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Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker - Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem   
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Konoe Yuuto was summoned to a different world where slave trading is legal. There, using his "Skill Taker" cheat ability, he steals the abilities of monsters he defeats, and starts building a slave harem while hoping to live a carefree life after retirement.


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Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker: Zero Kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem
Skill Taker's World Domination - Building a Slave Harem from Scratch
異世界支配のスキルテイカー ゼロから始める奴隷ハーレム
이세계 지배의 스킬테이커 ~제로에서 시작하는 이세계 하렘~

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v.17 c.135 (end) by Kredim 3 months ago
v.17 c.134 by Kredim 3 months ago
v.17 c.133 by Kredim 3 months ago
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March 21st 2024, 12:32pm



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Suiyoubi no Sirius (Kodansha)

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It WAAAAAS good  
by luffy4
May 3rd, 2023, 2:30pm
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
Then it wasted 40 chapters on MC's sister and her brother complex and ruined it. Now it just keeps dragging and I kinda just skim chapters.

... Last updated on May 29th, 2023, 2:02pm
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Another voice in the chorus.  
by ssbanks2000
November 7th, 2022, 1:40pm
Rating: 4.5  / 10.0
Came to say how this title was the hottest of hot garbage, but seems it's no secret.
Others have said what I would. I made it to chapter 33 and called it quits.
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Douchebag MC  
by donn72
February 1st, 2022, 3:24pm
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
If the MC was a real person, he'd be the biggest douchebag on the planet.
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Screentones Over Substance  
by Lost Rabbit
November 9th, 2019, 3:11pm
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
What more is there to even say about a series like this? If you've seen it once, you've seen it all before: Reincarnation or teleportation to a generic fantasy world, overpowered MC, harem of (slave) girls, stats and abilities based off your standard RPGs, cartoonishly evil bad guys that are completely forgetable, etc. Normally I'd say how it's no different from its contemporaries like Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu, Gunota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem o Tsukucchaimashita!?, and Kujibiki Tokushou Musou Harem-ken (which might as well be directly copying Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker). However, compared to the other series just like it, this might possibly be the worst art I've ever seen for an isekai manga to date.

Imagine, if you will, a very generic, big-budget action or adventure flick with a paper-thin story to follow, but a whole bunch of set pieces to keep audiences entertained. The movie starts out fairly standard like one would expect, yet after a while, it becomes hard to follow along with what's happening on screen. All the visuals blur together to become this bloated, cgi mess that's overcompensating for its clear lack of any actual substance. That very movie is essentially what this manga boils down to, except instead of cgi, the equivalent's an absurd amount of screentones cluttering each and every page. Some of the worst offenders include the same sparkle effects, ugly textures, flashes of bright white light, and "skill graphics" used often. Backgrounds never feel fully fleshed out, always looking incredibly blurry or vague. Worst of all, background characters and enemies appear as either solid white or solid black figures, making them feel completely non-existent to whatever scene they're a part of. It's one thing to draw them as incredibly generic, copy-paste models. It's another to not even draw them that all.

Art aside, the story is again what you'd expect from a typical wish-fulfillment isekai: OP main character fights forgettable baddies and acquires more girls to his harem, rinse repeat. The only difference between them is the constant need to have all of the female characters violently stripped of their clothes and nearly raped or violated, only for the MC to save them in the nick of time. And of course, after being saved from such horrific acts, they want to bang him right then and there. Normally you'd expect this type of thing to happen once or twice out of a series like this, yet this is somehow a common occurrence to get the girls to like him.

On the topic of fan service, another large chunk of it comes down to a character imagining a scenario involving tons of gratuitous sex, or the MC getting ready to have sex with another character, only to get cockblocked by jealous members in his harem. So rather than have sex, he instead resorts to using magical tentacles to avoid impregnation. The latter results in the girls forgetting what had just happened the night before, which seems like some kind of bad joke(?) about date rape. Though honestly, it's completely irrelevant and non-offensive compared to all the other bullshit taking place. The point is, if you're looking for some good fan service, you can do a lot better than this, especially when the MC being stuck as a virgin is treated as a running gag.
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Oh no, no thx.  
by PZcolo
January 14th, 2019, 4:33am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
After reading somethingwicked comment all that came to my mind was, "well with that name what do you expect", still thank you for that review, I can avoid reading and getting annoyed at this manga.
Also, the first phrase in the manga from a cute girl to the MC is page 1, ch 1 frame 1 is "please make me your slave", that is enough to know what's coming. Another disgusting writer who thinks that slavery is a funny thing to get women to do your bidding and "love" you, sick bastard's way of thinking.

... Last updated on September 15th, 2019, 10:19am
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unsatisfying idealization fantasy  
by somethingwicked
September 24th, 2018, 5:52pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
Sigh. And this WAS one of the better "Isekai" mangas. Or it seemed to be at first. But it is rapidly deteriorating into a simple wish fulfillment fantasy. (And it's getting squickier and squickier. Quite pointlessly too. It's now on the fence of being a full blown hentai.) The main character was an overpowered character from the get-go, in terms of fighting. That COULD be ok, if it was done well, and if the manga wasn't all about the fighting itself. And it wasn't done too badly. And the fighting itself was indeed irrelevant to it. But that's not the problem.

The problem is his harem. Damn, it's just falling in line with SUCH an idealistic situation now. It's just too perfect, and he faces no real adversity. He's like an UNIRONIC one-punch man who gets a harem. So about that. The main character's goal in this alternate universe he finds himself in was to build a harem of 100 girls. A lofty goal to be sure, but it could be done right, particularly if he soon comes to the realization that it wouldn't be as good as he imagined and ran against the underlying humanity of the first few girls and faced with the dilemma of not wanting to make them unhappy in the process of his quest by marginalizing them to being one of a crowd. One would think this would be an inevitable realization if he ACTUALLY liked them, so since he hasn't realized it, there's fundamentally a limit to how much he CAN like them, if he's willing to continue this quest, they inevitably HAVE to be mere possessions to him if he is to justify getting still more. And now he's made some headway, having 4 girls who now live with him, but he really should come to the realization at some point that there wouldn't be any point to going further than that... IF he really liked any of them. Because I guess he doesn't. It doesn't look like that's the way it's going though. And that's why it's ironically unsatisfying. It's trying so hard to satisfy the readers' desire, that it's unsatisfying.

Additionally, the girls are SUCH idealizations, they're SO perfect, they have amazing talent, AND they have INCREDIBLY bad self-esteem, they think he's SO out of their league and they're SO lucky to have him, and that makes them jealous of each other and all the more eager to please him in any way possible (so apparently they like him a lot more than he likes them, this is so one-sided), but it's just so absurd, especially the one who pathologically loves doing chores. I mean come on. How much of an ideal situation can you contrive? Oh and she's like this GENIUS at housework, she doesn't just like it, she's supernaturally good at it, she's like the Jesus of housework, being able to feed an army of people with like a loaf of bread as starting ingredients and to turn it into a massive feast with quality like at a 5 star restaurant.

And the attitudes of everyone are so weird. He saves a village from attackers and the village elder gives him as slaves the 2 adorable girls he had already taken a liking to, and the village elder (who is also a smoking hot girl) is so THANKFUL for him having the GRACIOUSNESS of taking her two townspeople on as his slaves, like he's taking on some incredible burden, as if he was doing a valuable service and not receiving something of enormous value instead. She was like 'wow, you'll take these 2 beautiful girls as your slaves for NOTHING, you'll just accept them for FREE?! Wow, you're so generous!' I'm metaphorically facepalming the whole time (actually I'm staring at my computer screen with a blank stare), like how am I supposed to believe this. I UNDERSTAND the underlying motivation in this. I really do. This IS the male fantasy in the modern world. It's a fulfillment of man's desire for a woman who is the exact opposite of all the women to be found around him in real life.... and not to just get one, but a bunch of them while he's at it, because why not; women who are beautiful, charming, have valuable talents, will do the housework with a smile and don't have ungodly high opinions of themselves and so they'll actually value him. But it's just such an extreme. It's just so ridiculous. And it's just gotten out of hand. There needs to be some conflict. Like maybe one of them needs to die. That's an idea. I'm sure the author isn't reading this.

... Last updated on September 24th, 2018, 6:00pm
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