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Lezhin's English-language platform where many of the series featured on the original Korean platform are licensed. Its 2021 partnership with sister Korean publisher Bomtoon allows many of Bomtoon's series to be licensed on the platform. Lezhin and Bomtoon are both owned by Kidari Studio.

Lezhin US had a male-oriented platform called Lezhin X. In Spring 2023, series on Lezhin X are now only updated on the Lezhin US platform.

In April 2023, Lezhin US began releasing both fully and partially uncensored comics:
Between Us, Love in Orbit, Staff Only (Soorak), Lusty Lawyers, Codename: GHOST, Golden Opportunity, Arpeggio on the Surface of the Sea, The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace, Lima Syndrome, My Suha, Steel Under Silk, Blood and Love, Toys of the Trade, PLACEBO: Let's Play, The Alpha Agenda, Topsy-Turvy, In the Castle: the Dragon's Erotic Education, Between the Lines, The Ghost's Nocturne, Red Candy, Heart Racer, Hometown Hotties, Instant Family, Dreadful Night, The Clandestine Marriage of a Fox, On to You, Love History Caused By Willful Negligence, Dawn of the Dragon, Sweet but Savage, Cry Me a River, Saturday's Master... and more.

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This page only includes Lezhin's English-licensed series.

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