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From User Message Body
Post #594518
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Sims3 Maniac

2:30 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 378

Disappointed to say the least...

We've spent over 300 chapters of Naruto chasing after Sasuke, yet a 5 minutes conversation was able to turn Sasuke?

Kishi... what are you doing...?

Why, hello there!!!
Post #594519
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2:37 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 185

i was surprised too but lets see what happens smile

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Post #594521
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Noblesse Forever!

2:56 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 1067

It was a good chapter. Frankly speaking I am not reading this manga for the love quest of Naruto and Sasuke. I don't even like them even though they are the main characters. There are other good aspects of manga and this chapter gave focus to some of the best characters.

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Post #594522 - Reply to (#594518) by kirabook
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3:04 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 143

Quote from kirabook
...yet a 5 minutes conversation was able to turn Sasuke?...

I think Sasuke's more like wanting to ensure the village exists so that he gets to destroy it...
manga logic bruh!
Cuz Itachi has already said the only one who can redeem Sasuke is Naruto...and Itachi is never wrong

Anyway...its gonna be epic with all the previous Hokage joining the fray. Also I get the feeling that Orochimaru is gonna sacrifice himself to save someone, maybe Tsunade

Post #594523
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3:14 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 162

Haha well that was pretty bad. I literally laughed at sasuke. I think the only thing good about that chapter is that karin is supposedly an uzumaki. You can tell kishimoto is trying to rush things to...why else would orochimaru so willingly help out and have sasuke "turn" good.

Anyways sasuke....haha so much for basically everything that has happened in naruto. What i read at least was that after the "flashback" sasuke thinks about everything for a page. The he decides to change. I mean everyone saw it coming sooner or later but this was a really anticlimatic way to end it. Being an action manga, he should "change" after a battle or something. But that'd be cliche too. Hopefully fans won't have a kubo riot...

Post #594524 - Reply to (#594523) by rexytheking

3:17 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 64

Karin being an uzumaki is actually old news .. Nagato was a uzumaki aswell incase you didnt pay attention to the chapters that revealed that.

Post #594525 - Reply to (#594522) by TheMob
user avatar

3:19 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 162

Haha no...that's shoujo manga logic. Girl teams up with rivaling girl to get the guy or something like that. Doesn't work amazing for action though i can see your point.

I doubt it's tsunade though. Besides hiruzen, who i still consider to be the worst "kage level" ninja, tsunade is around there as well. By the way, though we've taken like a 30 chapter detour, didn't she die already? Though knowing kishimoto, hashirama or someone will either heal her or someone avenges her.

I knew that about nagato, the whole pain arc and rinnegan only being activated through senju/uzumaki clans kinda gave it away. I don't remember it being said about karin though... It just said she was great at sensing chakra. I guess there was hints but i don't think it was blatantly stated though. Unless i forgot something?

Nevermind, i found it. Darn never knew. Well going off of some rumors ive heard, it would also be possible for garra to be of the uzumaki clan. Might be a diff topic all together but interesting nonetheless.

Last edited by lambchopsil at 4:30 pm, Apr 10

Post #594527 - Reply to (#594522) by TheMob
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3:32 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 247

except for the plan where he killed the clan, told sasuke it was for "fun"(okay, to challenge himself, but same thing really!), trapped sasuke in a tsukiyomi genjutsu where he saw itachi kill the clan, told the kid to grow up hating him and plot revenge, then disappeared for a few years to turn up, show more interest in naruto than sasuke, mock sasuke, trap him in another tsukiyomi torture genjutsu, then leave him in a coma, let sasuke leave the village and join up with why-won't-he-stay-dead-orochimaru, kill orochimaru, fight sasuke while being almost dead, and then die in the middle of the fight without telling sasuke the truth behind his actions, allowing for the man who helped you kill them(and you know he has it out for konoha)tell him a new version and then implant your eyes into sasuke. all this so that the uchiha clan could be redeemed by an uchiha who would then protect konoha like they were meant to. yeah that plan went perfectly without a hitch.

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Post #594531
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Sims3 Maniac

3:46 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 378

The only thing I liked about this chapter is Minato being eager to see Naruto.

I can't wait to see the father and son interactions.

Why, hello there!!!
Post #594533
user avatar

4:14 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 340

Hundreds of chapters of resentment and hate turned around in few chapters of simple explanation. How anti-climatic... These chapters lately were so half-assed, just quickly end it already before the fails get worse. -_-

Post #594538
user avatar

4:44 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 20

Naruto should have been the one to convert him, not dead people he doesnt know. That's heavy plot maniplation. also,we've been waiting for naruto and sasuke to fight for hundreds of chapters, ever since her ran away. Did our author forget?! Are they going to hug on first sight now?! Like you said, I hope it ends before it gets worse bigrazz

Riesa Saki
Post #594539
user avatar

5:18 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 62

Also I get the feeling that Orochimaru is gonna sacrifice himself to save someone, maybe Tsunade

Wow, it can be turns out like that! Good idea from you.

Well, I know some of you or many is somehow feel like anti-climatic. But, for my personal mind, Me as a fangirl, I really love this! Gives me a huge bumps bigrazz And If you want to think again, what's the point of Itachi's desire in those whole chapters? I don't think it was just a five minutes thought of him. Well,just IMHO.

Last edited by Riesa Saki at 5:27 pm, Apr 10

Post #594540
user avatar
Master of Tangents

5:20 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 50

In Sasuke's defense (despite the fact that I loathe him), he is legally insane, so that might have something to do with the fact that he can't make up his mind. It's better to just accept if for now and have Naruto beat some real sense into him (or kill him, I'm fine with either one) later, because otherwise we'd be spending another 10 chapters on the Hokage's trying to find a way to convince him.

Post #594541
user avatar

5:21 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 318

I kinda feel silly for liking this chapter so much considering the fact that no one else seems to like it..

Honestly, I'm tired of Sasuke pissing about as always and being the bipolar b*tch that he is. At one point, he was really a great character and I enjoyed watching his friendship with Naruto develop and then turn into complete turmoil but he became extremely annoying as the series progressed. The only reason I was ever happy to see him was because I loved watching Naruto react and give his best-friend speech despite it being the corniest sh*t ever. Maybe Kishi made Sasuke's decision abrupt and too rash but, god damn it, at least we can move on.

Anyways, as excited as I am to see Naruto's reaction to seeing Sasuke, I'm even more excited to see some Naruto and Minato interaction. So many feels..

But honestly, I'm a little uneasy about how the rest of the war will play out. You have Obito, Madara, and a crap ton of Zetsu on one side but on the other Sasuke, Naruto, Killerbee, all hokages, all kages, Orochimaru, and every frickin village; sh*t just might get really anticlimactic.

Post #594547
user avatar

5:50 pm, Apr 10 2013
Posts: 99

This good boy orochimaru is really strange. My hope is that he's stalling for a oportunity to steal the power that tobi and madara are using for the sailor moon plan.

By the way, shouldn't hawk team change it's name to silly brigade? look at what they achieved out of screen: escape from samurai country, stumble upon a perfect ressurrection scroll, find sasuke in the middle of war and now karin reunited with them like it could not be easier. If this keeps up, we'll only see tobi and madara already defeated, with a note saying that sasuke and friends did it...

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