more info, this can help. and please be serious. i know mine sounds silly but i am totally serious.
i am a big fan of free speech, so any religion is valid to mention

edit: i think a lot of people are mentioning what their parents are/were. my father is Buddhist and my mother was a Christian but converted when she got married. the divorce has not stopped her newfound Buddhist beliefs though

Last edited by robbit at 8:05 pm, Apr 23

Post #279488
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Over the Rainbow.

4:59 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 664

Mormon here. I'm a convert so I'm the only mormon in my family but I think it's great. Oh yeah, I was an athiest most of my life but I was Christian when I was little because the rest of my family was. So this mormon thing is pretty new for me. Only have been one for about one year now. biggrin

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Lots and lots of blood! laugh
Post #279491
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5:05 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 90

I'M A HEATHEN!!! Burn me, you naughty zealots! I-yaaan, give it to me xxxtra hawtt!! wink

What's yours is mine, and what's mine is STILL mine!!
Post #279501
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5:30 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 123

I am an Agnostic.

Post #279549
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Yours Truly,

8:39 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 2050

I'm a muslim, born a muslim and live like a muslim.
Although, I have to admit..I rarely wear the hijjab (the head scarf that muslim women usually wear). none

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The Hidden Agenda=Gol.D.Ace

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DoLL (Okado Tatsuya)
Post #279551
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Lord of nonsense

9:06 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 1310

My family are either catholic Christians or Jehovah witness... but I decided to follow neither (my Grandpa from my father side was a Muslim, but he kind of died before I was born)

I am whatever I want to be, and I do whatever I want to do, I am allowed to do anything as long I feel good doing so, however, I must face the consequences of my acts without any kind of regrets (the only true rule), I live my life as I want to and have no regrets of ANYTHING, because I know that under the exact same situation (knowing what I knew) I would always pick the same choice.

I do good deeds because it feels good doing so, and I do bad deeds because it feels good doing so, I don't seek redemption, I don't seek salvation, I seek my own satisfaction.

I live my life for myself and not others, but I help others because it makes me feel better with myself.

How is called? I call myself a Yoista (Yoism?), but I am sure I wasn't the first person to give this sort of life style a name.

in short, I am contrary to Christianity, I think "regret" is bad on itself.

Since you sooner or later will bring the Killers without regret are EVIL.

If you are going to kill someone don't regret it later, but face the consequences head on till the end, if said consequences end your life, then sorry for ya, but it was meant to be.

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Post #279555
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9:23 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 2128

Atheist, Nontheist, Secularist, Realist, Agnostic, Free-Thinker.... whatever you want to call it.

I have nothing against any religion. I just don't think that it's for me, that's all. I enjoy light sin every now and then.

~Point & Squirt~
Post #279556
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9:26 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 85

Moslem too, like hetmit-chan. I'm moderate one, even i not too strict follow rules but i respect the main rules

Post #279558
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10:02 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 5

Moslem? You're so "western washed". XD I'm muslim, and a practising one, but I do make mistake every now and then. We are human, right?

Post #279560

10:22 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 122

Muslim here... Great to see so many others

Post #279565
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10:31 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 612

atheist~ although i do commend and try to follow the principle of karma...i think the closest thing to a religion that i've ever adopted and respected is buddhism, although i think it's more like a way of life than a religious worship towards any certain gods...

i don't have a problem with religious people as long as they don't try to convert me to their religions - especially my crazy religiously fanatical aunt...she tries to preach to me and my brother whenever she calls our house or comes over dead ...i do feel bad for people with strict religions that require daily/weekly worshipping duties, though, but it's their free-wills, so whatever...

i think that as we evolve and our brains grow larger and larger with time, abstract ideas such as religions become more complicated and materialized...i would rather simply follow my own conscience than listen to someone else preaching to me/read some sort of religious text about how i should distinguish between right and wrong...

ps: i can't believe such a controversial issue like religion can be discussed while politics is not allowed no

pps: 500th quality post at last!

Last edited by Cerulean at 2:38 pm, Apr 23

The Deviant
Dr. Love
Post #279566 - Reply to (#279565) by Cerulean
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10:43 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 9008

Quote from Cerulean
ps: i can't believe such a controversial issue like religion can be discussed while politics is not allowed no

It can be discussed now. (Though when the Presidential Election was still going on, it was still forbidden, but now we allow them again.) You can make one if you want, though we missed the chance to make an epic Barack vs. McCain thread. ;__;

-makes love to Robbit for creating this thread-

Ehm, I'm born in a Muslim family, but I'm not really a Muslim though I do follow certain traditions because I've grown used to them from since I was a kid, and they aren't that bothersome really (like fasting - food seems to taste more delicious then, there's also lots of diverse food that I would otherwise never eat during the year, and ehm, eating halal meat - it's become some OCD for me. <___>; ). I don't like labels, but if I had to label myself then I would be something similar to an Agnostic.

source: animenewsnetwork

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Post #279567 - Reply to (#279566) by Dr. Love
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Yours Truly,

10:47 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 2050

Quote from Dr. Love
-makes love to Robbit for creating this thread-

Wtf?! dead eek

Anyhu, nowdays..religion is a sensitive issue.
I respect other religion as long as they're not trying to convert me. Once, when I was in a long distance bus-ride, a Scientologist who sat next to me preached me bout Scientology and tried to convert me. I was like..."hold yer horses boy!"

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The Hidden Agenda=Gol.D.Ace

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DoLL (Okado Tatsuya)
Post #279570
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10:51 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 774

I'm a Christian. Most specifically, Lutheran (if you want to be REALLY specific, I belong to the Missouri Synod and like it). Why am I a Lutheran? Well, my parents have been going to one Lutheran church or another since they were married and when I was old enough, I was put through my three years of Confirmation. It ended up being three rather varied years, what with a change in pastors at my one church and a move to Korea halfway through; by the time it was over, I was pretty much stuck to Christianity for life. In fact, life and the state of the world is almost to depressing for me to handle without the God to fall back on.
At home, I attend at least one service a week (two if it's Advent or Lent and I love the midweek services). At school...not so much. I sometimes go to a church with my roommate (not Lutheran, but close enough) and have started to go to a Bible study in a bar (and yes, people are getting tipsy) on Tuesday nights.

Generally speaking, unless I'm straight-up asked a question about my faith, I usually don't get beyond telling people I'm Christian. I've seen "Hell Christians" or anyone who tries to scare you into a religion turn plenty of people off on organized religion all together so I tend to swing the opposite way (it's all about the love!).

I am a breath of insanity in a world of chaos.

Me: Performing Random Acts of Klutziness for over 25 years.
Post #279575
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11:22 am, Apr 23 2009
Posts: 145

I consider myself an atheist now... because i just dont like the fact that someone decides for me what to do and what not...

But shortly after my birth i was baptized or christened, whichever you prefer, into Old Belief which is closely similair to Russian Orthodox church but differs in some sacred rituals.. the fingers which you use to cross and the actuall cross are different.. i think it is considered more correct by some people because of its "oldness".. but ive never personally looked into it that much..

When i was a child i occasionally went to church, prayed before going to sleep and wore a cross.. but maybe 7 years ago i grew apart.. my mother is very religious but not fanatic)) im more like my father.. we respect the devotion our relatives have, we never argue about religion.. just dont try to push us into it.. roll eyes

i think ill quote George Carlin here "Keep thy religon to thyself" and no arguement or fight will ever arise.. roll

All is Hitsuzen...
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