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From User Message Body
Post #602116
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1:18 pm, Jun 5 2013
Posts: 318

I'm not sure how I feel about the chapter, but..
1) Poor Sai. Everyone got to do some super cool badass move and he just falls from the sky. lol
2) How and why can Sakura and Sasuke keep up with Naruto?
Okay fine, Naruto's chakra is almost depleted yet he has enough to perform a summoning technique, that's convenient.
3) Sakura performing the summoning technique..
Wtf just happened? And since when can she do it!? I don't know, this chapter and the last seem to be powering up Sakura out of no where. I understand that she must have gotten stronger at one point but this seems way too sudden. If she has been able to use it, why didn't she use it before? She defiantly could have made more use of herself in the fight against Pain.
Someone said it before in the 632 chapter discussion - Sakura's development is too little, too late.

Jun Tenkawa
Post #602121
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1:39 pm, Jun 5 2013
Posts: 131

These last few chapters are too fanservice-y.

Last chapter was Sakura showing off. Now we got the whole gang going "look at me, i'm stronger now!".


Post #602131
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Sims3 Maniac

3:24 pm, Jun 5 2013
Posts: 378

My in depth review from elsewhere:

OMG Sai! 8’D

And summons! 8’D (Gamakichi started smoking I see) I don’t know about everyone else, but I love Gamakichi/Naruto. (Not as a romantic pairing) When he first showed up back during the Chuunin exams, I got so excited. I knew back then, someday, Naruto would be riding on his head.

Heck, you might be surprised to know, THIS is one of my favorite lore images! I wish we could have seen more of them together before now (and not in horrible fillers. Best believe I was mad that Naruto trained with the younger brother instead of Gamakichi XD)

User Posted Image

So freaking happy. X3

Now then, can anyone deny that Kishi really does purposely put parallels in his manga and they MEAN something? How long have people speculated that Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were the neosannin? How many people denied it on the basis that it was too obvious or the parallels didn’t exist?

How many will deny Kishi’s other direct parallels now? I think it’s unwise to do so. C; But we’ll see.

Oh, and how can I forget Minato being all proud of Naruto in there! Daw! I want to see more of Minato with his son! D8<

I expected Sakura to be able to summon a big slug. She could probably summon little ones before, but now that she’s got her new fancy power, she can summon the big dogs. But still, Kishi, come on man, can’t you see how you messed up? Even with Sasuke. No one should be calling the main character’s power ups asspulls.

He always gave Naruto the training scenes. He should have at least shared some of those with Sakura. As for Sasuke, I don’t know what he could have done with Sasuke, but handing him all his power on a silver platter is just unfair.

Anyway, back to Sai, daw Sai! I was so worried about you. Make your place in team 7! I wouldn’t mind if you completely replaced Sasuke. (cough, again, never cared much for Sasuke) It’s messed up that Kishi knocked you down before you had a moment to shine. >.>

Too bad Kakashi isn’t seeing his students all grown up…

As for the Hinata stuff… *sigh* This is why I can’t seem to like her. I’m not bashing her, but she’s literally a leech. Naruto gives her a confidence boost and she’s good for all of 15 minutes before she’s in the dumps again and has to talk herself out of it using Naruto as a goal. Just… *sigh*

I’m glad she at least remembered Neji, but that panel was so small, she didn’t even seem to reference his dead body, dead because she was a tad too reckless. No thoughts of her team, who she has actually been fighting beside all this time. No thoughts of her teacher. Just… Naruto and a sand grain of Neji. It’s frustrating really, but I can’t seem to really care in the grand scheme of things.

I was hoping to see some other rookies other than Hinata, but since she’s with Team 8, I guess they needed to have their moment.

Can’t wait for the next chapter with our awesome neo-sannin! But I bet it’s going to switch to Kakashi next round.

Why, hello there!!!
Post #602135

4:10 pm, Jun 5 2013
Posts: 89

Is it just me or is this just pure fan service now, I get the throwbacks to earlier chapters and I usually like those things but that's when they are done organically. This seems very forced.

Cherelle Ashlee
Post #602205
user avatar
Shoujo Queen

12:06 am, Jun 6 2013
Posts: 419

I'm already over the fan service chapters, we can't really do anything about it but read it in disgust. Nonetheless, the only thing that got my attention is that Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke are all disciples of the legendary Sanins. Soooooooooo, my question is, is history doom to repeat it's self ?? lol Is Naruto gang fated to have the same end as the legendary Sanins?

User Posted Image

But if it makes you happy to win on the internet, have at it.

Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero need her theme music...
Post #602211
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12:49 am, Jun 6 2013
Posts: 7

ahhh kishi...

you tried your best

pic from pamianime @ deviantart
Seraphic Mist
Post #602214 - Reply to (#602116) by neonkitty
user avatar

1:02 am, Jun 6 2013
Posts: 19

Quote from neonkitty
I'm not sure how I feel about the chapter, but..

Boring fan-service.

Not that I'm a Naruto-lover, but it seems to me that Kishi's putting him on the same level as Sasuke and Sakura. I mean c'mon, he can beat them both with his hands tied behind his back! (Kyuubi chakra-hands not included) And yet, he's being made out like some kind of idiot that's just on "Neosannin" level. More like, he is Sannin (or higher) and Sakura/Sasuke are just pseudo-Sannin, but portrayed equal to Naruto so Sasuke-fans and Sakura-fans (if there are even any) don't get mad.

Post #602221
user avatar

2:37 am, Jun 6 2013
Posts: 64

all i see is ''blah blah blah ass pull ass pull complain complain'' lol

on another note, the kids have grown! hope naruto n sasuke sizing eachother up means that they will still fight each other

User Posted Image
Post #602235 - Reply to (#602214) by Seraphic Mist
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5:37 am, Jun 6 2013
Posts: 51

Not that I'm a Naruto-lover, but it seems to me that Kishi's putting him on the same level as Sasuke and Sakura. I mean c'mon, he can beat them both with his hands tied behind his back! (Kyuubi chakra-hands not included) And yet, he's being made out like some kind of idiot tha .

That is so true! Naruto is way beyond Sakura and Sasuke's level, he way passed them even without the kyuubi. The way he threw Sai down was pathetic, everyone has powered up except him? Seriously, I am disappointed in Kishi. Sai has been part of team 7 for so long but he is still treated like trash...
mad cry

Post #602398
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8:29 am, Jun 7 2013
Posts: 162

I disagree. I think naruto and sasuke are on similar levels after sasuke has gotten itachi's eyes.

I don't think what sai did was useless. He's a smart guy and probably he splattered ink or something and will eventually do something to paralyze the kyuubi or something? I don't know but im pretty sure it wasn't in vain and him falling off was somewhat part of the plan. Sai had his own arc(kinda). He better have some powerup.

We all kind of expected the last scene to happen like a few hundred chapters ago when each member of team 7 went off with each of the sannin.

The pinball...that was just pathetic. I think you're a genius shikamaru but if your best plan is to use chouji as a pinball then you're at the end of your streak.

Hinata literally wasted a page or two saying that the secret to the 64 palms was an extra step...sigh and she used all 64 palms on the same enemy. Not really efficient...

Post #602437
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Sims3 Maniac

3:43 pm, Jun 7 2013
Posts: 378

Like in the past (telling Sakura Naruto loved her, telling Naruto Sakura intended to bring Naruto home or kill Sasuke), Sai was used as a plot device. Think of him as Kishi inserting himself to move the plot when nothing else seemed to fit.

Kishi couldn't decide how team 7 would get that information, so he used Sai to do so. Kinda sucks that he had to be put down like that, but it was obviously Kishi's intention. Poor Sai. 8c

Why, hello there!!!
Seraphic Mist
Post #602449 - Reply to (#602398) by rexytheking
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5:47 pm, Jun 7 2013
Posts: 19

Quote from rexytheking
I disagree. I think naruto and sasuke are on similar levels after sasuke has gotten itachi's eyes.

As you have seen, Naruto could defeat Pain's bodies despite the Rinnegan's field of vision. His Sage Mode was able to take down two of Pain's bodies that were in Full Rinnegan Vision of the remaining four. (The third was human path which couldn't dodge, and the fourth was Animal Path, which I'll also excuse)

Think a Sharingan can really outdo six pairs of Rinnegan with no blindspots?

Post #602454
user avatar

6:08 pm, Jun 7 2013
Posts: 838

Authors do what they see fit for their creations, if we all were "good" enough to critic we'd be making money out of it or writing manga of our own. WE are being trolled that's true but isn't that happening since almost the start of the story? have any of you guys seen the almighty scroll that have all the good and forbidden jutsus?, No biggrin

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