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Associated Names
Lubuk Pusar (Malay)
Spiral (ITOU Junji)
Spirala (Polish)
Spirale (French)
The Spiral
Uzumaki - Spirala užasa (Serbian)
Uzumaki - Spirale (Italian)

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v.3 c.18-20 (end) by Manga-Sketchbook over 15 years ago
v.3 c.15-17 by Manga-Sketchbook over 15 years ago
v.3 c.14 by Manga-Sketchbook over 15 years ago
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May 21st 2022, 6:37am



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Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan)

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Viz (3 Volumes - Complete; 3-in-1 Deluxe Edition - Complete)

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Starts off promising but ends up being just okay  
by cowflu
May 31st, 2021, 5:27am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
I was pretty into this at the start. Kirie's boyfriend was like "this town is wrong, we need to leave," Kirie wasn't seeing it, things start getting weird. But eventually you gotta ask... why isn't Kirie leaving? Sure, we can imagine multiple reasons (she's just a highschooler; her parents want to stay; she's already infected by the spirals) but the issue is never actually addressed. Guess it's just because she's a horror protagonist. Like, how many times do you need to see people get mutated and/or die before you pack your bags, grab your little brother, and forge a new life in Midoriyama? Maybe I'd be more into it if the story took place over 30 years or there were multiple protagonists who individually never reached a critical mass of weird until it was too late. Maybe it's just because the manga is over 20 years old so I'm more used to works inspired by things like this who had to change things up. I suppose I, like Kirie, will just not worry about.
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Its ok. I expected better  
by Shellshock
May 28th, 2021, 7:23am
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
The manga is about the characters of a city getting obssessed and taken over by spirals. And it starts small, take over one person at a time and then keeps cranking that shit up till it gets sadistic. The manga is about about a city being enveloped by spirals.

The story follows our FMC with her boyfriend the MMC. We basically follow these 2 characters throughout the movie. The MMC actually notices the oddities with the spirals and tries the FMC but she doesn't listen even after witnessing a lot of crazy shit. Why you ask? So the manga can happen of course.

So basically overtime lots of nasty crazy shit happens throughout the manga. Characters get in fucky situations that seemingly have no way of getting out off. And this shit is constant throughout the entire series.

The thing is i did enjoy *some* parts of the manga but most of it was pretty mundane. In terms of horror.

The series is considered horror but calling it disgusting is probably a more apt description of the series. Lots of nasty shit happens in this series. Characters turning into horns, characters turning into snails. I mean it sounds not that bad but its pretty gross and a lot of it is because Junji ito has a very insane imagination.

Dude can think of some wacky ass shit its impressive.

With that being said i am kinda disappointed in Uzumaki. I thought it would be terrifying but arguable the most terrifying part about this series is the ending. Some of the implied shit is scarier than most of the *horrifying* parts about the series.

The thing is Gross stuff is not scary. Its just gross. It doesn't make me stay awake at night it makes me gag. If that was intended intention than good job. I am now less interested in reading more of Junji Ito's works.

It's kind of my own fault really. I sort of built up Junji Ito as the guy for horror. He is practically the face of horror at least in the west. Even as a non horror I know of the guy. But after actually reading his works. They really don't hold up to anything. IF you are the type that enjoys you nasty ass shit like Human Centipede or whatever than this is probably more your speed. But if you are looking for something actually frightening this is not it.

Some of the stories also just end. There is no flow to the next episodic series. What happens after this incredibly big event? Who cares move on. Contining the story from the last chapter would require structure having, to put actual effort in writing. And who's got time for that?

Considering a lot of the horror parts are just shock value maybe reading them back to back is a bad idea. If you are a Junji ito fan i recommend more like 1 chapter at time to bring back to his fucked up imagination after reading a very nice SOL series.

TLDR: Its ok. I expected better. 5/10

... Last updated on May 28th, 2021, 7:23am
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True Horror  
by YuriTachikawa
August 26th, 2020, 1:39am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
If you're looking for a story, this is not for you, it doesn't have any conclusion or reason. It's more about the happenings and the unsettling feeling that is supposed to be invoked. You should be warned though, after reading this you will feel drained, I can't really explain it, but as the journey progresses you can really feel how the protagonists lose hope. The way it is objectively narrated adds to this feeling. The pacing is a bit slow in the middle but gets better to the end.
I love his art, I think we can all agree that his drawings give this eerie vibe that draws you in (not necessarily because of the spirals). When I say 'true horror' I mean that there is more than jump scares or gore and Junji Ito proves that, I've walked past a *colorful* drawing of a spiral, months after I've read Uzumaki (and wasn't aware of this manga anymore), and felt this unsettling dread spread through my whole body.

... Last updated on August 26th, 2020, 1:48am
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A Good Classic Horror Story  
by falconmaster3000
May 19th, 2020, 8:13pm
Rating: 8.5  / 10.0
It's very charming and macabre. Sort of reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe in a weird way. It's not without flaws, but it's a fun read. I liked it a lot. Although it doesn't particularly stand out, it's good and short as long as you can suspend your disbelief enough and not over-analyze or critique characters' actions.

You will enjoy it more if you view the telling the story of the town with the main characters being devices to convey that story, rather than the story of people. This is probably intentional and very post-modern. A person has little agency in what happens to them; the events of life (and particularly the town and the spirals) just happen beyond anyone's control.
Overall, the artwork is memorable and the work is well-crafted. You will enjoy it

... Last updated on May 19th, 2020, 8:28pm
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It's like the entire room liquefied... and those burnt bodies... NO!!  
by StoneLuigi
April 11th, 2020, 8:40pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Perfect horror series. Bleak, bittersweet, funny and bizarre.

As expected, Junji Ito's preposterous ideas are executed with chilling verve. Nobody else could've approached this concept with the solemnity, humor, and inventiveness it deserved. Don't fail to check it out!
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by Acradnxy
November 10th, 2019, 1:34am
Rating: N/A
I read this because of my friend who told me that I should read or watch Uzumaki aka Spiral from Junji Ito since I'm a horror lover. I tried it, but the first thing that made me felt ugh... was the art. I don't really like the art, but OK, if the story is still great, I'll keep push forward.

The story is rather slow in the beginning, I was trying to see why my friend told me this is a scary story, but it failed to amuse me. The people in that village are such no brainer, they are either obsessed or scared with the spiral-y thing and I find it so absurd. They chose to live in that weird village despite, well, being WEIRD enough after so many accident happened. Well, maybe it's because of the spiral curse? I don't know, but I still read it till the end which left me very unsatisfying.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
All of them become the "SPIRAL" to end the curse and the new village will be born and the spiral curse will once again emerged.

The story is not really bad, I mean spiral is a never ending circling line, but what I love from horror and mystery story is the conclusion. I want to know why the curse was there? How did it happen? How to solve it? Not just like: the curse is there since the beginning of the creation of earth. NO!! I won't accept this as a conclusion. And I don't see Ito-sensei doing some conclusion about the curse. It's like it just there to begin with.

Despite my love for horror, I'm not into body gore, but this mangaka loves body gore. It's OK, nothing is wrong, maybe this manga is not my cup of a tea. I do like his Souichi series and other of his short story. But I wish Ito-sensei so some conclusion on why the things were created, and not because "I want that kind of creature to be in my story."

I bet some people don't mind, but for me... well, I want it to be solved.
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I just can't buy into this.  
by Catfisharbiter
March 29th, 2019, 7:05pm
Rating: N/A
The first 2 chapters despite being over the top in resolution are somewhat reasonable. However pretty much everything that happens afterwords is valid reason to just leave the town however the one character that suggest it is considered crazy. It would have been better if the author justified a reason they couldn't leave.
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from r/manga  
by r/mangaReviews
February 8th, 2019, 5:44pm
Rating: N/A
>Cpt_Jumper (Known status:Completed)
"Was weird but I thoroughly enjoyed it."

... Last updated on February 8th, 2019, 5:44pm
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Hate spirals now....  
by sinxer
November 5th, 2018, 12:27am
Rating: N/A
Overall more creepy than scary and that actually worked for me, the few things that didn't where glosses over with the creepiness.
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Maybe it isn't perfect, but I enjoyed it and I would recommend it.  
by ForeignerChan
April 3rd, 2018, 2:00pm
Rating: N/A
The title says it all. I liked this manga for a lot of reasons: the subject is original, the story is engaging, the characters are likeable and credible, the art is very nice.

Actually, the only "flaw" I could find is the fact the manga seems to be spit in two: the first part is episodic (it talks about several odd events that don't seem to be connected except for the fact that they all involve a spiral), while the second part starts focusing more on the main plot. But after finishing reading the manga, I realized that the first part was meant to explain how it all began, case by case. So that wasn't a flaw at all.
Then maybe the fact that the story doesn't have a moral? At least, if there was, I couldn't find it. That could be a flaw. But to be honest, even without a moral, I enjoyed the reading.

As most of the reviewers wrote, I wouldn't recommend it to someone who is looking for a real horror manga, but if you are into odd stories, this manga is the right one. Also, this is more of a light reading, so don't expect too much.

... Last updated on April 3rd, 2018, 2:05pm
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