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Do you think manga/anime characters effect our choices in relationships?

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From User Message Body
Post #29122
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12:36 pm, Jul 22 2007
Posts: 301

I'm wearing manga/anime character hairstyles for about 3-4 years now and I'm sure there are other people like this so why don't have it on my boyfriend?he looks a lot like Shikamaru from Naruto anyways laugh (before you say something to this, I know him way longer that the series Naruto)

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Post #29125 - Reply to (#28951) by moritana
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12:46 pm, Jul 22 2007
Posts: 279

Quote from moritana
i think my (sad, unexisting) love life affect the manga i read.

Me too bigrazz

As far as emotional feelings toward characters - Of course they are ficticous(sp?) characters, and should not be applied too liberally to real life. However a (real) person can be moved by artwork and stories. That's the point to evoke an emotion in the reader, then the author or artist was successful.
But, look how many people just go ga-ga over ficticous characters on paper or movies or tv or even music. Or celebrities that already have lives or there's very little chance of ever meeting (so they might as well be ficticous). Yet people have emotional attachments or even fantasies (not necessarily always the no-no kind!). I think this is okay, and there are probably many reasons behind it for each person, as long as the person always remembers that its just fantasy. People can have great imaginations. Or sick ones dead

Anyway, I don't think people should falsely apply fictional stuff on real people. No one is perfect. However, a particular character may embody traits you admire or desire, or get you thinking about that, and you seek them out in real life (I'm thinking more about personality than physical traits). For a real relationship, you should be somewhat choosy in order to be most content and be able to have a relationship that works (I mean, why date someone with traits that you don't like or annoy you tremendously, etc?) Of course that said, don't think you'll never have problems! Then you need to be able to work things out!

Post #29931
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2:56 am, Jul 26 2007
Posts: 258

I broke up cause the bitch wouldnt dye her hair blue like Rei
now isnt that something to be proud of?(just kidding)
Seriously now, it does affect our choices in relationships and even our choices
in life (job, family, etc...) at least it makes you think a little different in some
matters (like girl/boyfriend and stuff)
i actually got hooked up with someone only cause she had been to japan once and
she would tell me stories about how it was...
It was worth it though...lolbiggrin

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Post #30417
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3:38 am, Jul 28 2007
Posts: 65

Sorry for not replying so soon; I was outta town for awhile.
Thanx for all the comments. I just gotta say I agree with all
of you guys. There is a line drawn when we're looking for someone
to date. It would be really weird if we won't date a guy/girl
if he doesn't meet our standards.

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Post #30420 - Reply to (#30417) by Merlerna
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3:42 am, Jul 28 2007
Posts: 246

Quote from Merlerna
Sorry for not replying so soon; I was outta town for awhile.
Thanx for all the comments. I just gotta say I agree with all
of you guys. There is a line drawn when we're looking for someone
to date. It would be really weird if we won't date a guy/girl
if he doesn't meet our standards.

You mean standards that are based on manga I'm assuming.

Fear leads to the obedience of slaves, but love engenders the obedience of sons.
-J. W. Sanderson Jr.
Post #30590
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12:13 am, Jul 29 2007
Posts: 194

not really because people are already looking for the "perfect" person to live their life with.. in regards to the question, i would like to say that reading manga, and with the attractive graphics of the novel, i would like to input that it just justify how we look at people; looks and personality-wise.

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Post #30959
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2:02 pm, Jul 30 2007
Posts: 246

I'm certainly not questioning people's desires to find that all perfect someone, but I feel that it's pretty unrealistic to have a girl or a guy in the real world that is very much like the person in a manga. Not to say that it isn't possible, just the odds are so incredibly high that it's almost like setting yourself up for a gigantic disappointment. Don't get me wrong I definitely think you should have standards but to constantly put a possible romantic interest in the real world against a manga measuring stick I feel is kinda unfair for the romantic interest and yourself. What I mean is, by constantly seeing how a person stacks up to the manga you won't notice the God given unique qualities of the person and instead only notice the differences between that person and the manga ideal. I too am guilty of this, because I think anime and manga has impacted me too the point where I'm looking for a very physically attractive girl. Certainly not to the distorted view some manga have of woman, but it's still pretty distorted. biggrin

Fear leads to the obedience of slaves, but love engenders the obedience of sons.
-J. W. Sanderson Jr.
Post #31020
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9:36 pm, Jul 30 2007
Posts: 39

They can if you're weak willed.

Post #33998
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3:17 am, Aug 11 2007
Posts: 4028

It would be sad if it did.

I like Kakashi's character, but if I met a guy like that in reality, I wouldn't get too close to him much less form a romantic relationship. Reading porn in public and being hours late on a date isn't as funny as it is in manga/anime, no matter how hot they are. And only old guys have that hair color.

But I would be lying if said that I never wished my boyfriend would do something like manga/anime characters do to their girlfriends.

Post #34002
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3:20 am, Aug 11 2007
Posts: 128

I dunno bout that becuz i luv funny && silly guys who arent afraid to embrass themselves && usually my fav. guy characters in manga's are the funny ones not sure... confused eyes

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Post #36182
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3:50 pm, Aug 15 2007
Posts: 2

You know, I did get influenced a bit, years back the thing that kicked off liking manga/anime for me was Slam Dunk, and since then playing a bit of basketball reminds me of the good old days, and that got me into playing it seriously... But other than that, its not been early as dramatic a change as some here bigrazz

Post #36191
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4:42 pm, Aug 15 2007
Posts: 53

Honestly, it hasn't effected my relationships. BUT mangas have changed the way I think about stuff...

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Post #36192
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4:48 pm, Aug 15 2007
Posts: 2595


Animanga's guys are ideal type of guys. Smart, handsome, hot, nice, darn they're perfect. There are also those that are dumb but very caring, those that small and cute, etc etc etc. IDEALLL

It's the mangaka's imagination's fault biggrin

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Post #37090

3:05 am, Aug 17 2007
Posts: 4

Well i agree with what most ppl said for this thread.
Rather than having manga effecting the choices i make..rather it is a way to show the stupid mistake that ppl make..soo i can learn from it.

Post #37292
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2:36 pm, Aug 17 2007
Posts: 10

I could never understand the people who fawn over "omg hot boyz" in anime/manga series. Uhm, guys? THEY'RE DRAWINGS.

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