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The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion  
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Poisoned to death by her own betrothed?! Eunha didn’t wake up in a novel’s story just to get killed off again as an unfortunate extra! To change her story she needs a cover… 6 months pretending to be the fake fiancée of the novel's male protagonist, Duke Noah Wynknight. But will this cold-hearted, angel-faced demon of a man really help her avoid another ill-fated ending?

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English, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French


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Associated Names
Comment j'ai survécu au Manoir Wynknight
La razón por la que Raeliana terminó en la masión del duque
The Duke's Fiancee
The Duke's Fiancée
Tunangan Kontrak Duke
Vị Hôn Thê Khế Ước Của Công Tước
Why She Had to Go to the Duke
그녀가 공작저로 가야 했던 사정

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Season 4: 26 Chapters (Complete) 122~147
Side Story: 11 Chapters (Complete) 148~158

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Overall Quite Good  
by Shygirlz
February 12th, 2021, 11:16pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
The story’s pretty good. Art is good, characters aren’t dumb nor annoying, plot is interesting.

For the two stars off -
The last season (including the ending) was the only one which wasn’t as great as the rest.
The two main characters are fine, but outside of their bantering dynamic and guy teases girl blushes romantic dynamic the characters don’t have much personality, so they aren’t too memorable.
The side characters could’ve been explored a lot more - they all had potential - but the focus was 95% on the two main characters and everyone else ended up being very one-dimensional.

I’m not feeling totally satisfied with the ending - the male lead became a tad too possessive / obsessive right at the end when he’d up until that point been a guy with healthy boundaries, and the story resolution was pretty lackluster.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed and binge-read the first three seasons. The story was always interesting where I wanted to know what’d happen next and it all made reasonable sense. Both the main female and male leads are likeable and cute together, and the humor is good. The romance was done really well, with the characters slowly falling in love as they spend time together even when it’s a tug of war at first. Watching the male lead fall in love with the female lead, and seeing her reactions, was my favorite part of this manga.

... Last updated on February 12th, 2021, 11:25pm
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Good, but should have been shorter  
by DarthSiha
February 1st, 2021, 2:09am
Rating: 7.5 / 10.0
All in all I quite enjoyed it. A brave and unique FL and a non-toxic ML in a healthy relationship. An interesting (although overused) concept that was well executed for the most part.
There were a couple of arcs that didn't add anything to the plot and seemed to drag on for longer than necessary.
Personally, I think the ending was a little anti-climactic as well, but from what I've seen I am alone on that opinion so don't let that scare you off from reading it!
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Generic, terrible action scenes, shallow plot  
by noobzilla
January 30th, 2021, 11:36am
Rating: N/A
Why read it this?
1.The art is pretty.
2. The male lead is hot.
3. There is enough B-rated cringy romance to make it very entertaining when you are in the mood for some ice cream and some fluff. And you wanna see at what point ML and FL get together.

Why am I rating it so badly?
1. The art is bad. I don't mean it's ugly, far from it. But the author is only good at drawing pretty faces and clothing. Action? What action, her concept of action is a big drawn word "SWOOSH" / "BAM" and then villain is lying defeated in next panel.
2. I expected Yandere male lead. Seems more like a reserved male lead. While I don't mind that, it's a stretch to call him a Yandere. There is no craziness/ blood lust involved.
3. The harem is very cheesy, specially how these so called adults act over her. Would be more realistic to make the whole cast about 14 years old.
4. Plot is basic at best. Political machinations? Nah the author isn't capable of that.
5. Little or no thrill or adversity. The plot just happens without the couple facing any real threats. The whole thing is a little bit childish.

... Last updated on February 1st, 2021, 6:58am
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type of webtoon that would make you read it in one sitting  
by ciawoo
January 30th, 2021, 10:44am
Rating: N/A
As a fan of isekai concept, I must say that this webtoon is a masterpiece! The plot twist may be somewhat cliche but it would still surprise you.

I usually drop webtoons where the characters becomes annoying or unreasonable, for example, when fl becomes too dependent to ml. Well thankfully this webtoon is different from that, the fl here is intelligent and strong willed. Ml and fl are similar in a way that they're literally a match made in heaven. I do hope y'all give this a try! It's worth your time.

... Last updated on February 13th, 2021, 10:10pm
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addicting and funny  
by moonmystery
June 6th, 2020, 9:42am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This manwha nailed the humor and art. I am so amused watching the interactions between the two MC's and the side characters. While the twists were all kind of predictable, it was still interesting to see through to the end. Also, this is the first shoujo isekai series I've come across that actually has a long arc exploring the mystery behind why the MC got transported into the book world. Other series tend to just gloss over that part in favor of the romance. Also, our main girl is very capable but not over the top so like "Doctor with a Scalpel" and stuff.
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I really enjoyed it but it's very forgettable  
by smallspark
June 5th, 2020, 1:16am
Rating: 7.7 / 10.0
I remember while I was reading it I REALLY really enjoyed it. I was hooked actually. The art is pretty, the characters are good, the plot is fine--lots of drama to keep you entertained.

Seeing it now, weeks after catching up to the translated chapters, I don't remember much. I like the leads, the FL in particular. However, even re-reading the last couple of chapters I could only manage to recall bits and pieces of the story even though I read it in the past two weeks. I don't feel much attachment to the characters as I did before either. Take that as you may.

In my opinion, it's a great read, I'll give it that... but it's not very memorable among the endless amounts of noble isekai manhwas/manga out there and believe me, I've read more than plenty. Whether that's important is up to you.
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Adorable, Amazing, and other reviewers are too quick to judge  
by Runtywendo
May 16th, 2020, 8:39pm
Rating: 8.5 / 10.0
As stated I felt many of the other commenters were way too quick to judge this manga and quite nitpicky. The beginning can feel as if too much information is thrown at you at once and is disjointed. It is also rather slow to pick up speed, so that can be a turn off to some. However, this is by no means a slowly paced story and I feel as though things happen in a reasonable manner and there is enough little twists and turns (albeit random at times) that make this an exciting, fun read. I'd say the biggest flaw is the gaps that occur as the webtoon progresses and minor things are left unexplained at first, but eventually these smaller events will be weaved back into the main storyline and serve their purpose. (As of finishing Ch121 this is consistently true so far) Some of the character's mindsets and attitudes can be frustrating, but come from completely justifiable places, and THEY HAVE FLAWS FOR A REASON. I mean this would be an incredibly boring read if everyone was perfect and happy-go-lucky from the get go. Character development and story progression is why we stay.

Now onto the things I love about this series:
1. Characters are properly developed and continuously developed as the story progresses. Not just that, the author has gracefully added adorable, humourous quirks to all the characters making them perfectly shoujo-esque. The reason I read mangas/webtoons/manhuas is for these adorable quirks that is often absent in Western media. This also makes all the characters more lovable and *real* to an extent.
2. IT'S SO FUNNY. This series (again) has that oddball humour that I only find in East Asian media, yet it doesn't take away from the story. It's tastefully sprinkled here and there keeping things light and fun.
3. Both main leads are amazing. Both strong and smart, yet not without their flaws. They are likeable and make it very easy to root for them.
4. This isn't a linear story. Despite the amazing wit of people on the "good" side, their seemingly perfect planning is thwarted by an almost equally witty "bad" side or simply because life happens. It's exciting and keeps you on your toes.
5. It's charming. Interactions between characters on all fronts is unique and refreshing. All sorts of personalities clash and ebb, so much so even the filler content is a joy to read.

All in all, this isn't the perfect story, it's by no means the Game of Thrones (the books) of shoujo webtoons. BUT, what elevates it to a 8.5 is that it perfectly exhibits all the lovely elements that make a shoujo good. Exciting, refreshing, fun, yet solemn and serious at times. Definitely worth a read.
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One of my favorite isekai/medieval manhwa  
by Momorene
February 20th, 2020, 1:12pm
Rating: 8.8 / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
For isekai and medieval setting manhwa
This is my first favorite. SPOILER ALERT!!

And find some people hated the plot, so I’m going to give my point of view. From what I read people hate this point. Because I find what they say is a plot hole are make no sense

1. It doesn’t make sense she ask Noah for agreement, why not ask her parents because her parents is nice.

Well, first of all it’s not her real parents, you can see her feeling guilty several times over their kindness and love, and They are nouveau riche, they has a lot of money, but not so strong in high society, it’s not easy to break off the engangement because her fiance is vieux riche, the duke take care of that when they enganged.
And she tried to break it off herself several times, but failed. And the reason she go to the duke for a deal, it’s on impulse, she failed, frustated and see the duke walk in front of her. you can see in the next few chapters she regret her impulse action 😅 but that’s what makes the plot, impulse are not plot hole

2. Why she stay with the duke even after the deal is required, just because Noah insisted.

she has a legal contract for 6months! And obviously she also loves the duke but didn’t want to admit it.

3. Why worry about beatrice so much

I agree, but you know she just afraid when beatrice showed up all of she has will be gone, the feeling of lost is unbearable. She read the novel, she loves Noah, and she knows how Noah and Beatrice romance in the novel, how Noah adores Beatrice in the novel. Ofc she worries, altough it’s frustating

4. The duke like a stupid puppy fall in love and become meek and just follow her everywhere.

Seriously hahaha this is what I love from Noah though, I understand some people hated it, it’s the matter of taste, but I personally find it adorable, the duke is like that from the beginning and it become worst when he admitted his feeling, it’s just so cute. I like how calm and cruel he is, but become a softie in front of raeliana, and how he find it stupid to have one sided love, but still propose anyway.

5. The story is going nowhere
Hm I read until chapt 144, so I can’t compare to those who only read until 40 ish, the only boring part is about her ‘grandpa’, but it turns out pretty important later. And people who wonder about beatrice, I have a hunch beatrice going to become the final problem

Well true, there’s an arc that doesn’t necessary to the main plot, when raeliana in the palace I just want to skipped it to Noah part!
But overall this is the best out of 20/30 isekai/medieval manhwa I read, raeliana inner thought didn’t annoyed me compared to most of other female character in a series like this.

Fyi the other two that I find so addicted is
who made me a princess
The monster duchess and contract princess
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Too contrived  
by whitespade
October 24th, 2019, 6:11pm
Rating: 5.0 / 10.0
I cannot get over the first few chapters simply because it is too easy to resolved but author making it complicated because they dont take into account the characters, just the plot.

She want to cut the engagement right? Just ask her goddamn parents!!! Why the heck she need to care about the guy permission, its all in the parent's hand!!! Now if the author make it more cliche by having the parents as power hungry social climber then her action is understandable but by trying to subvert cliche and give her a loving family they demolish the pillar that make this stand in the first place.
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good first arc, but after that...  
by PZcolo
August 30th, 2019, 12:31pm
Rating: 5.0 / 10.0
Starts off as an interesting version of a new cliched setting. Girl of the present gets transported to a world of which she somehow has lots of information about, in this case, into a novel (the most common). She knows she'll suffer some tragedy so she uses this knowledge for her benefit and as a consequence the story she knew starts to change.
It's a tried setting but it's still interesting and it's done quite well, mainly, the female lead is an interesting char that make you want to know more about her and how she'll manage.
Story-wise, it's a bit too soon to tell, I don't know what route the plot will take after the initial plot is resolved (she being murdered that is) so it's a bit too soon to tell but of course it's to be expected that the two leads fall for each other. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out with the original novel MC. Unfortunately after the first arc is done the story doesn't what to do with itself, this is something I'm tired of seeing in mangas and manhuas, they start with an interesting idea but once that's resolved they need to continue but have no idea how to, and unfortunately, 7 out of 10 times the story just falls apart, that's what seams to be happening here. Maybe it manages to get on track again later but still, what a waste, She's still an interesting char (thou I get annoyed at how she just accepts things because the other party is insisten) but the Duke becomes a mockery of what he was, he turns like a pancake from a scheming and controlling person to a love-slave thinking 24/7 of the MC...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
By the way, both leads are intelligent, how come they don't question the maid when there is an attempt on her? The jewel used magically appeared on the MC's room and the maid conveniently used it as an accesory right in the head

If you like "Accomplishments of a Duke's daughter" you might like this one (and viceversa), thou this one is not as good, also, not the same setting but similar is "Empress of another world".

... Last updated on August 30th, 2019, 1:17pm
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