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The Situation of Manga Hosting

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Post #535720 - Reply to (#535718) by jojo_da_crow
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10:02 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 151

Agreed. Basically, I don't think scanlators (or MU) have much to worry about. It's the online viewing & pay-per-view sites that are higher profile, and a much bigger target for lawsuits.
Consider how long fansubbers have been threatened with lawsuits. And they are easier to find.

Many scanlation groups ask that their work be taken down if/when the title gets licensed. And they are the ones that make a title popular enough to get licensed.

Post #535721

10:06 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 311

I hope all the manga hosts (like onemanga/mangafox, etc) with online readers are shut down. Scanlation sites don't matter too, really.

Why? It would push the community more towards IRC/FTP again.

Post #535722

10:09 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 2

In light of the recent closings and the increasing trend of lawyers trolling for dollars, I think it would be a good idea to stop tracking IP's of visitors and submitters, if you haven't done so already. Most if not all websites track IP addresses by default and the lawyer trolls love that fact. If you can't make those kind of changes, then at least be aggressive in deleting your logs. An ounce of paranoia can go a long, long way.

Post #535723
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Ur only Goddess~

11:24 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 299

This is getting more and more scary... Actually... I cannot imagine what would I do if the worst happened...I am from the country where they usually have no idea what manga or anime is... sad(( So internet is usually the only way to read manga (actually i've never ever had any manga FOR REAL in my hands....)


Get my paintings and accessories ♫
Post #535724
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all hail schneizel

11:36 pm, Jul 23 2010
Posts: 196

This op-ed is naive at best. And pointless. Of course they'd take it down if they received a cease and desist! Why even bother to waste everyone's time?

"The best solution for the scanlation community and the corporation is to cooperate exist next to each other."

Ridiculous. The corporations don't WANT to exist next to the scanlation community. It's already a lose-lose situation for everyone. Nothing is going to change that now. The industry has made their foolish decision. Manga and anime fans will lose their series, and the industry will lose more money.

"File sharing was tolerated until it grew too big to be neglected by the industry. This is the same."

This has nothing to do with the manga and anime industry being unable to ignore the scanlations and fansubs because this has grown to big. The companies are angry because they have problems. And instead of acknowledging them, or trying to fix them, they're looking to blame their issues on others: the scanlations/scanlators, the fansubs/fansubbers. That's all there is to it. They're bullies, looking to take out all their problems on someone else.

Post #535725 - Reply to (#535719) by leelee.

12:24 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 60

I agree. I've seen Viz, TokyoPop, DelRey, CMX, etc and seen what kind of stuff they had done. Viz is ok. Their texting is pretty awesome. But when it comes to editing artwork, they go ahead and that makes a lot of people mad because their favorite artist's work had been altered.

TokyoPop is losing out due to their fault of introducing a lot of uninteresting mangas as well in large numbers. That was their downfall. And now that they are tight on budget, they decide to not even translate the sound effect and now their volumes are an extra dollar.

DelRey is the best what I've seen so far. Even though their books are $11, you get your money worth with their translation notes. Also, I like the idea of translating the sound effects right next to the Japanese sound effects. Not only it save money to not clean those sounds effects, but it helps some people (like me) to learn the sound effects in Japanese.

Another rising publishing company I've seen is YenPress. Their books are on the expensive side as well, but I've seen them did a good job. If only they also do the translation notes for the manhwa as well so we can learn more about the Korean culture too, that would be an extra plus.

Post #535726 - Reply to (#535724) by ayashe
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1:07 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 6

"The best solution for the scanlation community and the corporation is to cooperate exist next to each other."

I think they could exist next to each other. Look at the comic book market it is about 2 or 3 times as big as the manga market and its booming like hell thanks to the TPB and the issue sales. The comic market grew bigger in the 21 century not as big as the 1960s and 1970s but bigger than the 1990s and if you go to any torrent website you'll be able to find tons of comics. Comic book fans download comics and still buy them why can't the manga community do the same.
I think the major problem with the manga industry in North America is the lack of good translation and the high prices and because of those reasons people read manga online and stop buying manga. In North America manga sales are goning down. In 2007 was worth 230 million and in 2009 it was worth 140 million so the publishers had to take action before they went bankrupt. Another reason is that there aren't any new fans starting to read manga because of the lack of advertisment.
ICv2 gave three possible reasons for the decline:
1. Female readers who established the shojo manga boom have grown out of the manga habit.
2. [/u]Effect of the illegal scanlations[/u]
3. Keeping on purchasing long series has become a burden for the fans

Post #535727
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1:11 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 12

in the end, its all about sustaining the industry. dunno how well sales are, but if they can't make enough there'd be no manga

hopefully they make Openmanga good and full of popular and less popular series

Go mangaka.
Post #535728 - Reply to (#535726) by ravortor

1:18 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 6

Lol, coexist? These are corporations and they are out to destroy scanlations period. Yes there will be piracy, but if you knock out the easy access sites, you can take a HUGE chunk out of it. I am no where near advanced enough to use IRC(I've tried and ended up banned from everywhere).

Just have to accept, it is piracy and scanlations will end soon(For the general population anyways). And if sites such as this are not allowed to tell who the scanlators are, it will be incredibly hard to find out who is scanlating material.

In the end, it is a battle we can't win, and we will just have to accept that we can only read what will be licensed in our nation. That means the majority of material we will never be able to see. Have to accept that.

Post #535729 - Reply to (#535726) by ravortor
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1:21 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 6

Sorry for double posting but here are the prices of manga around the globe.

1 volume of Reborn
400yen = $4.33957 USD (Japanese)
$30 HKD = $3.86524 USD (Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong version)
$9.99 USD (English)

One counterfeit copy of Reborn!:
5 CNY = $0.732440 USD

Post #535730 - Reply to (#535729) by ravortor

1:26 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 6

Yes, the West gets shafted, we know that. Why we use the internet. No way could we afford to read every series we wanted.

Post #535731
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1:33 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 14

I dont like it because I'm cheap, but I dont see anything wrong with have licensed manga taken down. It's when unlicensed manga gets forced to be taken down that I get a little irritated. I dont have IRC anymore, but it's not like I wont go back to it.

Post #535732
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1:33 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 14

I dont like it because I'm cheap, but I dont see anything wrong with have licensed manga taken down. It's when unlicensed manga gets forced to be taken down that I get a little irritated. I dont have IRC anymore, but it's not like I wont go back to it.

Post #535733 - Reply to (#535731) by faerygoddyss

1:37 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 6

Aren't they taking everything down though? Licensed and unlicensed?

Post #535734 - Reply to (#535730) by TigerII

2:54 am, Jul 24 2010
Posts: 4

The scanlation effort existed far before manga reading sites did. They will continue to exist. Movies and music are just as accessible online as ever, even when litigation prevents them from being distributed. Regardless of the legality of scanlation, it will continue to exist, and American publishing companies don't really have the money to combat that. (Japanese ones, maybe, but it is far harder for them to target individuals in America, should they ever try to take the RIAA route.)

Now, I think manga reading sites were quite convenient, but I also recognize the companies' rights to their own works. Crunchyroll makes a good example as to how an industry can coexist, and I think the manga industry would do well to follow suit. But in the case that the industry does try to stamp out scanlation... well, it's darn near impossible, so quit worrying about it.

And, hate to dance on peoples' toes, but I'm pretty sure the general population can figure out how to use IRC. That "no more ease of access = no more manga" thing? Maybe it's just you.

A decrease in the price would CERTAINLY help manga sales. You know how fast people sell at conventions when they offer $5 manga? Seriously, you have to run to those booths to get a chance to even SEE what you want to buy before someone snatches it away from you.

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