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Akuma Jiten  
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Hiroyuki is a 16 year-old boy who is just starting a life of living on his own. He finds a great deal on a huge house for only 10,000 yen a month in rent. Sure the house is a little run down and perhaps even downright spooky, but it's better than nothing...until he meets Milky Way! Milky Way is a Demoness and she has her eyes set on making Hiroyuki her servant!


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Demon Encyclopedia
Devil Encyclopedia
Демоническая энциклопедия
악마 사전

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v.6 c.33-35+Epilogue (end) by Manga-Heaven over 14 years ago
v.6 c.32-32.5 by Manga-Heaven over 14 years ago
v.6 c.31 by Manga-Heaven over 14 years ago
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Enjoyed it, but the ending chapters sucked  
by Seregosa
August 2nd, 2017, 7:45pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Well, I really enjoyed this as a supernatural slice of life light hearted comedy. Nothing is ever going to be serious for more than at most a few pages or half a chapter, maybe an entire chapter or two at the end. I got a lot of happy smiles, but very few outright laughs from this manga. I also want people giving a low rating because of the art or saying that they didn't read it because of the art to screw off and go read whatever fanservice manga they like, I do get that not liking the art is a reason to lower the grade with 1 point of 10, but if you don't like the art and didn't read it properly, don't comment at all. As if good art ever meant the story was good. It can make it much more enjoyable indeed, but this isn't a video game, the art doesn't really matter as long as it's not stick figures or completely undecipherable. This one was actually acceptable in art(though it's unusual and seems like something of a mix of old and new art), though the last few chapters had lower quality with things looking way too flat.

HOWEVER... you might as well skip over the entire last two-three chapters and just read the very last few pages at the ending for some closure. Those chapters sucked way too much. The author tried to force in some cheap drama and whatever and everything moved at light speed and was solved just as fast as it began. The mc acted like a total wuss and retard, being all depressed and edgy as fck against every demon he knew, trying to drive them away because some DEMONIC OVERLORD showed up all of a sudden to warn him(not suspicious at all, right?) and spout lies about how milky was manipulating him and planning to kill him or something(yeah, he would totally care, right?). So, he just drops everything and acts like a drama queen edgelord, crashing a plate, being extremely rude and generally hostile against the ones he seemed to love before and making them cry before shutting himself in a dark room somewhere. However, this is solved quickly in the next chapter where we have them reunite with a love confession and everything is water under the bridge and the evil overlord guy just said "fck it" and let him have the chick for no reason whatsoever, seemingly just because they love each other, or maybe he was thinking something like "Heelll noo, I ain't having any of that used gods mofo, that's naasty" because they kissed and he just got turned off and lost interest.

I mean, come on... This all happened in pretty much 2 chapters. Oh, let's not forget that when he was all edgy, the obligatory "face slap of 'wake the fck up'" was used in order to bring him to his senses after he pretty much believed a shady as fck complete stranger completely and went into deep depression because of a few sentences he said(the person who slapped him even said exactly that, commenting on how pathetic he is for believing a total, random stranger over his own experiences and feelings, it's as if the author wanted us to dislike the mc at the end). Even if your feelings are manipulated, who the fck cares if you're happy? Holy shit man, I understand if you get some seeds of doubt planted in your mind after talking with that little dipshit overlord, but is it enough to completely distrust the ones you love and be hostile like a cornered animal? Jeez.

The art also dropped the last few chapters, so you get the feeling that the author just said "fck it all" and threw something random together with force, perhaps the manga got axed or he just wanted to start something new and instead of giving a proper ending with proper art, story and closure, he went with some half-assed bullshit that made you dislike the mc and become generally disappointed. I mean, not to mention the edgy teenager and the overlord part(it was actually almost amusing to see everything go so fast, like, oh no, new super villain, distrust, hostility, people running away, getting snapped out of it, the female lead getting turned into a doll with a broken mind and then the mc running to rescue and confess to the damsel in distress and snap her out of it, the super villain giving up and then the ending happened in just 2 or so chapters, holy... That's like at least one or two dozen chapters normally), but it just ended like "oh, our daily lives will continue from now on" and then on to some drivel about relationships and how some are married, some are lovers, and then there's relationships like theirs with master and servant. Oh god, what the hell.

At least end it with something like "our adventures continued and our relationship slowly changed from master and servant to girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife" and then show a wedding picture or something, however forced it is, it can't get any worse than what it was before. They're clearly already madly in love, the confession is also out of the way, why keep going with that forced status relationship, at least say that they were both master and servant as well as husband and wife or lovers, it'd give me way more closure on this. It's been a while since I last saw a manga where the mangaka clearly just abandoned it all and threw something together just for the heck of it, so sad.

All in all, it was a good way to spend some time, definitely worth reading if you like light-hearted, slow and fluffy comedies with nothing going for it in terms of plot. I recommend it, even if the ending was both rushed and sucked generally.
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Pretty Good  
by Anabiotic_Pineapple
December 17th, 2009, 9:01pm
Rating: N/A
This series does not have an awesome plot. This series does not have gorgeous visuals. This series does not last very long. All that being said, this series is hilarious. This series has art that matches the tone very well. This series last long enough to where it doesn't start getting dull. A lot of people have commented on the art saying that it's bad, but it's really not terrible. It's definitely gag manga esque, which is just fine considering for all intents and purposes that's what it is. To top it off, it has some romance to it, a rather sweet one all things considered. If you're looking for something to bide the time while you wait for something else to come out, this isn't a bad option.
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by said42
December 18th, 2008, 10:24pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
i personally didnt like much the art it was like a mix between old(1980) and new. But im very picky with the art so my standar are problably a litle too high. And the plot was good 1of my favorites(it even made me forget about the bad drawing)
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by metamike
August 23rd, 2008, 9:38pm
Rating: N/A
Personally couldn't stand the art-style. Characters lack noses, have those huge generic manga eyes, which are very far apart (not helped by lack of noses), and seem to lack lips.

I was too creeped out.
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by m1sael
April 26th, 2008, 6:42am
Rating: 1.0 / 10.0
Way to silly. All the characters have a cute face but the mangata draw their bodies disproportional causing the characters to have either a big head or to look like young kids (when they are teens). Not a manga I would recommend to anyone older than 12 years old.
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Super Kawaiiii!!  
by nakie08
April 15th, 2008, 12:59am
Rating: 8.8 / 10.0
I really like the art style in this manga. The character design is surely top of the class for me when it comes to cuteness! I love all the characters here, specially Artery, she's sooooo cute! (I'm not a lolicon, i just particularly like her, hehe). The plot is alright, the typical story line you get from romantic comedy harem manga.

In the beginning, I can't help but somehow get a sad feeling. Must be because there's not much character to liven up the panels. In the first two chapter, it's basically just the two of them so I got a bit lonely.

Well, I got hooked up reading this series till the end. I recommend this to all suckers for cuteness like me! I'ts a great read!

... Last updated on April 15th, 2008, 1:04am
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Great characters and humor make up for a fairly straightforward plot  
by Geese1
March 23rd, 2008, 8:00pm
Rating: 8.5 / 10.0
While fairly basic in plot, the story really makes up for it with fantastic characterizations that are unlike any I've read before. The author does a great job of taking some really standard archetypes and gives them just enough twist so that they're a refreshing change from what we normally get in the genre. Couple this with a unique sense of humor and you've got a great manga that rises above the norm to becomes something really special.

Also, I see a lot of people complain about the art style, but I found it rather charming, and thought it worked well with the rest of the book as a whole. While it's not the greatest I've seen, it's certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

So if you're a fan of the romantic comedy genre, and are looking for something a little bit different from the standard fare out there, go ahead and give Akuma Jiten a shot - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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by tazman0208
February 18th, 2008, 4:23pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
fun manga with romance and comedy. Great artwork at the beginning but the last volume seemed rushed in terms of art.(seems like they either changed artists or they did a slapstick job). anyways you should give this a try if you want a light read to pass the time.
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Loved it  
by RideTheWalrus
December 10th, 2007, 2:48am
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
Great manga! If you're into romantic/comedy/supernatural it'll keep you entertained
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by kikaru
October 22nd, 2007, 6:05am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
This is by far one of the best mangas I've read in a while. Thankfully, a low level of fanservice. smile
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