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"I woke up with nothing but fragments of memories from my life up to now. There was a man standing by my bed, who introduced himself as my lover. But one of my few recollections is of being left for dead in a snowy field by this very same man...

Still, he looks like the only one who can provide me with the answers I need. Who the hell is he? What was the real relationship between the two of us?"

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Interesting Read  
by LUEser
February 15th, 2019, 10:27am
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Lets be honest, I picked up this read because I thought it was going to be a typical BL story where I would probably just put it down after a chapter's read if the artwork was good but not so much the plot. This was NOT the case.

First off, I want to compliment this BL read for its atypical approach on "trust and loyalty,” and for taking on its max potential with its plot for control and ruthlessness. You're thinking typical ruthlessness. I'm telling you, the ruthlessness in this BL read is not cliche and loud in its advance; its pretty quiet...and dark...and creepy. Not to mention, besides dealing with external situations we barely know about, there are a lot of internal memory/information we are also missing. Because it's such a strong mystery thriller, I still feel like there are certain things that aren't explained so fully on. Generally I get the plot and what the characters are trying to achieve. There is also the element of Syfy that plays a strong but quiet role that’s what is driving the both of the MCs, and ultimately takes a toll on the both of them. It's also a good break from the usual BL love story, which I find other BL stuff to be lacking.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The main character, Jesse Brown, is trying to remember what he lost. He's trying to solve this mystery for us, the readers. He's paranoid, he doesn't know what the hell's going on, so in conclusion: everyone's the enemy. And we get to accompany him, we get to see how he's feeling, what he's seeing, and what he wants to know. He wants to know all at once but is unstable, something which I question also. The character, Law Chester, obviously knows a LOT more and he sees the entire picture but only ever giving a vague and blurred piece of information. He doesn't hide the fact that he knows more but he doesn't show all of the truth. This makes him Enemy #1. Throughout the rest of the story, we see Law resumes his character that stayed with him during childhood. But there are certain times where we see him assume Jesse’s behavior and uses it against him, one of the subtle mystery. This is where we see a freed Law, doing what makes sense to him.

Also, the dark humor’s pretty provocative; it’s very few but always funny.

... Last updated on February 15th, 2019, 10:30am
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Very interesting story about obsession and manipulation.  
by herosusan123
May 30th, 2017, 5:52am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
The only major problem with the art is that the transitions between past/present and reality/fantasy were done poorly to the point where you get lost on multiple occasions. There were instances when I wasn't sure where the dreams started, and the cuts between time periods occurred too rapidly and frequently. Pretty much out of nowhere. The plot and character development was good, but it could have been drawn better.

There were a couple of issues with the plot that I noticed.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
For starters it was strange to me that the maids were able to retain memory of why they erased their memories even while under moritat. The whole point of wiping out a bad memory is to leave no trace of it, and I don't see how someone could recall that they were raped without having any memories of the event.
Another thing was that I was a bit underwhelmed with the reason why Law put Jesse under moritat, and with why he discontinued his plans.. By the end of it all, Law went so crazy that he interpreted every little thing Jesse did in the wrong way, and Jesse was unable to understand Law's perspective so that caused him to continuously make the wrong choices. It just seems a bit too simple. Also, Law supposedly created a scenario to determine whether Jesse would choose him in the end (after losing everything)... but in that scenario I don't see any other choice but to choose him. He gave himself the role of the selfless hero, and created a space where only the two of them could interact with each other.
A last thought is that I didn't understand the point of Jesse's strange hallucinations of his mother.

In any case.. It was still a good read because it got me thinking, and the idea is very creative compared to a lot of other manga/webtoons. I think my favorite part of this webtoon were the personalities. Jesse was especially interesting to watch because he was unaware of how manipulative he was, and he had such confidence in his thoughts and behaviors. After awhile, I could start to see him in the same way that Law did haha

... Last updated on May 30th, 2017, 5:57am
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Not just a good BL - An amazing *story* like no other  
by Kiearah
April 13th, 2017, 12:29am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
This review is spoiler-free, but lengthy and not able to go into much detail. TL;DR-ish at the bottom. Sorry for that, folks!

Having now finished Moritat, I can echo calstine's comments on just how well-done this story is. In all honesty, I've been reading manga/manwha/manhua regularly for over a decade now, and I'm also a devout book-reader; I've therefore experienced my fair share of stories. That being said, Moritat is a gorgeously well-crafted example of good storytelling. Both the characters and the plot are amazing - they draw you in with a good balance of being realistic as well as just that touch of fantastic, enough so that you know that this is another world while still being drawn to how much this could happen in real life. It's also the kind of story that, should one try to review it, also contains spoilers each and every chapter - its nature is just simply one that is far too complex to be even vaguely detailed without giving anything away. I'll try my best to describe it all without spoilers, though (but if you want a good insight with maybe some spoilers, check out calstine's review!)

The Plot:
Moritat is, above all, a psychological thriller. It is not your typical wishy-washy, love-triangles-filled BL; I'd even go so far as to say it's not really "BL" in any conventional sense of the word, not without the tropes and cliches BL implies. Instead, Moritat is a story that takes your expectations and worries at every turn (BL- or non-BL related ones) and makes use of them, turning them around and creating a sense of disquieting unreliability. To be a bit more specific, Moritat tells the tale of two people who wish to accomplish two very different goals, but they can only do so in relation to one another. Our protagonist wishes to know the truth about his circumstances, for he has forgotten both himself and everything else; the other party has a goal unknown to us. Both are living in an isolated mansion (though perhaps "trapped" might be another word one could use), alone from any others except for a selected few servants.Throughout the entire story, elements about their backdrop, their pasts, and their motivations are revealed, and everything - even the very words and pictures we're presented with - is up for grabs for what is actually the truth. Every chapter reveals to us a new "truth" about this world we first come to know as just a simply mansion in the middle of nowhere, and its twists are as unexpected as they are welcome. The pacing is also excellent -
never was there a time where I felt like I was getting tired of the story, but I never felt like it was too rushed either (except for, of course, when the end came and I wanted more because I enjoyed the story so much). Really, Moritat is the kind of story where every revelation is a spoiler, and so that's all I can say for the plot.

The Characters:
Herein lies the fundamental beauty of Moritat: without its characters, Moritat would be an entirely different and less engaging story. There is quite literally no real way to describe just how complex they are without spoiling a large majority of they story. There are two main characters presented to us: Jesse and Law.

Jesse is our protagonist, simply put - he's the one whose point of view we mainly see from. He's definitely one of the most interesting people I've gotten to know throughout the course of a story, and he subverts the trope of the main character being the least well-liked. When we meet him he is just like us - trying to figure out what in the world is going on around us (though this is because he has lost his memories). His blank state of mind made me able to to put myself easily in his shoes. However, "Jesse" is still Jesse, even at the beginning; and, as the story progresses, we see him truly becoming who he is. This allows us to both relate with him more as a person, because his frustrations and decisions can be things we would both feel and make in those circumstances, but it also allows us to get to know him. And, like any other person we might know, we can empathize with them while still forming our own judgements and opinions on their morals, weaknesses, strengths, personal tics, etc. Jesse is a complex and flawed person with a complex story - but that's for both us and him to discover over the course of Moritat, and one of its main driving forces.

Law, on the other hand, is our deuteragonist; whether or not he is also the antagonist is up for both Jesse and the reader to discover. Without saying much about him (for he is one of the main mysteries to solve), Law is personally the character I both empathize more with and feel more alienated from. Law is never what he seems, and the uncovering of his thoughts and motivations has been in large part one of the reasons why I like Moritat so much.

Of course, there exist other characters, and one should not feel any doubt at all that they are not central to the story. Without them, Moritat would not be what it is as well. But to reveal them fully, or even list why they are important, would be to give away their importance, little or big.

Overall, the characters are both products of their settings, of their backgrounds, of their natures, and of themselves; and Moritat drives that home by creating a story that simply could not be what it is without having Jesse and Law as who they are.

The Art:
Moritat is beautiful. Though it's not the best art I have seen in a webtoon, nor is it the most detailed or visually eye-catching, it is very much so art. Its use of colour is extremely significant, both in what the use of particular palettes/hues/saturations mean for the scenes presented and for its conveyance of certain tones and feelings. The people populated in those scenes are also very distinct from one another, and their expressions (both face and body) are extremely reflective of what exactly they as people are trying to convey to one another (though whether or not those expressions are the truth are up for debate). At so many points in the story, I was so drawn by what the characters were saying through the visual expression of their emotions that I really did feel like they were real. The backgrounds and landscapes are also well-done and give us the exact details of what we need to see without going overboard. Moritat makes efficient use of its art, and it does so very well. So, though it's not the most gorgeous art, it's definitely far more meaningful than most other stories out there, and it is one of the factors which I love about this story.


As a whole, Moritat has made it on my list of favourite stories from any medium. It's not objectively perfect - crticisms about its fast ending, its shorter length even at 52 chapters, its flawed characters, and even its questionable implications. However, for me, the story was just so good at being a story that it's subjectively perfect. I would never want to change a single aspect of Moritat because of this, no matter the criticisms, and I really did love all the way through.

All of is to say that Moritat is an exploration of just how far people can go when they want something, be it the truth or others, and what getting to where they want does to them; it tells us of what happens when two people become indispensable to each other because of what they have done to and for each other. In short, Moritat looks at the way interactions shape ourselves and the way we perceive the world; and like any good story, it has the potential to change both of those things for us, the reader.

... Last updated on April 13th, 2017, 12:38am
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by kira6
March 28th, 2017, 10:16pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I just couldn't put this story down. There was never a dull moment. I began as disoriented as the main character, but this only increased my curiosity about what the hell was actually going on. The relationship between the two main characters was twisted and dysfunctional, but the passion and intensity of it was just so vibrant that it hooked me immediately. The emotions were so tangible and some of the expressions…I have spent so much time trying to analyze panels of faces. Both characters had distinct personalities, and their thoughts and actions always seemed justified by their worldviews and not acted upon to simply further the plot. And what a plot it has. I am extremely satisfied with how this story weaves the plot and romance together. The story does include a lengthy flashback, but it was just as interesting as the main story. This was quite a wild ride and I can’t say it completely filled in all of the loopholes by the time I finished, but I am so glad I decided to give it a try.
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Far exceeded my expectations  
by calstine
March 28th, 2017, 8:14am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
Note: This comment - particularly the first paragraph - may contain spoilers, though I tried to be as obscure as possible.

First things first: Do not approach Moritat expecting a typical BL, or you'll drop it within five chapters. This is not the kind of "romance" where a remorseless sex fiend (aka the seme) hounds a spineless, witless sexdroid (aka the uke) and eventually rapes/tricks/seduces him into "falling in love." This is the story of two twisted individuals who have been in a relationship (of one sort or another) with each other since they were children; a relationship that, aided in no small part by the equally twisted adults around them, evolved into something unhealthy-but-indispensable for both of them. Add to that a generous dollop of mystery and mind break against a background of soft sci-fi, and you have the most interesting BL to be published in the past several years -- be it manga, manhwa or manhua.

Apart from the plot, the biggest plus point is the characters. Jesse is not an "uke," despite being the submissive partner in bed: he's headstrong, calm and proud. He is, in other words, a real human being. Law is not a "seme" whose only attributes are his awesome coolness and the desire to do it anytime, anywhere: he's a deeply troubled man who appears to be your typical always-in-command sadist on the surface but is in reality plagued by self-doubt and madly in love. So he, too, is a real human being, albeit a very odd one.

I haven't been this engaged by a BL...ever, and I've read almost 200 (shounen-ai and yaoi combined) up to now. I'm also an avid reader of thrillers and mysteries, so I know what I'm talking about when I say Moritat's plot is above average even for those (but not on par with the really good ones, of course). It's a plot that exists as a perfect complement to the romance, rather than as an instrument of deception which promises an actual storyline when it has no intention of delivering anything other than romance.

I've read all 52 chapters (according to the note at the end of the 52nd, it's the finale), so I can safely recommend this manhwa to anyone who's tired of all the bland, stereotypical shounen-ai/yaoi out there and would like something with more substance that is still, at its core, a romance between two men.

... Last updated on March 28th, 2017, 2:12pm
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I like it  
by samsung43
January 30th, 2017, 2:42pm
Rating: N/A
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, I'm pleasantly surprised.

It's pretty original. Just as I was like ''Oh I got it now'', it turned out to be a part of something different, something bigger. I like the art too, it's beautiful. So, I highly recommend it, it's one of my favorites at the moment (It has 43 chapters now, let's hope that it doesn't disappoint in the future).

... Last updated on January 30th, 2017, 2:43pm
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