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Tapas Media    [Edit]
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Comic Panda
Tapas Original

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Purchased in 2021 by Korean publisher Kakao. Shares some series with similarly Kakao-owned Radish.

Ever since KakaoPage bought them, Tapas no longer releases mature series, and if a mature series does get licensed, it is censored. As of June 2022, Tapas has been removing series (mostly completed) that are for mature audiences (whether it's explicit or not).

As of April 12, 2023, after around 2 years, Tapas has confirm they are bring back their mature section with new releases, mostly BL. It's unknown if they will release the R19 versions of their ropan (romance fantasy) series they currently have that are part of Kakaopage original lineup. Nor it it known if they will release the R19 versions of the current BL they have that they censored before.

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September 10th 2023, 11:32am

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