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Douluo Dalu 2 - Jueshi Tangmen (Novel)  
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A strange continent in another world,

No magic, no battle qi, no martial arts, only martial spirits. Ten thousand years after the Tang clan was founded on the Douluo continent, the Tang clan has declined.
A whole new generation of proud talents has been born. Will the new generation of the Seven monsters of Shrek be able to reestablish the Tang Clan and compose a tale of greatness for the unrivaled Tang Clan?

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Associated Names
Douluo Dalu 2 - Exceptional Tang Sect (Novel)
Douluo Dalu 2 - The Unrivaled Tang-Clan (Novel)
Đấu La Đại Lục 2
斗罗大陆2绝世唐门 (小说)

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over 5 years ago

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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The most imbalanced one in the trilogy so far.  
by cy316
March 20th, 2016, 7:46pm
Rating: N/A
I really agree with the oart about there being too many geniuses in this story.
Almost every super power have a young genius with red rings. Are they having a clearance sale? Also the main character's aura is off the charts as he can just walk around and treasures will fall into his lap at random.

This would be like the industrial revolution equivalent to our world. Mass increase in average wealth amongs the people due to technology and how easy it is to kill 100k beasts with some convenient contraptions

But wait till you all read the third part of douluo dalu. The legend of the dragon king is of the same world but spirit beasts are extinct! Synthetics spirit beasts and iron man became the in thing. Almost all this is thanks to the mc in this part 2
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they should have sci-fi or Mecha listed in the genre  
by nanner
March 7th, 2016, 4:13pm
Rating: N/A
soul tech is still tech and there are some odd cybernetics, long rang missiles, and full body armor that borders on ridiculous in this story. i would have said it was more like the enhanced armor from the novel version of starship troupers, but iron man works just as well. maybe better in the case of the enemies at the end (and in the manga).
i enjoyed the first part of the story and thought his spirit eyes had a lot of potential, but once the tech started appearing i started feeling more and more disappointed as the author focused more on the weapons than he did on the developing the characters and the story-line.
i'm not a huge sci-fi fan and usually if a novel or manga has Mecha in the genre, i tend to skip it (robots and super guns are not my thing, soul powered or not).
after reading this and then dd3 (lots of Mecha there) i can honestly say that i REALLY don't like it in my xainxai/ martial arts stories.
i tried it but for me, the two paths don't blend very well.
i liked the first douluo dalu so i was hoping the this would be just a good. i don't mind the OP MC since that's a large part of any xainxai-type story, but some of the things that happen later in the series left shaking my head on more than one occasion. and sometimes actions taken made no sense at all. the authors focus was taken up developing ideas for new weapons and armor so there wasn't much room for anything else.
the series started out interesting and it could have been a very relatable and human story if it was more about the MC and his team and less about super soldiers and tech.
in the end, this and dd3 are my least favorite Tang Jia San Shao novels to date.
none of the characters are very well developed, even the MC, though he's better developed than the rest of the team.The story-line has holes in it, (some things are dropped in the middle and we never hear from them again), and the ending is a big mess.
if your a big fan of tech and Mecha, though, you might enjoy it for that reason.

... Last updated on March 11th, 2016, 4:44pm
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wayyy unbalanced  
by velle
December 31st, 2015, 12:36am
Rating: N/A
I agree with spammerhamster. Especially many elements of the story. He/she covered most of it (I lol-ed at the goku and return of condor hero references, but so true). I didn't really like how the other shrek 7 devils never really got to shine in this sequel - it feels like MC and his other sidekicks. In the first douluo dalu, at least the shrek 7 devils are more of a team (to me anyway).
Overall a good read, but I wouldn't re-read this novel again. Personally, I prefer the first douluo dalu alot more.

... Last updated on December 31st, 2015, 3:26am
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For me it's more interesting than Douluo dalu 1  
by prehanh
October 23rd, 2015, 5:35am
Rating: N/A
This is maybe pretty biased but I like the powers, MC the side characters and events way better than in the original Douluo Dalu. The MC has an really important role in the team but he also needs his team. The growth of the MC is also really well portrayed. And I suck at writing reviews. But this novel is certainly more than worth a read!
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Epicness cause unbalance and enormous inflation  
by spammerhamster
September 11th, 2015, 5:07am
Rating: N/A
This novel starts off with one weak MC who due to uncanny luck and determination becomes ultra powerful. (Think Goku times 4). His epicness in powers, but also the extreme luck and ease he gets these powers makes you never really feel any danger for him.
Compared to the previous part (Doulu Dalu) Tang San's MC, you never really get attached to him. Tang San's pre 90-level growth is gained with extreme pain and sufferings. But this main character, FYH, has his practically given to him.

And for the inflation part. Every character is so powerful. There are a few hundred of Title Doulous and almost every fighter in the tournaments has black and red rings (remember how rare that was in part 1?). Even worse, there are a lot, a lot of 100k+ year old monsters. They practically trip over them...

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He actually gets to level 89 when he's 20 and even worse, every times his level has jumped with 3-5 levels

The first half of the story is loaded with tournaments and introduction of a lot of minor characters. And I mean a LOT. It's in the level of Game Of Thrones characters. Most of them won't show up anymore or are mentioned much later in the story. Worse is, they get on the set, to disappear before you actually have the time to feel for them (or even get to remember them).

The important characters, the new 7 shrek monsters never get to shine. They don't even appear much. It's Goku, ehm. FYH, who's always shining.

The later half, it's all out war. A lot of tactics (an increased levelup-pace) with a lot of filler plots. (At one points he even invents his own version of Sad Palms from Return Of The Condor Heroes)

Just like part 1, the writer has trouble with staying consistent. The MC gets so powerful and has so many lifesaving skills that he never is in any danger. Just to make it more exciting, the writer just chose to forget them.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
like the "ghost dimension" skill when the MC has to escape. Instead of using that he just fights... or his "dragon scale protection" which helps him survive the most powerful attacks from the villains , but it doesn't work when the MC once again has to sacrifice himself to protect others...

And to fight this overpowered MC, the author introduced an army of... Iron Men...

This makes it all feel really unbalanced. It's a good read. It's enjoyable. But it won't leave a deep impression.

BTW, a lot of the original version is lost in translation. Even the title. Jueshi Tangmen. Jueshi has a double-edged meaning. Legendary, unrivalled. But literally it means "out of this world". Meaning "in the passed".

... Last updated on September 12th, 2015, 12:01am
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Diamond in the rough.  
by Catchdown
April 22nd, 2015, 4:40pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Relatively unknown in the english speaking world right now, it is sure to be popular once more of it is translated.
Just two chapters, and I'm already captivated by it!
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