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Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o (Novel)  
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Associated Names
Isekai Meikyuu de Dorei Haaremu wo (Novel)
Isekai Meikyuu de Dorei Harem wo (Novel)
Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo (Novel)
Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other World (Novel)
To the Servant Harem in the Maze of a Parallel World (Novel)
異世界迷宮でハーレムを (小説)
異世界迷宮で奴隷ハーレムを (小説)

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c.221 by Raising the Dead over 3 years ago
c.220 by Raising the Dead over 3 years ago
c.219 by Raising the Dead over 4 years ago
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Not that bad if you skip the Labyrinth parts.  
by up7
May 5th, 2016, 4:11pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
I like the premise, a guy is transported to a new world where he becomes OP and gets a harem. Ideal fantasy setting for many. What caught my eye first was that the title indicated that this would be an actual harem manga (since well, it's made up of slaves) and not just the usual "harem-lite", and boy did it turn into a full fledged harem. If you take issue about the MC having (sex) slaves then this is not a story for you.

What's so glaringly obvious from the first few chapter is that the story progresses very slowly. Majority of it takes place in this "Labyrinth" where the main cast are just grinding monsters and the author spends way too much time describing this MMO-esque grinding process in excruciating detail. Since the group is OP you don't really get a sense of danger inside the labyrinth so reading about what takes place there becomes a chore. If you ever wonder what an editor does or why most good stories have an editor then look no further, this story is in desperate need for one. Outside this labyrinth is where it gets interesting and turns into an actual story instead of JRPG: the web novel.

There are two things the author is guilty of and might be off putting for many. First the author has a bad habit of touching upon potentially interesting plot elements but never advancing them or just squandering them completely.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
One of the earliest examples of this is when the MC learns that every citizen in the kingdom is required to pay tax once a year, if they can't then they are turned into slaves. This revelation comes at a possible crucial time and has the potential of becoming the next focal point of the story progress (raising money to pay his tax so he isn't turned into a slave). But nothing happens and this isn't brought up again.

The second is that the author has on few occasions literally skipped difficult topics and forced elements of the story progression even if it's blatantly disruptive to the narrative and the characters involved. (this is really a spoiler)
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The most glaringly obvious and probably the most offensive example of this is when a noble girl is forced into becoming MC's (normal) slave, and it is stressed that this would not be a permanent slavery. Understandably she is not what you would call an obedient slave, she is a proud ex-noble and is reluctant to accept her new sudden status as a slave and the character is pretty well portrayed as such. The next day the MC leaves the house to attend an unrelated task leaving the slaves at home and when he returns this new slave has had a total personality reversal and is now a completely submissive and obedient slave who has fully accepted her status, it's implied that one of his other slaves "talked" to her but otherwise it's never explained how this came about. The author also forces her into the harem and completely skips how the MC supposedly convinces her into becoming a sex slave, mind you that there is a self-explanatory distinction in that world between a normal slave and a sex slave and it's explicitly mentioned several times that she isn't a sex slave but one moment she's a normal slave and in the next she's suddenly a devoted harem member partaking in the nightly activities.

However what takes place outside the labyrinth and the character interactions is where the story shines and is what keeps me interested in reading the new chapters. So if you can manage through the dull parts (almost all of the labyrinth shit) and able to overlook few instances of what I mentioned above then this story isn't half bad.

... Last updated on May 5th, 2016, 4:18pm
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Really good, but...  
by SnejZero
February 13th, 2016, 4:24pm
Rating: 7.3 / 10.0
I have to say it first: I really like this WN... None the less my rating is rather low and that has a reason.

First of all, the Titel is story. We have a nive MC who builds a real harem by buying slaves, trying to activly expansing it, while treating his slaves like obedient wifes in polygami... or something like that.

The setting is rather nice and I like the characters and their background, which hopfully will even more than once become part of the story.

Alone on this I would rate it higher, perhaps around 8,5 (not sure if the rather simple writing style is due to the translation or original), but...

Sosseres already mentioned it before me: after about Ch 70 it becomes rather repetetative and... unsatisfing in my opinion. It feels streched in an unnatural way.
One my only notice it upon waiting for new releases, or earlier, guess that dependes on the individual.

However, I will recommand this WN and wish much fun with it. Becoming captured by it, may even let you become more tolerent about the endless cyrcle of cooking (rather interessting), fighting (not so exciting after some time) and oggeling at the harem member traits (well, you are reading an ecchi novel...) before some smale developments happen. The later tend to make the thick skine worth it.
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One of the few true harem novels  
by Sosseres
January 10th, 2016, 8:12am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This is actually one of the few novels that actually has a harem. Others mostly have 10 or something love interests with nothing happening. This story solves it directly by using its title, they are slaves, so he can create his harem.

The MC isn't evil and thus treats them more or less as if it was a polygamy marriage in a patriarchal society where everybody needs to work. Their line of work happens to be in fighting and thus that takes up a large part of the story and is decently well done.

The biggest downside with this series is that if you don't like cooking, ecchi and fighting you won't like the series. As an example half a chapter is occasionally devoted to the dinner of the day past chapter 70 or so.
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Reasons to like or hate this (trying to be fair) SH version  
by cclark777
November 29th, 2015, 4:52pm
Rating: N/A
first off I like this WN (not sure why though). Now that I have said that I will try to give a fair evaluation of the WN so you can decide if it is the kind of story you would like.

First off look at the tags. I will tell you now that all of the tags are relevant to the story except for the card one that is a gray area as in this is not a card game story like Yu-Gi-Oh. Ok if you don't like any of the tags this is not for you and you probably don't need to keep reading this post. If you like some of or most of these tags keep reading this post.

Like the title says this story is a harem story and they are slaves. If you don't like ether of these then this is not a story for you.

The MC can be considered OP since he does have a cheat ability, so if you don't like OP characters then you might not like this story but if you don't like them but can put up with them you (like me, I wanna see them struggle sometimes) then you may still like this. As a side note he is not OP all the time
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
poiler]but since he doesn't get into fights that he is at a major disadvantage and that he may lose, so he is pretty much OP

The MC is an idiot, not intelligence wise, but socially, and can be dense. If you can't deal with this then this might not be for you.

The chapters up to the first slave are slow since he is adapting to the new world and gathering money for her. Some people like this and some don't. Also the author takes time explaining things and can sometimes slow the story down some in the beginning but it gets better in later chapters. If you can stand this or don't mind then you may like this, if not you may get annoyed and drop it.

The MC only cares for those who are important to him and could care less about anyone else. Basically he is not a hero going around saving everyone, with the exception of his slave/s
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
though he doesn't let them get into any serious danger since he is cautious

Other then what I said you will have to decide for yourself. If you do decide to read this DON'T read the original translation of the first few chapters, read the re-translation of them. The original translation of the first few chapters would make you drop it by quality alone.

Hope this helps you decide wether to read it or not.
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by Bakanomaple
November 9th, 2015, 8:01pm
Rating: 2.0 / 10.0
Light novels are light novels because they are "light", as in story progress rather fast and skips out of the detailed descriptions of normal novels.

This is a light novel but with the slowness that will make you dread. It is not on the level of normal novels but will definitely make you dread.

And here is the thing with OP skills or cheat abilities, unless the theme is to NOT use it, like some stories, then if a protagonist decides to be a total wimp and not use it, it makes the story very boring.

It is not that the cheat ability is bad.
It is not because of the plot is bad.
Heck, even the wimp protagonist is not that bad.
But it is bad when you take all of it together with a really slow pace.

FFS, if you wanna go fuck a sex slave, then go barge through the dungeon like you mean it or hunt some thieves or something. Don't just fuck around doing random stuff. What a normal light novel would've done is get the protagonist trashing through the floors and get strong. Then start hunting the thieves actively. And he's done.

I mean, getting to know your cheat ability is cool and all. But if you have a deadline, then it's not the time to test them. This is what I hate about some authors. They bend the plot as they want while not considering what anyone with some common sense and logic would realllllly do.
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Boring until chap 30, but then really good  
by tameflame
June 7th, 2015, 8:46pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
The first 30 chapters is just world building, generic, boring without any action. But after that, the slice of life aspect improved dramatically, with compelling characterization of the chracters. Reminds me of the slife of life arc of Mushoku Tensei.
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Reads like a fantasy slice of life.  
by drunkguy
May 18th, 2015, 5:05am
Rating: 6.5 / 10.0
Despite the title, the story doesn't have anything in the way of tension. The main character is OP to the point that combat is just about looting and testing skills. The rest of the time, he is shopping, selling loot and making himself at home. He gets a slave and yeah he does fuck her so at least you can't really say the title is misleading. He isn't a jerk so much as he is fairly bland along with the world.
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JRPG the Story  
by Mushroomtea
May 2nd, 2015, 4:07pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
The novel reads like a person doing a play by play of a Jrpg or a Korean mmo. The character interactions are the best parts of the story, unfortunately, those good parts are after long boring dungeon grinds, where the main character is collecting common monster drops and constantly running out of MP.

Read up to ch38, and the main character acts creepy to his slave when they are alone to the point where I find it a little bit cringy. Enough talking about the main character... the rest of the cast is excellent; even minor characters such as Alan the Slave Trader and the Inn Keeper has some depth to them. The first slave is just adorable. Perhaps the main character is an anomaly which makes everyone around him act odd (and I'm not talking about the discount thing).

... Last updated on May 2nd, 2015, 11:07pm
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Not even worth reading to kill time.  
by bobIV123
March 22nd, 2015, 1:01am
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
If you can bear reading about someone else grinding for 20+chapters, maybe it gets better after; however, I have given up on this. The MC's nothing special (not particularly cunning, has a fairly bland personality, etc.), the world seems strange at times and, occasionally, just doesn't make much sense, and the action is fairly bland. Worst of all is, from my experience, the lack of attachment to the MC.

I've read about 25 chapters, and the most interesting thing that happened was when the MC killed some bandits one time in the beginning; the rest was just boring conversations and the MC literally grinding low-level monsters (we're talking caterpillar level here) for gold in a dungeon that's basically a glorified hallway with rooms, all so that he can acquire a slave whose character development is: "[she's hot]".

Boring MC, boring world, boring goals, boring 'action'.

At the time of this posting the bayesian average is below 6.5, so apparently this is a common opinion.

to Raising the Dead scans: I like your goal and stuff, TL wise it's good; It just happens that this story is bad.

... Last updated on March 23rd, 2015, 6:15pm
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Worst MC I have encounter  
by bakaleaf
March 8th, 2015, 3:14pm
Rating: 7.1 / 10.0
Read chapter 24 and you well know why! Having that kind of personality as an MC *sigh*
First of all the story itself is not that interesting your typical person going to another world theme.
2nd The MC is not good aside from unstable character no decent ability and proper judgment.
The MC has a 1 hit sure kill sword and yet he rarely use it and struggle.
3rd even if the title says Harem so far from chapter 25(last read) not a SINGLE decent girl appeared.
and lastly its so bad that I skip most of the sentences since its so repetitive and redundant.

... Last updated on March 8th, 2015, 3:18pm
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