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New Poll - Clean Room
This poll suggestion was given by Pikapu almost 8 years ago. Do your consider your room clean? Up to you to decide!

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: What condiments do you put on your eggs?
Soy sauce - votes: 508 (8.2%)
Ketchup - votes: 605 (9.7%)
Pepper - votes: 662 (10.6%)
Salt - votes: 2256 (36.3%)
Tabasco - votes: 153 (2.5%)
Salsa - votes: 117 (1.9%)
Sriracha - votes: 120 (1.9%)
Other condiment - votes: 389 (6.3%)
I take my eggs plain - votes: 854 (13.7%)
I don't eat eggs - votes: 558 (9%)
There were 6222 total votes.
The poll ended: August 11th 2018

Most eggs, I like it with salt. But with hard boiled eggs, I actually prefer soy sauce.
Posted by lambchopsil on 
August 11th 7:21am
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New Poll - Egg Condiments
This week's tasty (?) poll was suggested by Transdude1996. Do you use condiments on your eggs? And if so, what? Unfortunately, you can only choose one, so pick wisely. Just assume your favorite type of eggs, whether that be hard boiled, poached, sunny side up, etc.

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Previous Poll Results:

Question: Robot uprising?
The robots will lose - votes: 297 (6.9%)
Robots will live side-by-side with humans - votes: 959 (22.4%)
Humanity will kill itself before that happens - votes: 1337 (31.2%)
Humanity will be destroyed by another force before that happens - votes: 332 (7.8%)
Humanity will never make sentient robots - votes: 535 (12.5%)
Robots will win and enslave us - votes: 263 (6.1%)
Robots will win and eradicate us - votes: 559 (13.1%)
There were 4282 total votes.
The poll ended: August 3rd 2018

I realized that there was no option that they already enslaved us. Maybe something like the Matrix...
Posted by lambchopsil on 
August 4th 6:59am
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New Poll - Robot Uprising
Another fun poll by VawX. Do you think sentient robots will take over the world?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Opinion on how advertisements will spoil the content of the movie (or other form of media)
I will less likely get that product - votes: 511 (15.7%)
I will get the product but dislike the advance spoiler - votes: 634 (19.5%)
I will more likely get that product - votes: 161 (4.9%)
I will skip the product - votes: 171 (5.3%)
I don't care - votes: 1355 (41.6%)
I go on a media blackout before important releases - votes: 423 (13%)
There were 3255 total votes.
The poll ended: July 28th 2018

Posted by lambchopsil on 
July 28th 7:42am
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MU, You're 14!
Greetings all,

It's a few days late, but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday MU! It's hard to believe that it's been such a long time. I know I don't do this usually, but this birthday is special. Read on to find out why...

Some interesting facts from when the site was founded:

- In 2004, cell phones were still just barely in their infancy. Flip phones were the norm, and the first iPhone wouldn't be released until 2007, almost 3 years later.

- There were no javascript or css frameworks. There were no php frameworks. PHP 5 was only released 7 days earlier on July 14th. Wordpress was only recently founded. (This site is primarily written in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Imagine what 14 year old code looks like under the covers...)

- IE6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, and Safari 1.2 were the primary browsers. Chrome wouldn't launch for another 4 years in 2008. Developing this site usually involved having IE6 and Netscape open, and ensuring that every change (written in notepad) worked in both browsers. Those were the days ...

- Facebook was founded in February. Google is at $85 a share. Social media site Digg launches. World of Warcraft launches. Reddit and YouTube aren't launched till a year later. Twitter doesn't launch until 2006. MySpace was only launched in the previous year.

Fourteen years before 2004 was 1990. In that year, the first website was launched at CERN. The first web-browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee. The Internet was fourteen years old when MU was created, and it's been exactly fourteen years now since then. After today, there will officially be more time since MU was created and now than between the time the Internet started and MU began.

How long can she go? Here's for another 14!

Posted by Manick on 
July 23rd 6:56am
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New Poll - Spoilers in Ads
This week's poll was suggested by residentgrigo. How do spoilers in advertisements influence your decision in consuming a product? You know how some movie trailers (seem to) spoil the whole plot of a movie? Is that annoying to you?

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Would you rather have the most beautiful / handsome spouse but hates anime / manga, or a ugly spouse who loves anime / manga?
I don't want a spouse - votes: 1350 (25.6%)
Doesn't matter - votes: 1694 (32.1%)
The ugly and loves anime / manga - votes: 696 (13.2%)
The beautiful / handsome and hates anime / manga - votes: 1538 (29.1%)
There were 5278 total votes.
The poll ended: July 20th 2018

I rather like how juliarox214 talked about her own situation with this poll
Posted by lambchopsil on 
July 21st 7:01am
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UTF-8 Support
MU Denizens,

After 10 years of putting it off, I finally converted the site to UTF-8. There are no doubt still issues to work out, and I'd appreciate if you could reply to this thread or post bug reports in the suggestions forum if you find one. This will lead to better things to come! ?

Thank you,
Posted by Manick on 
July 14th 8:55am
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