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From User Message Body
Post #541184
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10:48 am, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 218

I'll just say one thing: I really want to see snail sagebiggrin

Post #541199 - Reply to (#541184) by kropka76
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2:14 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 103

So Karin is an Uzumaki. Fanon just became canon.

Post #541224
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a possessive lover

4:46 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 436

wondering how naruto or karin would react if they know they are related :/

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November 24th ★ Thanks Taka!!
Post #541229 - Reply to (#541224) by pyonk

5:39 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 678

Quote from pyonk
wondering how naruto or karin would react if they know they are related :/

wouldn't stop her from being slightly interested in him, lol.

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Post #541238
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6:58 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 44

It keeps getting more ridiculous !!!!
no no no

Post #541242

7:20 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 89

wow, just wow, that was really stupid, I thought it really couldn't get worse but wow, first I dropped Bleach because of the stupidity and now Naruto is following suit. I'll give it 2 more chapters before I decide but this is atrocious.

Post #541244
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Ginga Bishounen

7:27 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 380

Man...What the hell's going on :S

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Quote from Akamatsu Ken
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Post #541251
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Sims3 Maniac

7:40 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 378

Honestly when put into perspective I don't think it's that bad.

We have the trio Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru. Tsunade and Jiraiya have their summons special land that only the chosen can get to. It's only makes sense that Orochimaru has that as well.

As for the dragon thing, has anyone ever looked at an Eastern dragon? Looks like a snake now doesn't it? Hm? I don't think it was too far fetched honestly. I think people are thinking about western dragons, which are huge and bulky and look more like Godzilla.

User Posted Image

As for Karin being an Uzumaki, it has been predicted way before there were any hints of it due to her red hair. Again, not too far fetched. The Uzumaki's scattered all across the lands right? Of course some will pop up here and there.

And when compared to Bleach overall, this is not as bizarre as one may think at all. I couldn't stand what Bleach has turned into, they feel like literal @ss pulls. But Naruto more or less connects the dots that were already there, waiting to be used. *The special lands for snakes, Karin's red hair, and other similar things*

Why, hello there!!!
Post #541279
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9:56 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 318

Karin and Naruto related, da faq? There really was no hints besides her red hair and I'm surprised that Sasuke didn't have a bigger reaction. Definitely caught me off-guard there.

Post #541286

10:17 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 89


for me its not so much the reveals as they could all be pretty in line with the Naruto universe but rather how its done, the entire chapter was boring like hell with little context for anything done and just random in its portrayal of everything(notice the filler pages like an entire page dedicated to just one lame snake attack).

It seemed more like trying to build up Kabuto to be a great bad guy but it falls epically flat(kinda like trying to make Sasuke psychotically evil earlier which was then magically forgotten). Its definitely not as bad as Bleach (when last I read months ago anyways) but its progressively getting there.

From the weird crap with the Kages' fight and random nonsensical talking to Sasuke and Itachi weird meeting (poorly done so far) and now with this third weird portrayal of Kabuto. I mean compared to how Naruto usually goes it seems more like the mangaka is experimenting with a different manga style of writing and failing.

Post #541300 - Reply to (#541286) by despair666
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Sims3 Maniac

11:00 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 378

Quote from despair666

for me its not so much the reveals as they could all be pretty in line with the Naruto universe but rather how its done, the entire chapter was boring like hell with little context for anything done and just random in its portrayal of everything(notice the filler pages like an entire page ...

Incoming wall of text!

Given Naruto is to end soon, *not as soon as Bleach I don't think*, I can understand Kishi switching up perspectives when it comes to the fighting.

What else is Kabuto supposed to do? Sit there and be hypnotized by Itachi and Dr. Snake? He wasn't going to go down with a fight. Kabuto has largely been mysterious to us other than he's in charge of the Edo Tensei and he's combined himself with Orochimaru's remains.

I questioned why Kabuto felt so darn confident, even with his trump care Madara, he was just so cocky. Surpassing Orochimaru and becoming a Sage, which Orochimaru and Jiraiya failed to do, would make someone really cocky like he is. Kabuto isn't quite the old evil eyed Orochimaru fanboy anymore, and we all sorta saw that change overtime.

First he was shocked that Sasuke managed to kill Orochimaru. Then when he met up with Naruto, he was delighted that he implanted his master into himself, like Orochimaru was the one that made him stronger, now he feels he's way surpassed Orochimaru.

Most of the progression is off screen of course, but what can we expect? Kabuto may be important, but he's not a main character. Someone on a different site has theorized that this current situation is to give Sasuke experience with dealing with sage power. It might differ from Naruto's toad sageness, but of course Sasuke has to get the upper hand on something, and we all know he won't die from this experience. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. I just hope to god he doesn't gain sage abilities as well... no

I'm not sure what to think of Sasuke anymore, other that the appearance of his dead brother has switched off his insanity switch for a while. It seemed to come a little too easily, but who knows how much Sasuke has been thinking about his brother since his death. Heck, he even cried for Itachi after he found out the "truth".

Think about it yourself. Say you are always pissed off for no good reason other than to be pissed off. Suddenly, when you're about to go beat up what pisses you off so badly, a close relative who you saw die with your own eyes walks past you like it's a normal stroll in the park. Would you continue on your pissed off journey, or become unpissed for a while to figure out what's going on?

In general, insane people are unpredictable. Sasuke could very well still be insane, but is he as "evil" as I and many others originally thought him to be? I still think he's deranged, but maybe this is a clue he isn't so far past redemption after all.

This thing going on with Sasuke makes me believe when he's to fight Naruto again, he'll be more like his younger determined self at the Valley of the End that dared Naruto to scratch his headband rather than some overpowered psycho. And now that I really think about it, that's a lot more interesting.

They'll still be on opposite sides most likely, but having two people who aren't insane and have true motives they believe in fighting instead of a psycho and a hero is more interesting. Sasuke is still stupid for wanting to destroy Konoha, but well, nothing we can do about that. roll eyes

As for the Madara situation, that's just a "whatever" situation to me. They are the Kage's and he's some mutated powerhouse, anything can happen. We already knew that Tsunade had that healing ability, nothing new about that. We can see that Madara has been experimented on, but what else can we expect? He was made by Kabuto, the whacky Orochimaru and Kabuto mix who is like a mad scientist.

As for the chapter, this is far from the most boring chapter ever. Not every chapter can be captivating and revealing. There has to be a time when smaller details are revealed for future purposes, to make us think and question, or to answer a question we already had. I believe we just had the 2nd and 3rd option on that. And Naruto used to be witty like this, I missed it and glad it's peeked through a bit again.

Why, hello there!!!
Post #541306

11:42 pm, Mar 21 2012
Posts: 89

Sorry in advance to the length.

boring is not a matter of action or reveals, many times interesting chapters can be a pure conversation or character building one, or take pretty much any form and be amazing. This chapter was boring because it was just so forced, a lot of information just casually mentioned while the fight stalled, I mean Kabuto has yet to do anything impressive yet two Master Sharingan users are having trouble with him. I mean one Amaterasu for each of them and fight is over, I doubt it would kill him, especially if he's boasting how strong he is.

My problem is the simplicity of the fight from these amazing and proven fighters, a simple stupid dodge of a Susanoo arrow, the dumb 4 snake attack head on to two sharingan users, the stabbing the tail and having it split and more just in this one chapter that were all so dumb. Plus the wasted space to fill all this nonsense.

As for Kabuto, the problem with him is that he's just an imitation Orochimaru, I mean that was a good villain and when his usefulness ended he was killed at an appropriate time. But Kabuto is like a cockroach just there and somehow surviving. He is just an annoyance with convenient techniques.

My argument also encompasses the actual dialogue in the manga now, it has always maintained a fairly good quality even with the cheesiness but its was very enjoyable to read. But now its just so stupid, things are randomly said and half the time it either makes no sense or just repeated for pages (like Sasuke and Itachi conversation when they first met).

Finally as for Sasuke's insanity, he's not crazy but bad, he has been progressively getting worse and worse from killing people then attacking even his own teammates, new and old, to wanting to destroy the entire Konoha and if thats not the definition of turning evil then what is? There is no justification for that and everything just points to a bratty child with too much power. Then all of a sudden Big bro comes back and he's almost an obedient brother.

I can forgive most of that for now but Itachi is the real problem, this person sacrificed everything to protect his brother, did everything for him, died for him, even put a genjutsu into Naruto to help him and then when he sees him again and how he's going away from everything he wants for him, what does he do? He says "go away, don't want to talk to you". Not even remotely fitting with the character.

Post #541358
user avatar
All is in chaos

4:24 am, Mar 22 2012
Posts: 161

Great chapter glad kishi made another char then Naruto master Sage mode. Hoping to see how Kabuto uses this against Itachi and Sasuke.

As for Sasuke being Psychotic and suddenly being normal around his brother. Im gonna say the whole reason Sasuke went a lil crazy was for his brother in his warped mind so him being with his Brother pretty much threw him out of that crazyness for a bit.

Nows the time to see if Sasuke will remain out of that crazy funk he was in or go back to after Itachi re-dies. Im glad Kishi is giving Sasuke the chance to be explained to by Itachi the whole truth and not manipulatively like Tobi did.

As for Kabuto not using sage tech i highly doubt he wouldnt know them let alone not use them. It would be stupid to make him a sage and then not have him use Sage tech lol

User Posted Image
Post #541368
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5:11 am, Mar 22 2012
Posts: 470

(I always have to point this out): Once again, Kishimoto got the cover of Jump, and once again he wasted it drawing Naruto's big head. Was drawing Naruto's big head and a kunai supposed to be his definition of being creative or mixing it up?

Interesting discussion on Kishimoto's storytelling. Personally, I didn't mind the chapter. It seemed par for the course, as far as I'm concerned. (Karin as Naruto's cousin? distant relative? surprised me, too. Is Sakura going to be distantly related to the Senju now? She has pink hair and is a healer...)

Setting aside this chapter, in my opinion, the real problem with this series is that we've been in one continuous arc (without end in sight) ever since the time skip. The idea of a beginning, middle, and end with logical, exciting buildup to one grand conclusion doesn't really apply any more. When there's not really a strong driving force behind the story as a whole, mini-events like the fight with Kabuto aren't going to get proper development either. With a clear big-picture goal in mind, the steps needed to get there would also be clear. Without that, the story just rambles--as it's doing now.

For this fight to be really satisfying, either Itachi or Sasuke would need to have significant beef with Kabuto that we should already know about, and prior to this, Kabuto would need to have done something big to make us think he's a major threat. Until the snake sage thing, I was of Sasuke's opinion that he's a piece of crap Orochimaru left behind. (Sometimes Sasuke's arrogance is kind of amusing.) Without setting the stage a little bit beforehand, Kabuto ends up being more of a convenient plot device than a great character or a great villain for this manga.

As for Sasuke and Itachi... As far as Sasuke goes, I've always felt that Kishimoto doesn't really know what to do with him. One moment, it's clear he's become a villain and is choosing to do wrong with a clear head, the next he's not so much a villain as he is totally unhinged. There was also some talk about his chakra being off, so is he entirely in control of his actions, or is he being influenced? Or is he just crazy? Since the timeskip, whenever we see Sasuke, he's constantly angry. He doesn't have any other complex thoughts or emotions that we can see. For a character so central to this manga, he really doesn't have much depth. I agree with despair666's points about Itachi. Kishimoto is stacking the deck too heavily on Naruto being the only one who can reform Sasuke when, given Itachi's past characterization, he should be desperate to help out.

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