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Maga Tsuki  
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From Kodansha USA:
Yasuke, 15 years old, is about to build up the courage to confess his love to his childhood friend Akari, who's fallen for him, too. There's just one problem: Yasuke's family lives in a Japanese shrine, and when he breaks the shrine's sacred mirror, it triggers a curse, releasing the cute and well-endowed goddess of misfortune, Orihime, into the real world! Now Yasuke can't ever be out of Orihime's sight—if he gets too far away, he dies, and can only be brought back to life with a quick kiss from Orihime!

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Good and enjoyable  
by Seregosa
August 16th, 2017, 5:02pm
Rating: 6.0 / 10.0
I liked this one. It's absolutely not something that special, but I actually enjoyed reading it without getting bored like I do with most of the generic crap out there today. It was amusing and interesting enough to keep me sitting through it. It's totally worth reading once. Remember that the story is nothing special just like most other romcoms, you read it for the comedy and light-hearted mood and perhaps because of some of the fan-service as well.

There's only a few thing that really bothered me and that ruined a lot of it for me, which brought it down from an 7-8 in grade to a 6, and the first thing is the the childhood friend and some parts of the mcs personality. First of all, I don't think a childhood friend is a good idea in a harem manga/novel/anime, at least not if the mc is in love with her. Not to mention that she's the generic/stereotypical childhood friend that we see everywhere, the abusive and possessive type that wants to control the mc, hits him when he does something, seems to believe that she's entitled to be the only truly special one and who is also a tsundere that can't show her feelings properly. To top it off, the mc loves her from the beginning and throughout most of it all, he keeps on trying to show that only she is the "special one".

I mean, it's a harem manga. Why should one girl have a big leap ahead of everyone else, especially with such a crappy personality? The reader can't relate or immerse themselves because we DON'T KNOW their background or what has happened, we never got to see it build up, even if it's very easy for the author to say that it's natural since they're childhood friends, how can the readers agree? We all choose our favorite girls depending on their interactions and time spent together, but she's a cheat character that got first spot because of a non-existent backstory(to the reader) and there's no competition for that "main wife" spot that we usually see, and that cheat character are also one of the most unlikable stereotypes available. So, later on they pretty much all accept the polygamy situation, but she still wants him to love only her and the mc himself just seems to be with the other girls because he likes them, not loves. To make matters worse, the childhood friend had a lot of drama before they all accepted it and she was the only one that was actually really against polygamy and tried setting up some rivalry bullshit and brought down the story as a whole. The author also loves to keep rubbing it in at every opportunity he gets, how the mc loves her the most and shit like that, the readers understood it the first time, no need to keep saying the same thing just to make us remember it, just when I put my mind off it and get properly immersed into the story after becoming annoyed, the author does it again and annoys me once more, completely screwing up my enjoyment, I should really drop my rating to a 5 just because of that, but I won't out of respect for the rest of the story that I really liked.

So yeah, I freaking hate the childhood friend character and the author made a piss-poor decision in her, probably because a lot of japanese authors seems to love it when the female has the pants and abuses/tries to control the mc, so I guess that crap is just his preference(we know they're closet masochists, it's not really a huge secret since they show it off all the time). Because of all this, I will need to read a chinese novel or two to get this bad taste out of my mouth, I'm getting fed up with all these pussies they call main characters. It'd be great if people could stop using the mcs as pavements to walk all over and stomp on while they can't fight back.

This manga is totally worth a read, but you might want to skim through the chapters with all the drama concerning the childhood friend and ignore the mcs thoughts about only truly loving her that he kept up all the way through. Fuck, you don't go around having a harem if you can't even love the others in a romantic way, I get that one is a bit special amongst all of them, the so-called "main wife", but if it's a harem the mc needs to also properly love the others(before accepting them as lovers/wives), even if it's not to the same extent. We were made very aware of the fact that he only truly loved one of them even at the very end at the wedding.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Oh, and the ending itself was HORRIBLE. It's was a "happy" ending, but we still get to know that he only truly loves the childhood friend human. It felt as if the author got sick of the story or just got axed and hurried through it all. The last few chapters we all of a sudden, OUT OF FCKING NOWHERE, get to know that damn, all the goddesses needs to go back to heaven for a good long time(no hints WHATSOEVER throughout the entire manga, NONE, it's not even mentioned that she can't skip work or anything else, the author clearly just pulled it out of his ass). So, then the human childhood friend that the mc favors is left alone with him for perhaps a good few years and nothing really happens. We get time skip after time skip rapidly all the way to university with a lot of big life choices skimmed over in a sentence or two, we're left wondering what the heck is happening but we do know that the author is trying to show off the McXChildhoodFriend pairing. Then there's this weird out-of-the-blue re-confession and then the three goddesses just pop right out of thin air to intervene and he asks only the childhood friend to marry him and all of them answer yes, even though the author made it clear that he meant the childhood friend, and then we skip to his wedding which we get a few pages of and then they just sleep together again(the author kept zoning off all the other characters and really giving some serious spotlight to only the childhood friend even through it's a harem manga) and BOOM, manga over. It was a somewhat "happy" ending, but it was one of the worst I've seen. Pretty much a whole manga's worth of content was summarized in a few chapters. It also made me believe that the author regretted making a harem manga because all the other girls except for the childhood friend was treated like minor side characters at the end, they're there and their positions suggest that they're supposed to be as important as the childhood friend, but it's clear as day that they're not to the author who should never write a harem manga again because he suck at it even if he's good with comedy. Where can you find a screwed up harem manga that clearly aims for a multiple-wife scenario at the end yet everyone but one is just "liked a lot" and not "loved", even after he marries them? I feel really sorry for these girls, if you don't truly love them you should not marry them.

Oh, I am also sorely disappointed in the fact that he doesn't seem to become a god or something like that to keep his THREE goddess wives company later on, the worst thing that can happen in a romantic manga/novel/anime is when one die of old age and the wife/husband lives on. In Japan, there's millions of gods and that's also the setting of this manga. He even gained godly powers thrice, once he became a "temp" god instantly when entering heaven and twice did he become a god dealing with pervy stuff. It's clear as day that it's NOT impossible to become a god and two of his wives are clearly EXTREMELY high up while their father is the highest ranked god. It'd probably be simple to become a god and become a life form similar to the majority of his wives, but this possibility is NEVER mentioned and we don't get any hint that he might become one later. WHY? If you have THREE goddess wives to whom a human lifespan is but a short time, then you're fcking obligated to become a god if that's a possibility. Instead he chose to become some crappy priest to let them come and go whenever they want or something vague like that, probably because the author has hots for the childhoodfriendXmc relationship, humanXhuman. I wonder why he couldn't just let all of them turn into gods, it'd make more sense than this crappy ending.

Sigh, this was a long rant. If you read all of this, congratulations for managing, haha. I tend to get out of control when I am annoyed with something. Do remember that although I went into great detail about what I disliked or hated, I did find it enjoyable and a good read. I find that the negative parts are actually the parts you'd want to read the most when you look at reviews, because you want to see if the things the reviewers found negative is also something you personally can't stand and therefore decide on whether or not to read it. There's always plenty of people writing positive stuff, so I usually don't go into great detail about that.

... Last updated on August 16th, 2017, 8:10pm
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Competant for What It Is  
by efendi11
May 14th, 2017, 9:56pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
It's well-drawn and for an ecchi harem love comedy manga, it does exactly what you'd expect. It manages to stay, if not fresh, at least not overly repetitive in its fanservice and innuendo considering the limitations of shounen manga.

That being said, the MC is hard to really like. There are some harem stories where you actually appreciate that the guy is a decent person who's helpful, empathetic, and considerate - the kind of "boyfriend goal" guy about whom you could say 'yeah, this guy actually justifies all the attention women give him'. In some ways Yasuke is a deviation from that overworked 'nice guy' shounen MC trope, but I think it's the wrong kind of deviation.

Yasuke doesn't really have any redeeming qualities. He has no skills and hes's not particularly thoughtful. He's constantly misunderstanding women's feelings, hurting them with his actions, and really all he does proactively is seek out ways to peek on them.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
In fact, his perverted nature is the only thing that's really said about him - the girls don't give any real indication of what they see in him otherwise.

Yet they always forgive him, he never really learns anything, and his complete incompetence somehow remains endearing as he's constantly doted on.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He ends up in the harem 'dream scenario' without really putting in any work whatsoever or growing up at all.

So it gets an 8 because it's not too bad, it's not rushed, and it's well-drawn and executed and, besides the shallowness of the characters, the writing is okay.
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Very funny  
by TheIro
September 27th, 2016, 11:19pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This is a surprising hidden gem of a rom com manga. It's just choked with so many laugh out loud moments. The writing on these scenarios is simply genius. If you are a fan of absurdist humour then this is for you.

The characters are fun, sweet and have lovable distinct personalities. I also like how females in the story aren't serial domestic violence offenders as is typical in the genre. I mean if you love a person how could you send them to the hospital for every little silly gaf? That never made sense to me.

Anyway this manga is top notch, and imo much better than more mainstream titles like To Love-Ru. I would rate this alongside some of my favs in the genre like Oretama and Prison School.

If you're looking for a good comedy manga then definitely check this out.
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Decent Harem Comedy  
by zeidrich
December 31st, 2015, 1:04am
Rating: 9.0 / 10.0
The harem girls get along while trying to make the MC fall in love with them. Very lighthearted.

The main girl is probably the childhood friend, although they are all quite innocent when it comes to romance. MC is indecisive, the hallmark of the genre, and is also actively trying to keep all the girls happy. A little better than other harems because the MC is not a total wuss, i.e. running away from perverted situations. The girls tend to slap him instead.

Jokes are actually funny instead of just uncomfortably embarassing with a few surprises that buck the trend. Recommended if you like the genre. Not recommended if you're looking for something original.

Very similar to To-Love-Ru where the MC harbors feelings for the main girl, but also gets into romantic situations with other girls with or without supernatural events. If you replace the sc-fi from To-Love-Ru with goddess powers and make the MC perverted, the plot is quite similar.

... Last updated on December 31st, 2015, 1:34am
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by Tmp341
July 27th, 2015, 8:54am
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
Despite being shounen, this is pretty funny though.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The main hero is one unlucky guy, a little pervert (who isn't around his age?), has an older sister who has mysterious connections almost everywhere around and much more...
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Pure harem  
by drunkguy
July 24th, 2015, 10:41pm
Rating: 8.0 / 10.0
This is a harem manga. Nothing more. Nothing less. The main guy is the mildly perverted type, slightly clumsy and not too bright. Expect a lot of fan service and frustrated people.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Since he can't let go of the girl who holds his soul and his soul bounces around a lot, he has to be accompanied by every girl in his harem 24/7. People see him as a dirty womanizer now and the girls tend to violently disapprove of his foolishness and wandering eyes.

The set up is fairly standard with the childhood friend vs magical girlfriend but it actually deviates from the norm in that it has developed into an open harem with all the main participants essentially looking to establish some sort of pecking order. This may very well be one of those uncommon harem stories that actually end in a true harem.
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good so far  
by Vayth
January 9th, 2014, 10:35pm
Rating: N/A
The "don't-let-me-go-or-else-you-die" thing reminds me of Double Arts, Nisekoi's author's previous work which I really like, yet unfortunately got axed. Not that it's a bad thing, though. Coincidence happened everywhere, and they're of different genres after all. And the whole rest are different.

About this manga itself, I really like it so far (currently ch 31). I like how the main character stays true to his love despite how many girls in his harem, unlike most other harem genre. The girls are aware of each other's feelings thanks to the moving soul. They're competing, yet they're still like a family. They got somewhat balance between fanservice and romance, and friendship.

But, just like Lightbrand's review, this manga simplify conflict's solution too much, thanks to the MC's sister. I believe it won't drag aimlessly too long since MC tries his hard to solve matters as soon as possible, and doesn't follow To-Love-Ru's step, which went forever and became purely fanservice+comedy without any feel of romance.
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Crown jewel of shameless harem  
by Lightbrand
July 5th, 2013, 10:22pm
Rating: 7.0 / 10.0
Once you read this, all other titles bearing the category of "harem" should pale in comparison.
To-Love-Ru used to be #1 on the list due to it having a main character with absolutely no flaws of his own other than being a nice guy which in turn garners him every girls' attention.

In this manga it's even worse, I'd say the guy is as much as a blank slate as Bella from Twilight. No punches are pulled in terms of harem cliches, guy gets abused for everything he does, the girls are all attached to him despite having no reason to (other than the established plot device), all the problems that comes with having multiple girls living under the same roof and goes to the same school as the guy are all glossed over by the walking Deus Ex Machina sister of the MC who can increase their house size at will, and instantly institute new students to a school...etc.

Every chapter involves the girls fighting over the MC and him doing nothing in the midst of all the artificial conflict.

At its current pace, this story can go on forever without any single plot progression. Or it can end the next chapter and nothing would be missed. That's the beauty of it I suppose.

... Last updated on July 5th, 2013, 10:23pm
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by Lightning Hiro
June 6th, 2013, 12:33am
Rating: N/A
Man, I just hope it won't turn out like To-Love-Ru. Rito has feelings for Haruna, they never end up together because they never confessed. (at least that's how I remembered it) Akari and...main character never confess, it ends in open ending.
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Guilty pleasure  
by juij
September 14th, 2012, 10:21am
Rating: 8.2 / 10.0
Yeah, this is harem in the most convenient and chepaest way. It's always so the male lead get's his share of skinship with the girls. Even so, i like it bigrazz
So is that kind of manga, if you don't like shameless harem male oriented just don't waste your time.
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