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Nabari no Ou   
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Apathetic schoolboy Miharu Rokujou is content to meander through life in the sleepy village of Banten. But his quiet existence is shattered when the Grey Wolves of Iga, a powerful ninja clan, attempt to kidnap him in broad daylight. Only then does Miharu discover that the ultimate power of the hidden ninja realm — a power that can do both great good and great harm — is sealed within his body. As battles erupt among rival ninja clans seeking to control him, Miharu must overcome his apathy and learn the ways of the ninja if he wants any shot at survival!


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Associated Names
Nabari no Oh
Nabari's Ruler
Ruler of Nabari
Ẩn Vương
닌자의 왕

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SZJ Scans
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v.14 c.70 by Izanagi over 12 years ago
v.14 c.69 by Izanagi over 12 years ago
c.67-68 by Twinscans over 12 years ago
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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 7, Chap 38

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Nabari no Ou by Alaena Night
Nabari no Ou by Akari

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GFantasy (Square Enix)

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Yen Press (14 Vols - Complete)

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by Heroofcrying
March 14th, 2016, 5:42pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
loved it to the point it made me cry .. i am so glad i found this manga by chance and i would recommend this manga to everyone to read as it worth and by the way i prefer the manga version than the anime one ... it explains more about each character past and its not confusing like the anime...
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More than just an action manga  
by animeangelgrl
January 23rd, 2014, 7:54pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Although I was initially drawn in by the action aspect and the nice art, I stayed for the characters. Despite what it presents itself as in the beginning, it is really heartfelt and the most appealing aspect is the formation of relationships. As they are made, broken and reformed throughout the manga I saw character growth and the satisfaction from seeing the characters I loved mature throughout the series was overwhelming. The strength of the relationship between Yoite and Miharu as well as Miharu's emotional fortitude especially during the last few chapters made up for all the faults throughout.

Kamatani-sensei may not be able to promise you the happiest ending you want for your favourite character or a conclusion that nicely ties up all the strings that were unravelled but she is able to bring about a depth that makes you feel like it was all worth it. After I cried it out a few times I realized that the open ending attribute to the manga only breeds hope for the future of the beloved characters of Nabari no Ou.
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Lacked Something  
by P_O_C_K_Y
May 14th, 2013, 6:51pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Wasn't terrible, but not one of those mangas I'll revisit. Maybe it's because I couldn't get attached to any characters, maybe it's because people hyped it up too much, maybe it's because someone spoiled it for me and told me how it ended *rage*, but I guess I enjoyed it.

Mixed feelings definitely, but it's okay for a first read.
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One of my favorites  
by R.S.
August 17th, 2012, 5:53pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
This series is amazing. Since I have never read a series that involved ninjas before, so I was hesitant at first. I found out about this series due to an amv that someone had created on Youtube that displayed the anime version. It took me months before I finally watched the anime because I was afraid that I would feel I was wasting my time watching a shounen series, since I usually only watch or read shoujo. The artwork that was displayed through the amy really drew in my attention until I just gave in and watched the series.

After I watched it, I had to read the manga to find out more. At first, the drawings may catch you off guard, since Kamatani Yuhki has an interesting art style, but I eventually found it to be strangely moving. The plot is complex and the deeper meaning in the story seems to be thoughtfully calculated and inspiring. Often you find in manga series that the author tries to make the situations they are portraying more dramatic then necessary, but this did not stand true for this series. The series has just the right amount of seriousness to faithfully portray a true understand of the meaning that is try to get across to the reader. Sure, the comic relieve could be a little better, but the characters' complex personalities are better understood due to all the effort that goes into explaining their thoughts and actions.

Do not pass up this series because you are afraid it will not have enough shoujo or romance for your liking. The deep relationships, mainly Miharu and Yoite's, make up for it. Once you get past the first few chapters, the plot will become more intruiging, and who knows? You might find yourself buying your first manga series because you love it so much (just like me!) I hope this helped someone on the fence to take the chance and read this awesome story.
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Nice one!! Except one part.  
by izzatur
November 30th, 2011, 1:01pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
This manga totally resembles ninjas in this modern era. The complicated settings are all perfectly planned. A bunch of mystery that you would like to know. Its appearance of blended dark-gloomy situation and hilarious humor would kinda flabbergast you. EVERY single character in this manga has their own secrets that we could hardly guess. NEVERTHELESS,

One thing I hate in this manga is that there are some kind of distinction ways of action and shonen-ai. That successfully annoyed me. I mean like, in this serious, fabulous action, dark mystery manga, there are boy-loves-boy elements. I don't see any further development of this wrong "love" but it doesn't explain relationship between the two characters. I would have understood their kind of love if they're brothers but this one is kinda.... unrealistic, and whenever I see some kind of shonen-ai scenes in this manga I feel like puking some craps. But the scenes when they are in the battles are awesomely drawn!! I feel their faith to protect each other smile
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I agree....  
by catandmouse
August 16th, 2011, 4:59pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
I agree with the people that have said that the beginning was slow; It was, but somehow that just makes me want to know more, and it starts picking up as the series progresses.
As for the people that say the characters lack depth, I liked the fact that they all came in w/ their personalities established and I particularly enjoy Raimei's character, she's so spunky.
It may seem like relationships build out of thin air, but that's how some relationships start out even in real life and sometimes they make no sense to others either.
This is not a fast paced story, but it does have the right amount of drama, friendships, romance and action.
The first couple of chapters might be boring, but the intrigues keep piling up later on....
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i want to read this!!  
by xxpupexx
August 5th, 2011, 1:22pm
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
I love Nabari no Ou Anime is TOTALLY GREAT!!!!! but i have no idea about the manga. I want give it a try and read the manga too but you know as for someone who read the manga first then watch the anime or the other way around you Watch the anime first and then read the manga somehow it would probably shatter the image of what you already had in you mind of the anime and manga are too different . Anyway, if i gets really bore who knows maybe i will go to the bookstore and buy this manga serie and give it a try ^^

so based on the way the mangaka created the plots and how the story goes (as how it is adapted to anime) i will give it an 8 for now ^^

but for the anime i will give it a nine!! (i actually wanna give it a 10 XD i remember how I was so INTO the anime)

somehow if i happen to finish the manga i will come back and chnge my rate again alright ^^

... Last updated on August 5th, 2011, 1:24pm
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Naruto? It's Like Stephen King Says  
by dragon695
June 29th, 2011, 8:41am
Rating: N/A
When asked about an incident where another famous horror writer was accused of ripping off his ideas, Stephen King simply brushed it off. He said that he had no problem with someone creating a story with similar themes and ideas. He compared it to having an apple and a pear—both equally delicious, sweet, and juicy, yet distinct in their flavor and composition. It is true that Kamatani, the mangaka, is a huge Naruto fan-girl and looks up to Kishimoto as a role model. However, her work isn't meant to copy nor is meant to compete with Naruto. Nabari is paying tribute to Kishimoto and Kawajiri (Ninja Scroll) in the same manner that Naruto pays tribute to Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). This is a very common aspect of Japanese culture, since those who come after always want to respect those who have come before. I think those who are comparing Naruto and Nabari and those who insist that there are no similarities ought to keep this in mind. They are similar in themes and ideas, but also are quite distinct. They both have their strong and weak points. So why should we sit here and say one is necessarily better than the other? As a fan of both Naruto and Nabari, I certainly won't. What I think is helpful is to compare and contrast the two series.

I think that anyone who likes Naruto will most likely enjoy Nabari. The mysterious inner demons, unique style of shinobi, interesting adventures, twists, crazy sensei, and tragic back-stories will undoubtedly be familiar. Yet, the abundance of differences that you find in the world of Nabari will pique your interest and keep you hooked. The settings in which the stories take place are quite different. In Naruto, you have an alternate world with what seems like a weird mix of Edo-period, Meiji-period, and present day settings and technologies, most of which give it a more historic than modern flavor. However, Nabari is firmly set in present-day Japanese society, with all its conveniences and conventions. In Naruto, you don't see things like automobiles and firearms, but these are as fundamental to the world of Nabari as shuriken and kunai. I believe it must have been a real challenge to do this, especially when ninja and samurai are obsolete in a modern world of highly skilled snipers and mercenaries. However, Nabari manages to pull it off and the result is a complex setting that is both interesting and eminently believable, despite the occasional over-the-top incidents (ninjutsu presentation at a science fair?!?).

The main character of Nabari, Miharu, has a very different personality from that of Naruto. Ah, how to say, the word apathetic does not do it justice. Rather than merely being “window dressing,” Miharu's reluctance seems to be more of a way to defend himself from further hurt caused by emotional attachment. The indifference is nothing more than a façade; the reality is that he cares more than he lets on. In fact, despite the shell Miharu erects around himself, he comes to have a core set of “important” people whom he is willing to go to great lengths to protect. He also finds himself inextricably linked to one character particular, Yoite, who he wants desperately, above anything else, to save from the darkness and self-destruction. It may seem that he is similar to Naruto because of these latter aspects, but, unlike Naruto, he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. They both share tragic, parent-less pasts due to their inner demons, but Miharu receives far more support earlier on while Naruto is left to on his own. I think this key difference reflects an important theme shared between the series. The kanji for “nin” in the word “ninja” has the main meanings “endure” or “bear.” It is because Miharu has the support early on that he strives not to burden others with his problems. Miharu's quiet and reserved way of enduring is just as compelling as Naruto's, but connects the reader to Miharu in an entirely different way. Miharu is quite perceptive and is anything but naïve, thus his approach to problems stands in stark contrast to Naruto's more emotional and direct approach. Also, Kamatani really likes to use Miharu's harmless emotional manipulation as a source of comic relief. Sometimes this can be quite distracting and over-the-top, but it is a trait that also makes Miharu likeable in his own way. Like others have said, the intensity of some of his true feelings really is borderline shounen-ai. In many ways, the Miharu/Yoite relationship mirrors that of Naruto/Sasuke, but in many ways it does not. This is mostly due to the fact that Yoite lacks the same inferiority complex and is far more consigned to what he feels is his own self-destruction. Also of importance is the fact that Yoite is introduced from the start as a serious enemy of Miharu, so the amount of time they actually spend together is quite brief. Yet, in spite of this, strong bonds and connections are built. As for the other supporting characters, their development and stories are also compelling. You have the foreign teacher, Thobari, whose connection with Miharu is quite complex. His eccentricity is sometimes interesting, but at other times it is just stupid. Also, there is female samurai, Shimizu, whose tragic past—involving her older brother's murderous betrayal of the clan—seems to mirror that of Sasuke from Naruto. Yet, she could not possibly be more different. She is headstrong, hot-blooded, emotional, and even quite noisy at times. She seems quite set on taking revenge on her brother at all costs, which is not unlike the primary motives of Sasuke. Usually, I simply detest bimbetts and moes, but there is something about Shimizu that makes her quite likable. Shimizu's brother is also interesting, but seems quite similar to Itachi from Naruto when you learn more of his past.

The art is decent, though the super deformation gets annoying at times. As for action, there is enough to keep to series interesting, but clearly it does not play as much of a role as it does in Naruto. The slice-of-life theme tends to get more face-time in this series. Also, contrary to what some have said, the characters still call out their techniques, so you can expect that along with technique explanations during battle. The story tends to get somewhat stuck at times, but I feel that could be due to the poor quality of some of the scans as well as the disjoint manner in which they are released. Nonetheless, you can still expect an emotional roller coaster, as there are times where you really feel your heart being tugged at. If there is any negative aspects, it is that important details are not explained thoroughly and end up falling through the cracks while trivial ones are sometimes given too much weight. Unlike Naruto, it was planned to be a short series, so perhaps the level of detail was restricted by necessity. I think the are both good and bad aspects to being a planned short series with a definitive end. I do not agree that being a short series necessarily makes it superior to the longer, open-ended series. Still, I definitely think that is one of the better manga out there and well worth the time I invested into reading it.
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by Charis
April 23rd, 2011, 12:26pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
One of the best mangas i've read in a while. I really liked everything about it - from start to finish. The art was great, characters were just adorable, and nothing really annoyed me about it, other than the slight wonders of whether if it might be BL, or not. lol.
But yeah, the plot was definitely good and its different compared to other mangas. I mean, there's a good balance of everything in this manga and in every chapter - the fights and the recaps of memories, they don't even go past 2 chapters.
The author really kept the story at a simple flow with complex plots and made it enjoyable.
It might be similar to Naruto, but that's only if you've been a Naruto fan for a while, you'd definitely compare it. I mean, I read this I think probably 3-4 years ago, but I've been meaning to read it recently because I really liked it then. Now that I have, and I have stopped reading naruto for a while too, I think this series is really worth the read, because compared to Naruto, Nabari has a good length to it and I reckon the main character is soo much better.
I know it's not possible. But you know how sometimes when you just want to be able to read a manga that won't prolong for so long to disappoint you towards the middle, or it just drag the story on forever and ever and ever...Well it doesn't have any of that here, and I'd say, for those who are definitely looking for a manga that is a story and not a super long adventure I recommend it.

Though I must say, I was pretty suspicious of whether the author planned the ending or it was just a rush decision. : / but it was a great read. Maybe if I had to say something bad about it, would be the abilities that every character has, the author didn't go into it alot.

... Last updated on April 23rd, 2011, 12:28pm
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WARNING: This isn't one for action-lovers.  
by Alaena Night
March 27th, 2010, 8:17pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
The first time I saw this series was when I randomly downloaded chapter 47 and looked at the RAW Japanese scans. The art was beautiful, and even though I couldn't understand much, the emotion of the series was strong in every line on every single page. Because of that, I began reading from the very beginning. The art has evolved a lot since the first chapter, but the story, in essence, is about similar people making emotional connections.

There's a certain element of mystery and enough action and plot development to keep the story rolling, but at its base, Nabari is about the characters. When we begin reading, Miharu is a boy who has willfully closed off all of his emotions. He refuses to feel.

However, as the story moves forward, he begins to develop as a character. This evolution is subtle and beautiful to watch. The characters are ever-evolving. Every single one has motivations that are gently revealed throughout the course of the story. However, this isn't a series for shounen-lovers. There isn't much in the way of truly epic battles. Said battles do not take up chapters upon chapters filled to the brim with characters yelling the names of their techniques.

Instead, the story moves along at its own pace, driven by character and emotion. Kamatani Yuki's art speaks volumes to people who take the time to look at it. The characters live and die and laugh and cry so that it breaks your heart to read it. (If you doubt me at all, read chapter 51.)

The characters are all interesting and different. The plot is top-notch. If things move along slowly and clunkily to begin with, I think it's probably because the lead character was precisely the same way. If you read this and take the time to traverse the story with its interesting and developed cast, I doubt you'll come away from it unaffected.

I'd recommend this to anyone.
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