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801 Media    [Edit]
Alternate Names  [Edit]
June's Adult's Only BL Imprint
Yaoi Media

Type  [Edit]

Notes  [Edit]
DMP's Adult BL/Yaoi Imprint and sister of their Juné Imprint. Unknown if still used.

Mascots: a pink-haired fujoshi 801-chan and blue-haired fujoshi Tomo-chan (Also unknown if still used. Used to have comic strips in the 801 book sleeves.)

Note: although the books licensed under 801 Media are stated to be "explicit" many of the books chosen aren't very explicitly smutty except for a margin and is no different from Juné at times. Many adult BL manga with OVAs are published under 801 Media.

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December 9th 2020, 9:18pm PST

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