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In an organization of professional killers called Thanatos, there exists an elite assassin. His skills are such that he reigns supreme over all the others in the organisation... And he is also the killer of the protagonist's family. The protagonist swears on his life that one day, he will rise through the ranks of Thanatos and challenge the man who took everything from him.

Fighting for the position of No. 1, the curtain rises on a battle fought with blood over blood!


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Ẩn Số

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v.7 c.41 (end) by Sense-Scans over 5 years ago
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this is gem  
by Miachann
September 26th, 2020, 11:23pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
bruh the bl subtext is very strong in here, in the point i think this is must be shounenai uwu as fujoshi i love it very much tho huhuhu and i ship Toneriko almost with everyone and why in the end everyone dieeee- Aghhhh but still i love all character i love the plot and the plot twist, the art so adorable too and kinda reminds me of 07 ghost isnt it?
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The art  
by Sami_chan
October 22nd, 2013, 12:14am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
Is one of my favorite art styles. Not the best kind of art but it's pretty and very nice to watch. I also love Toneriko's image: slender and boy-ish, he looks cool in uniform
The plot: I haven't finished this yet so I can't say much, but it's rather childish and typical. But I don't really mind, I guess, since I'm enjoying the shounen ai hint more xD

I don't think it suits you if you're looking for true action shounen or romance shoujou. Read it as an original shounen ai series, then you may find it pretty interesting to keep up biggrin

... Last updated on October 22nd, 2013, 12:29am
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by letterbee96
November 1st, 2012, 12:37am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
I love shounen-ai and yaoi generally. But the way the mangaka portrayed it just wasn't.....fitting in my opinion... Sorry.. Again, I really love shounen-ai but I'd prefer if this manga didnt have any scenes. Hints and bromance would be enough. Would've given it a 9/10 but I can't... Loved the ending though~!
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Good, but...  
by BlackAriel98
January 25th, 2012, 11:39pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
When I first started reading this I thought that it was actually decent. It seemed original, but I could relate Black Cat to this in many ways. I really enjoy the idea of assassins, and add fantasy and I'm sold. The art was good, better than a lot of other mangas that I have read. Main story isn't really there yet, but it's getting to it. All in all, it was good till...

It seemed like shounen-ai had thrown up all over this manga. I was fine with a little bit of shounen-ai like stuff, but that was... it was just weird and creepy.

Like what crazyboutcute had said, this is a very... sexual manga. In the action scenes, there is always some sort of sexual behavior that one opponent displays. Not only action scenes but the main character, Toneriko, always has someone doing something sexual to him, either speaking to him or teasing him, it's always something.

Originally, I would have given it an 8, but with the intense shounen-ai like aspects of this manga, and how there is just too much of an overboard of it, the rating I give it will be lower than it initialy was.

(Just as a side note, if the mangaka/publishing company say that it a shoujo, it is one.)

... Last updated on January 25th, 2012, 11:43pm
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by jnatsumi
November 28th, 2011, 1:06am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
I don't usually go for manga art that portray grown men with baby faces--which is my first impression of this. But I was wrong. Everybody in this manga seem to have sort of baby faces, but not to the point that i end up thinking of them as 13 years old boys.
It's well drawn.
The action is good. Well paced, but a bit hard to follow sometimes. It has some supernatural elements in there that's not really explained, but oh well; it adds to the flare of the action, i guess, so i don't mind much.

This manga is laced with slash.... haha. I'm liking that fact. It's not going to turn into a shounen ai or yaoi, I don't think. I started to realize as I read more of this theme (predominantly male cast) that apparently there are some girls out there (this is a shojo) who like male-romance to be underplayed; hinting of possible yaoi is apparently enough to satisfy their fangirl cravings.

It's also quite nice to read a manga with a protagonist who is a sadist. Toneriko (sounds like a girl's name to me...?) is the protagonist in an all male main cast. He has a sad past and somehow that drives him to become a super blood thirsty hitman in an organization Thanatos. He's so good that he's "Number 5." Sometimes in a manga similar to this plot the assassin may feel guilty about their job, but that's not the case with Toneriko. He views killing as strictly business; it's his job; but i don't think that's all it is to him--he obviously enjoys it. ...
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Love the art.  
by Shailley
June 25th, 2011, 7:37pm
Rating: 10.0 / 10.0
I like the art. I also like the whole thing about Yggdrasil. It intrigues me. I want to see how things turn out. I don't have much thoughts pm the plot though, it's sort of simplistic. Toneriko's goal is to get revenge. It was the same thing in Code Geass. (I'm not really trying to compare the two, but revenge is the plot in both of them.)

The fighting seems quick and... Weird, it's where some of the Shounen-ai aspect comes from in my opinion. I was confused when Tekirai started fighting with the other numbers. It also weird how he talks to Toneriko, it's hard to explain. (Like crazyboutcute said.) It's like he's [Tekirai] almost using sexual terms to refer to killing him. [Toneriko] Also, it was weird when Tekirai was putting his finger in Toneriko's mouth. I like yaoi, but the whole thing about making sexual references while meaning you want to kill someone, is just a bit weird. I like it none the less.

Despite it being in a shoujo magazine though, this isn't shoujo. I pretty sure the maid girl is some sort of puppet, and the other two were called cross-dressers. That leaves Tama-chan as really the only girl. This "Princess" character I imagine is also a girl, but it might turn out to be a man. (I only remember Honey-Bee referring to their leader as "Princess".)

I can't wait to read more!
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by crazyboutcute
June 24th, 2011, 8:57pm
Rating: 3.0 / 10.0
The art is pretty. I like the bishounen. The plot is fairly shallow and unoriginal as well as unengaging. The action is hard to follow. I'm not entirely sure why, but for some reason, the violence looks really sexual in this manga. I don't know how to explain it, but whenever two of the bishounen fight it out, it seems like there's A LOT of sexual tension. Maybe it's because there's this really pronounced subtext of men trying desperately to dominate other men?

Edit: Dropped this one. It was just too... odd. Not only that, but it used an old concept and didn't really bring anything new to the table. It was hard to relate to or even like the characters. The art is nice but couldn't save the story. I'll give it a 3.

... Last updated on June 5th, 2012, 10:33pm
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by BoboKitty
December 4th, 2009, 10:57pm
Rating: N/A
I'm quite confused as to why this series is under shoujo and doesn't include shounen-ai? I mean, granted it's in a shoujo magazine, but that art style and story is definitly not shoujo (wayyy to much violence for one). Also, in the later chapters, there is indeed... ahem... gay stuff, so to say. Granted the only stuff I see is more sexual than romatic, I assume (my knowledge in Japanese is lacking) from the pictures and random phrases that I do know. Then again, I could be wrong save for the fact that this is most definitly a shounen-ai. Sorry for those who don't like that kind of stuff.
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it's a shoujo  
by candyloop
January 7th, 2009, 9:22am
Rating: N/A
it's what, the third, forth time i'm changing this to shoujo? Comic Blade Avarus is a shojo magazine.

As for the manga itself, i'm going to wait till more is out, so far it's pretty typical.
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A lot of other mangas smashed into one  
by NatsumeMaya
December 30th, 2008, 8:58pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
I like the concept of this 'assassin guild' which is loosely similar to the Angelina Jolie movie, WANTED.

I think this magaka smooshed a lot of elements from other anime/manga and rolled it into one.

The Toneriko character looks like a Lamperouge Lelouch from Code Geass who has a revolver for a weapon from Zombie Loan's Shito Tachibana. The Tekirai character reminds me of Hei from Darker Than Black & Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji armed with the sword from X-1999. If you like all that then you'll like all this series. I think this is so far entertaining to read.

... Last updated on December 30th, 2008, 9:00pm
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