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Psychometrer Eiji  
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Eiji is a teenager who's rough and rude and loves to fight. However, Eiji has a strange power; when he comes in contact with certain objects, he can see people's memories from within the objects themselves. When he finds himself involved in a dark murder case, he assists a beautiful young profiler to find the murderer. Afterwards, she continues to ask for his assistance in more complicated investigations. A detective manga with intriguing and complicated cases and a variety of characters from the complex to the caricature.


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Associated Names
Psychometer Eiji
Psychometre Eiji
Psychometrist Eiji
Thám tử Eiji
Психометр Эйдзи
感应少年 EIJI
사이코 메트러 에지

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Not very good  
by PZcolo
December 15th, 2018, 11:48pm
Rating: 4.5 / 10.0
In a mystery manga attention to detail, coherence and logic are among the most important things, I think this fails big at them.

Here are a few examples of how from the first two cases,:
-A detective involves a civilian in a murder case, not just consults him but takes him to crime scenes resulting in him and those close to him either face danger or at times be outright killed. Not to mention she makes a kid have visions of murder scenes and possibly the moment they are killed, any idea what that would do to a normal teenager? isn't she supposed to be a psychologist? needless to say she doesn't pay him or reward him with anything...
-The same detective divulges knowledge about cases to civilians, and worse tells a "murder suspect" about Eiji's power, causing his life to be targeted and one of his friends to die, not content with that she takes 3 civilians to a crime scene where there are potentially 4-10 armed men with explosives (once again, one of those who accompany her is a suspect). Not content with that she starts romancing that person, gives him inside information and asks him to investigate on her behalf... this is a detective, a policewoman, not a 15 year old gal not in control of her hormones, not to mention the author tries to portray her as a rational and very capable woman which again, fails miserably in my eyes...
-The commissioner is straight out obstructing investigation and ignoring concrete evidence like a child, this could be believable and explained as spite if the mangaka didn't take it as far as he does, punishing the investigation, prohibiting any personnel of the police department to help her in case of need, endangering civilians lives, facilitating the criminals and so on. After the first one he should have resigned yet this keeps going after the second and who know how many more. If he has a problem with our female lead, all he has to do is fire her on grounds of endangering civilians, not doing his job or sabotaging it and missing this terribly clear breach is plain dumb.
-Last, the extrapolation of "facts" from hearsay and very shallow association/thinking can hardly be called profiling or deduction. I can ignore this one for the most part since it's not logical to expect from a mangaka knowledge equivalent to a psychology college graduate. Still, I definitely will not accept that a psychology major sees a Rorschach test image and confuses it with a butterfly that is just too much, it's like saying a doctor would mistake a gardening saw with a bone saw...

As for the good parts, I can't find many, the profiling might be a bit interesting but is forced, the first crime has so much evidence pointing to the criminal it's funny they took so much time to catch the murderer, needless to say no psychrometer is really needed... the second is more interesting but I made my point above. The male lead is decent, the female lead is terrible, being beautiful ain't enough.
Probably my only compliment to this series would be the attempt to portray the psychology of the criminals from a believable view, motives are more grounded on the criminal psyche than the "I killed him because he didn't like me" or "I had a rough childhood and all you didn't, feel my suffering stereotypes that abound in the genre. Still I think most USA TV series do a better job at it, and there are loooots of them.
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Makes me scared that this is how rape was viewed at the time.  
by matrice
August 4th, 2014, 12:53pm
Rating: N/A
Some aspects I found rather disturbing. The way the transgender teacher is treated, the way one person is almost generally praised for the murder of a mentally ill individial, and later mounts an argument that because one is 20 rather than 21, he might be excused from rape because "he doesn't understand that it is wrong". It doesn't give the feeling that they understand how horrific rape is: their attitude towards rape is disturbing. The appropriate punishment for gang rape (which occurs in three different occasions -incredibly often-) is a beating (the same someone gets if it pisses the protagonist or his friend off). One female that almost became a victim was immediately ready to forgive and trust a sidekick that was implicated once he "apologized" (you would think they were talking about car theft). The other didn't talk about her experience at all, and the protagonist didn't bring it up (apparently it has no psychological effect). One victim, a child, a middle schooler, kills herself, and the ones responsible, caught red handed, 20, almost 21 years old, since barely below the age of majority and, most importantly, first time offenders with rich parents, are left go. The problem is that this doesn't seem fucked up to anyone besides the victim's relative, who, already suicidal, goes off the deep end when he hears one of the perpetrators brag abut it. The guy that almost killed a mentally ill man in the former days says that they should be let go because they are too young to know better, something hard to swallow since essentially everwhere in the world you are an adult at 18 (aside from that, any boy younger than than that knows perfectly well something that doesn't need to be taught to morally normal human beings, namely that gang raping a child is wrong, and that above that, not being sadist, besides "understanding" something that is innate in us, and doesn't even need to be "taught" to children, because they already know it perfectly well, don't even feel any "desire" to do that, in fact find the idea repulsive), and the manga depicts a child, a classmate of the protagonist's younger sister, having sex with her adult coworker, a married father. Young enough to give consent, but not to "understand" that gang raping a child is wrong? (once again, not something that a normal human even wants to do, and that in any case no one could honestly claim that he doesn't intellectually know that is condemned -yet it's what it is claimed by anyone in the manga-). We are therefore treated to a bunch of relativization, and justification of rape by a bunch of rape apologists -one even female, which wonders why the relative might take objection to the sentence -a short few months that left them perfectly identical to how they were before, and ready to rape again-, is even surprised that someone would think that that's fucked up, when apparently the victim that killed herself didn't even receive psychological treatment and the caretaker was not informed-. That part of the manga seriously spoiled things for me, because essentially showed people willing to applaud the attempted murder of a mentally ill patient, but relativized the psychological trauma of the victims of gang rapes, minimized the actions of and attempted to justify the rapists, and showed them essentially taking advantage of an obviously flawed system, but didn't make any of the characters besides the victim's relative, driven to insanity, that the whole system was completely fucked up and had it backwards -thus in the end the plainly criticizeable social structure went uncriticized essentially by anyone-. The "white knight in shining armour" part I also didn't like (the killed victim was saved by... a gang rape... by the protagonist' friend before... apparently, no one thinks about contacting the police, they simply beat them up, as if that would accomplish anything -as if they wouldn't simply do it when they weren't looking and be more careful-, and as if that wasn't the "penance" they also reserved to people that simply annoyed them for trivial matters, thus drawing a completely skewed moral equivalence). Those view of rapes made me seriously wonder if the characters didn't have a sister or mother (one is in fact a woman herself) to put the seriousness of the crime into perspective ("how would you feel if it happened to someone you cared about"), but apparently women are simply objects placed there to allow them to show how "masculine" they are by... resorting to simple minded violence, rather than doing the logical thing and calling the police, and setting the victims of the aggression up for an appointment with a psychologist. The protagonist' friend also seems to have some sort of brainless cult following -and no, I don't think that having people that would uncritically do anything you say is a good thing: having friends is different from having subordinates, it's an unequal relationship that displays the will to be a slave and surrender your faculties to charismatic personalities-. His father is also a politician, and his mother his mistress, and this is apparently somehow impressive (as if it implied guile, or some sort of faculty that the general public didn't share). Coupled with the release of the serial child rapists because of the position of their families -that left them meet unsupervised and freely discuss future rapes in the streets -targeting prostitutes to decrease the risk, etc-... and discussing their crime in an entertained fashion, all the while showing that they knew exactly how cruel their actions were, and were delighted by the fact that society wouldn't stop them, with people displaying a disheartening willingness to take them at face value and make up excuses for their actions, be they men or women)
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hilarious with interesting plot  
by whitespade
October 28th, 2012, 11:57am
Rating: 9.6 / 10.0
first off, this manga is just too hilarious. the humour mostly is juvenile, especially with the fat cross-dresser, but it is very funny.

but then, this is a detective manga that centered on psychotic serial killers, so you might be jarred from one mindset to the other. i personally like this intimate mix of humour and gore, but some people might not like this. i like the cases, they are all mighty interesting with interesting crazy people. other detective manga that i read seldom have this forthright sociopath as the killers, and this is great in their own way.

the characters are also the one that make this manga even more enjoyable than it already is. i like eiji with his wild ways, but he is mostly sincere. ryouko is the kind of woman that i would love more in manga - confident in her own sexuality, have high ambitions not just the next guy to bang, in control of everything in her career and never do the 'i need o be protected' shit, cos she protect herself just fine. the fat cross-dresser is just too funny, every time he come to the picture i smile in anticipation. all the other characters are also great, they serve their role well.

so sorry for the english speakers that cant read this, this is truly a great manga xD
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good, but not a masterpiece  
by PaterFrog
August 23rd, 2010, 12:44pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
I think this manga is quite a nice read, however I can't say that it's done too well.
This goes mainly for the expressions of the characters, they aren't consistent. Completely not. While not overwhelmingly bad or anything like that, they aren't drawn in a natural flow.
Expressions and emotions, especially intense ones often don't show in the eyes. This goes mainly for Eiji, the main character.
Other examples would be the murderer Möbius (ö=oe): While we didn't yet know who he was, his expressions, especially his eyes were properly drawn for an insane murderer. The moment Möbius' identity was revealed, his pupils were drawn normally, even with light reflected and thus his expression was completely devoid of insanity. That really destroyed the tension for me, since I'm really, really sensitive to people's expressions.
Same as Eiji wakes up in the hospital right after Möbius got arrested and had those visions about the girl Möbius knew as a kid. After seeing those gruesome scenes, Eiji should require some time thinking about it, slowly calming down. But just because his sister came in, even his sweat disappeared. That led to the vision loosing all of it's emotional impact, both on Eiji as well as on me, the reader.
Cant say that is good.

... Last updated on August 23rd, 2010, 3:08pm
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by Annita
April 1st, 2009, 9:42am
Rating: N/A
one of my all time favourite on Detective genre. Eiji got it all. Sexy, psychic, murder, and smart brains. What more can you ask for!!!!
The ending is also awesome. There're twists here and unexpected things, but all in all it's so great. I really want it to get completed translate into English so wish Omanga or other groups can scanlate it. It's one of the best manga in this genre that you definitely have to check out.
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by Toni
September 12th, 2007, 5:41am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
VERY good manga, with comedy, ecchi, fights and a whole ton of mistery !!! Every ingredients for an awesome story which doesn't get boring no matter what happens !!!

Pls bring it back to life !!!!
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So few comments on this favorite of mine  
by ChaperonNoir
June 23rd, 2007, 10:25am
Rating: N/A
It's a favorite of mine. I'm so sad there's only 12 volumes scanlated. Keep up the good work Omanga!

Sometimes it feels a little like Detective Conan, but when Eiji fights, OH MY GOD. The street fights in this one are like nothing i've seen. I love it.
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great manga  
by Alissa
February 28th, 2006, 6:55am
Rating: N/A
It's a great manga! I'm happy to see Omanga is still willing to work on it. Eiji, the main character, is really captivating and the plot is entertaining. If you like noir stories, mystery and nice art, this is for you.
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by Anonymous
September 9th, 2005, 7:42pm
Rating: N/A
I've read all that's been translated of this comic and I think it is definetly worth the read. Check this out, ppl!
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