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Xian Ni (Novel)   
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Follow the journey of Wang Lin on his path to immortality and witness the events which made a naive child into a ruthless immortal.



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Xian Ni (Spin-Off)
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Renegade Immortal (Novel)
Tiên Nghịch

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Five Star Specialists
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Flower Bridge Too

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v.9 c.1279-1283 by Wuxiaworld over 5 years ago
v.9 c.1278 by Wuxiaworld over 5 years ago
c.586-587 by Five Star Specialists over 6 years ago
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13 Volumes - 2088 Chapters (Complete)

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January 19th 2020, 6:10pm



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My favorite Xianxia!  
by strixflash
May 20th, 2016, 6:59am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Xian Ni is my favorite xianxia series out there so this review would sound biased but believe me this series is really good! Definitely worth a read!

For the first time readers the starting 100-150 chapters might seem bad. I can understand that as those chapters focus on MC's transction from a naive child to a ruthless cultivator. Later on you realize the importance of those chapters when the series take a dark tone. The starting chapters are light hearted and yet tell the dark side of world.

At start MC is hesitant to kill even after learning that the world follows the law of jungle. Er Gen smartly wrote the transction between a naive child to a ruthless cultivator. You could actually feel the hesitancy MC shows as he steps on the dark side. Later on he becomes totally ruthless but the starting of series provide the reasons.

The cultivation levels are impressive as well. Unlike other novels cultivation levels in Xian Ni are unique. Each cultivation level give different powers. Cultivation isn't as easy as storing massive amount of energy/qi to power-up. You have to sever your spirit, transform soul, seek Dao, etc...

The best part is that author doesn’t waste many chapters on training after the first 200 chapters! Other xianxia are of 60% training but Xian Ni is full of adventures! Those adventures are unique and author gives strong foreshadowing of future troubles.

Some would say that it's a revenge story. Believe me this is not the usual stupid revenge tale. Xian Ni is 2K+ chapters but the revenge part hardly last for 100 chapters and even im those chapters more than 50% of them are focused on adventures. In other tales you always root for MC but in Xian Ni you would actually feel sad for the bad guys. The revenge arc was full of bittersweet moments. Really impressive.

Er Gen is a genius when it comes to creating unique abilities. Wang Lin's fights never bore you. The best part is that author doesn’t waste chapters for character shilling unlike other popular novels.

World building is impressive as well. There are different types of cultivators and there are many planets. Even the current planet in which Wang Lin is residing in is full of mystery. There are star systems which would be explored in future chapters.

The most unique part of the series is that Wang Lin's life is full of tragedy unlike other xianxia. Sure MC is lucky in cultivation but he's hardly happy. The storyline is grim and even the death of minor characters would make you sad.

You should definitely give this series its well deserved chance. Believe me this is the most unique xianxia out there.
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Seclusion for cultivation should be a new genre  
by MondoX
February 25th, 2016, 12:04am
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
It could have been better if not for the fact that the author introduces several characters that are irrelevant to the progression of the story or are not heard from again. Also, with a couple of time skips one after another, the love and enmity the MC has for other characters loses its luster. The story so far seems to be focused on seclusion for training.
Also, like someone mentioned before, the MC is told by one of his elders in his sect to sever families ties to make a breakthrough to the next level. The MC did not want to sever his ties with his family, but spends several years in seclusion to cultivate. Then, after once again seeing his parents he leaves them and mentions to himself that he might not see them again because he will be training.
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by nanner
October 16th, 2015, 9:32pm
Rating: N/A
i'm not sure why people think the story is confusing.
the author is trying to look at the darker side of cultivation in this series and a lot of really bad things happen either to or because of the mc. the tone of the story is both darker than the usual xianxai and harsher.
the mc is fairly likable at the beginning until the old man comes into the story. then he starts listening to the literal devil on his shoulder and he becomes suspicious of everyone and isolated.
i keep really wanting to like the mc, but then he does something horrible again and i just don't. the writer is good enough to make me want to like him, despite his flaws, but not good enough to make it actually happen.
i like this story but overall i prefer the writers other work, i shall seal the heavens, which has more humor and a much more likable mc. still, i'll probably stick it out either until the end, or until void gets tired of translating, whichever comes first.
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Amazing, !!!!  
by alvalon
October 15th, 2015, 10:43am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
after reading a chapter from the beginning to 2088
This character is very OP, only when the initial chapter is very weak and boring but once in chapter 250 ++ to be interesting and also filled with murder.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The mc very cold and strong, he became strong from time to time, and every time he goes there must be a riot or massacre.

and also I like the genre romancenya despite her love story filled with twists and turns and tragedy, but after reading through, I'm very satisfied because this story a happy ending..

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The mc very pure adventure 3000 years he lived alone, but in the ending mc have three wives and three bodies each body has its own pair. the crazy cut no harem genre but in the end have 3 wives ...???

I do not there are many important word because I like this story!! hehehe
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Shallow Character Design and Poor Plot Development  
by Twilight Reverie
August 8th, 2015, 1:08pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
I thought reading the first hundred chapters of this story before commenting would be fair. After doing so I regret starting in the first place.

The MC's motivations are incoherent. At first he wants to be a carpenter, the seeks the path of an Immortal at his parents' urging. He accepts that he will have difficulty training because he refuses to sever the ties with his parents, despite his Masters telling him that he must. He then visits his parents once after five(?) years, and resolves to never see them again. He makes absolutely no friendships or bonds other than to benefit from brief associations with others, and he immediately discards those as soon as he feels the benefit is no longer worth the effort to maintain it. By the end of the first hundred chapters, there is nothing left to like about the MC.

The plot is a mess. The author seems unable to conclude an arc properly, simply launching into the next event without resolving what happened before. The entirety of the story is loose ends.

In short, I recommend staying far, far away from this story. There are far better examples of the genre available.
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Do not comment hastily on xianxia or wuxia...  
by silentnoise
August 2nd, 2015, 12:16am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
man initially I never thought this is gonna be good. unexpectedly this came out to be awesome.

Start of any wuxia or xianxia novel is alwys slow, so bear with it and then you will see it's real worth.
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Amazing - Revenge Revenge Revenge  
by WuxMan
July 27th, 2015, 6:59pm
Rating: 9.6  / 10.0
I will give this story some credit as I will agree that the plot seems nonexistent in the early chapters. It does not seem like there is anything related. Then suddenly everything starts to click into place. You understand why the "ghost" in the bead says he will turn him evil. There is such a strong revenge plot which turns into a blood feud between two families.

This is a rare treat and when I first started to read it. It was ok, good to pass some time and the possibility of some fight scenes. Then I could not stop reading. Chapter after chapter. This is not your typical MC who is smart and cunning as to only get his revenge when he knows victory is certain. Consumed by blind rage and hatred, he would willingly rush to death fighting stronger opponents if there was even a small chance of causing harm to the other party. Revenge filled blood lust.....gotta love that.

I would recommend everyone to give it a read. If you can get past the opening with less action you will have your action and fight scenes every chance there is.

WARNING: Translations have slowed down quite a bit. You will be looking at 2-3 per week at best. During breaks you may have a month without. Careful those of us who get addicted easily.
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wanted to love it but...  
by caeser
July 7th, 2015, 2:54pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Don't know why but even though i wanted to like this a lot the story is just all over the place and the explanation oh the explanations. I felt like i was forcing myself to keep reading. The battle parts were great but i feel like this novel could have been lost the 1500 chapters of boring explanations.

... Last updated on July 7th, 2015, 2:54pm
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Wow...It just keeps getting better.  
by IT0
June 13th, 2015, 7:12pm
Rating: N/A
I picked this up Friday and read 137 chapters over two days....I could hardly stop reading. The plot is all over the place, but it does focus on the MC, Wang Lin. Everything in this story is about him, and a very confusing class system. It helps that this is not my first Chinese web novel, and that I understand the author is basically making this up as he goes.

The story is about his growth and evolution as a martial art practitioner, but most of the martial arts are spiritual arts but this still has some great fight sequences.

If you like the genre, you might love the story, but if this is your first Chinese web novel, then take some notes and understand it runs on and on, it is not a short story.

More later after I write all the confusing class names down.

update 12/17/2016

OK up to 197 now and after reading a bunch of other campy Chinese web novels, I realized just how good this is. It is gritty, harsh, fast passed, violent, tragic, and a real thriller. The story gets less and less confusing and Wang Lin is a real super hero, who is out for revenge. The only thing I can compare this to is "I shall seal the heavens" which coincidentally is by the same author.

... Last updated on December 17th, 2015, 12:50pm
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It's very hard to understand  
by bakaleaf
June 3rd, 2015, 7:54pm
Rating: 1.1  / 10.0
This is one of those novel where mc is OP yet mc does not realize it

MC character is weird or hard to understand
Normally this kind of MC well be strong and focus on revenge but its the other way around
MC concentrate on learning and getting stronger which is hard to follow
The ranking of strength is rather mess up to the point you can no longer say who is weak who is strong.

To sum it up this novel is really confusing.. It suddenly jump yet there is no improvement what so ever.

The story itself has no direction no plot or what so ever, MC is just in a journey of getting stronger
his only companion was a spirit that is suppose to be really strong and study at the path of the devil
yet this so called master is useless and his only rule is making the mc turn into the path of evil.

There is no character interaction. he meet a character interact then forgotten.
Even the so called elite sect was misplace

The introduction is a little bit misleading

It should be like this
A certain lazy mc was consider a genius by his family was sent to be a saint by a certain sect.
But the mc failed the test and return to his clan.
The clan called mc and his family garbage trash what so ever but with all the insult our mc bear no grudge in the clan ( I really find it weird)
By chance the mc got into accident that gave him an excuse to be accepted in the sect.
In the sect he was again called garbage trash and was insulted almost everyday (again mc feel no hatred or want revenge)
Due from twist and turn mc suddenly got stronger without him realizing
He give face and save the sect but then later the sect got destroyed ( seriously what elite sect its was destroyed so easily like a paper)

Then MC went on into a journey with the guidance of an evil spirit who's only which for mc to take the devils path in order for the evil spirit to gain body.

I am really confuse there is no theme or path to follow
Its to deep yet its to shallow
I understand but fail to see a decent story from it.
I feel like reading a novel which only has one character on it since most of the story only tell of a lonely mc training/ The training part is also abnormal with a never ending explanation to the point that I no longer want to read them. Why can just the mc get stronger and make a period. Why must waste our time reading step by step how the mc got stronger. Its rather boring and not interesting.

Well if you have deep understanding of xianxia then this is good novel for you
as for me I am just jumping from chapters hoping to see a decent plot or flow of the story
So far the story goes like this
MC train to get stronger --- > fight stronger opponent then him then defeat it--->MC train to get stronger --- > thats it. No Drama no Adventure just train and fight.
Most of the chapters are wasted explaining various type of training.
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