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Your Dream Guy

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From User Message Body
Post #566774
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9:57 am, Aug 20 2012
Posts: 70

Dream guy, huh -
A hot guy who acts like an ugly guy (nice) laugh ; That just doesn't ever happen though.
Umm delving into specifics:
1. Probably skinny/lanky Asian dude. Nice veins popping out from arms would be <3, but that rarely happens without hardcore exercise. Glasses are fine.
2. would be an indoorsy/online gaming type - well..mmm...yeah
3. Socially liberal
4. likes/understands/appreciates good computers & electronics
5. knows how to (and will) clean after himself...
6. doesn't need to know how to cook but won't complain that I don't know how either. Should at least be able to start the stove and make fried rice or eggs though...
7. An introvert. Not someone who's shy per say, but someone who'd much prefer to sit down and watch the movie, listen to music, drink tea silently w/ me until a topic of actual interest pops up.
8. Someone who works instead of sitting there pretending that he/she is working.

In all honesty ... my dream guy is a girl w/ a guy's body.

Post #566782
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12:08 pm, Aug 20 2012
Posts: 57

Doesn't exist!

Just kidding.

Post #567395 - Reply to (#525872) by ImaginaryWishes
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1:46 am, Aug 25 2012
Posts: 66

Quote from ImaginaryWishes
A Bassist. A very good bassist. I've always had a thing for bassists, haha.

Lol, that was my dream guy when I was in middle school. But since I didn't meet such a guy, I became a bassist myself XD I guess I had a thing for the instrument more than for a guy who plays it(?) The down side of that I'm not as easily impressed by a guy who plays instruments anymore, because knowing all the techniques caused my standards to shoot up (-_-)

Err my type would be:

- someone who's as nerdy about rock music as I am
- cute personality, rather quiet/introverted (I can't stand someone who's constantly talking)
- has self-confidence, not cocky (because cocky guys actually have no real self-confidence)
- similar moral values
- hilarious
- open-minded, intelligent
- sincere, not superficial
- I think I'd relate better to a guy who's also a third-culture kid (someone who grows up in foreign places, so he/she doesn't feel like anywhere is "home", and often shows symptoms of prolonged adolescence and a different world view)
- a plus if he likes cats, and acts like a cat biggrin

for physical features...
- gotta be honest, I tend to like guys who are the same race as I am, that's Asian
- square, angular features, leaning towards skinny (or seemingly skinny, you know those people who can't get fat no matter how much they eat laugh )
- cute, but NOT like an idol... more like the less-refined version of cute, like if he has a feature that gives him a memorable distinction that some other people may even find "ugly" eyes

Post #567431 - Reply to (#563769) by Kimi_Feti
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a possessive lover

6:18 am, Aug 25 2012
Posts: 436

Huh? my dream guy..
is a rich guy in many aspects..
rich in knowledge, rich in feeling towards me, anddd.. rich in money bigrazz
he must be intelligent and very understand me.
as for his look, well as long as he's not fat guy, i dont really mind. Coz there's no real guy like my dream guy in manga, huff.

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November 24th ★ Thanks Taka!!
Post #567510

6:33 pm, Aug 25 2012
Posts: 130

Dream guy?

Got it!!!

-taller or around the same height as I am (still growing! bigrazz it's my dad's freaky genes)
-looks good with long black hair
-brown/really dark eyes
-I can argue with him but not want to injure/kill him
-someone who is very open-minded, but has basic morals
-Gives me space
-Isn't a murderer or rapist
-Pretty much one of my best buds
-won't hate my family laugh
-Has family/friends I can get along with

I like my men androgynous.
I like my women androgynous.
Post #567514
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7:15 pm, Aug 25 2012
Posts: 28

well this is gonna be fun :3

Looks: please, no more ugly guys. -_-|| i've given up on going after only personality cuz i would never b able to look them straight in the face. hmmm, i guess decent-looking is fine, doesn't hav to be gorgeous and i would slightly b jealous if he was a pretty boy, altho that's still fine bigrazz
since i'm super short, i'd definitely want a guy who's taller than me, preferably by quite a bit because i like the feeling of hugging someone taller and how it feels very safe when they put their arms around you. oh, and tall people are convenient for blocking the sun. Other than that, i'd prefer if he was stronger than me.

Personality: has to respect me, my friends, and my parents, but can b slightly pushy or spoiled occasionally. i want someone who understands me doesn't cling. they should be able to give me space when i need it or just sit there together and not have to say anything. he should be able to at least tolerate any quirky habits i have, like singing or humming all the time, which i know some people don't like. we should be able to argue for fun, but nothing serious. obviously, i should be the only girl for him...

Other: he has to be smarter than me and not racist or prejudiced. NO dumb, ignorant, or annoying guys, or i swear i will murder them. he should be able to support himself in the future at least, if not me too. I'd prefer if he likes music a lot or plays an instrument.

More than anything, I wouldn't need any of these conditions so long I loved him. He doesn't even need to love me back...

Post #570960
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Life Puzzler

9:32 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 150

-Taller than me (6'0 or taller)
-Older than me
-Protective (but not controlling)
-Fatherly type
-Open minded but not liberal
-Sense of humor
-Masculine and dominant voice

I tend to go by personality since a good personality makes a person inside and out (it's the truth). I could go one forever on what I find physically attractive in a male, but there is never going to be a prince charming. Only must is that they have to be taller and older than me.... and have a nice butt and legs. wink

Last edited by RocketDive at 1:45 am, Sep 29

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Post #574562
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11:04 am, Oct 23 2012
Posts: 46

Someone who respect and love me ,
I don't mind if he was ugly or black ,
all what I want is a good person smile

Post #574566
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11:24 am, Oct 23 2012
Posts: 132

Dream guys mean unrealistic right?
-Tall (5'10 +)
-Sensitive, but not so much that he's a sobber
-Tells me I'm beautiful
-Loves kids
-Likes pets
-GREAT in bed
-Is a terrible cook (I like to cook so I wouldn't want him to stand in the way)
-"Family Man"
-Protective of me

There, my list is complete. Looks, in general, don't really matter as long as he's slightly good looking. Nothing ridiculous though, or he'd be too perfect.

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-Tohru Honda, Fruits Basket
Post #574570
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12:32 pm, Oct 23 2012
Posts: 64

- Taller than me (5-10cm+)
- Older than me
- Possessive-Protective of me
- Strong!
- Smart (have to! so he can teach me like a private teacher do. Especially in Math, Science, and foreigner language ) and Clever
- Definitely Not Smoking!!!
- Serious type but has a sense of humor
- Fatherly ( so he can handle and loves kids)
- Rather good-looking
- Has a good and healthy body (can do any sport)
- Likes pets
- Cuddly and Clingy just to me
- Kind
- Independent and fulfilling (Rich?)
- Trustworthy

The very number 1. Only faithful to me (as a lover)! and Will Not polygamy!!

Maybe this is too much, but I'll try to find someone like this! "Someone just for me! And I'm someone just for him!" smile I WILL FIND IT!
And I even tell this to one of my friend; " It's just, i would love to wait to hear when someone special to me finally appear, i want him to be the one who told me what so good about myself. Though that will be so embarrasing! peace
Since if i'm the one who told myself what so good about me, it will be a lie. Right?"

Last edited by fisukisuki at 2:09 pm, Oct 23

"Even though it is scary to know yourself, to stay ignorant of yourself is much, much more scary." - by XXXHolic

"Let's go home." - by Tokyo Ghoul
Post #574572 - Reply to (#574566) by alex3510
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1:26 pm, Oct 23 2012
Posts: 161

Quote from alex3510
Dream guys mean unrealistic right?
-Tall (5'10 +)
-Sensitive, but not so much that he's a sobber
-Tells me I'm beautiful
-Loves kids
-Likes pets
-GREAT in bed
-Is a terrible cook (I like to cook so I wouldn't want him to stand in the way)
-"Family Man"
-Protective of me

There, my list is complete. Looks, in general, don't really matter as long as he's slightly good looking. Nothing ridiculous though, or he'd be too perfect.

Doesn't sound too unrealistic to me. eyes

Post #576253
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8:12 pm, Nov 7 2012
Posts: 200


This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.


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Post #576302 - Reply to (#574562) by eshild
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5:01 am, Nov 8 2012
Posts: 4029

Quote from eshild
I don't mind if he was ugly or black

Doesn't sound politically correct...

Anyway, I don't have a dream guy.

Post #576716 - Reply to (#576302) by amaranthine
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2:24 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 7776

Quote from amaranthine
Anyway, I don't have a dream guy.

It's me!

Post #576717
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2:40 am, Nov 12 2012
Posts: 2595

Mine is in Japan and recently got married no

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