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Kokou no Hito   
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On his first day of transferring to a new high school, a loner named Mori Buntarou is cajoled by a classmate into climbing the school building. Despite knowing that one misstep could send him spiraling to his death, he moves forward, and upon finally reaching the top, Mori experiences a sense of fulfillment. That feeling, which seems to be telling him "You're alive!", gives birth to a passion for rock-climbing.

Note: Sakamoto Shinichi did both the story and the art from Volume 4 onwards.


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Associated Names
Koko no Hito
The Climber
एक्लो मान्छे

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Easy Going Scans
New Evol Team

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v.2 c.10-20 by Hi wa Mata Noboru 1 day ago
v.1 c.1-9 by Hi wa Mata Noboru 21 days ago
v.17 c.163-170 (v2) by Easy Going Scans over 11 years ago
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Shuukan Young Jump (Shueisha)

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VIZ (Spring 2025)

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It's trying  
by Sandwhale765
November 29th, 2023, 11:20pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Unlike most of the tripe that comes out these days, it's at least really trying to say something. But I didn't feel it.
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if you find the protagonist insufferable, consider sticking with it  
by the_Cloudborne
May 26th, 2022, 11:54am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
or don't, it takes
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
almost 100
chapters before he starts to improve, which is a while.

that said, while i did dislike the protagonist for much of the work, i could not stop reading this incredibly compelling work. my other critique is that at times i found the author's view on humanity to be a bit too cynical. however, despite these two flaws, this is a masterful work with stunning art and an ultimately satisfying character arc.
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Like getting hit with a train.  
by apsyda
June 1st, 2020, 11:18pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Kokou no Hito is a great manga. Its hard to say more because there is so much to it.
The art is incredible, discounting what are obviously pasted photos most likely due to time constraints, there is so much force and expression to the art that it can take your breath away.
The spectacle is wonderful. Avalanches have so much weight to them that its a surprise that they can be held back on paper or a computer screen. The weather feels real and its depictions make you feel as though you are inside it. And the characters have dynamic motion and expression throughout. Sequences such as the manga's climactic climb are just amazing to experience and can leave you speechless for a long time afterward.
And the personality of the work is strong. It doesn't feel like some writer apeing other works for content or anything even close to the sort. Its deeply original. One can see where Sakamoto took over from the previous writer and the novel it was working from and spun the work in his own direction very clearly, and the gains from that are great.

But its not always a good manga. The change in writers is very apparent and can lead to certain jumps and shifts that are disorientating and result in a headshake to get over. The first few volumes are rather generic and hold the rest of the manga back in certain ways.
Sakamoto is nothing if not a cynic and characters can be brutal (in a non-violent way) and can live brutal lives with little feeling of earning it.
The main character's anti-social traits can become grating at times and feel over done as well. But this is a rarity and usually works to serve a greater purpose.

Still, I'd 100% recommend reading this manga. Its an experience over all else.
And when you are done and finishing the last page, you might just have to look around and realize that, yes, you are still at home or on the bus or in the library, and no, you are not in fact standing the mountains.
But maybe you should be.

... Last updated on December 12th, 2020, 5:55pm
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Disagreeable main char  
by PZcolo
April 11th, 2017, 3:26pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
A genius emo that acts like a lone wolf with a dead wish and treats everyone like sh*t yet gets all the attention of them... Couldn't get past volume 2, the main char just ruins whatever great manga this might be.

... Last updated on April 11th, 2017, 3:28pm
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by kiriee
April 5th, 2015, 10:57pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
This is almost the worst manga I've ever read, if you put that magnificent art aside. It full of plot hole, the world itself filled with jerk its like 80% of character you meet is total douch, what's worst is the main character whiny little bitch, oh world gone into shit because I'm here, if you know that do something about it being quite and cool doesn't solve problem.

plot hole from chapter 1-40 :

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Reporter report false news, suddenly a rumor start saying the girl is a bitch, even thou it was not even relevant, everyone believe because they are genuinely idiot or a douche, teacher want to save her by confronting reporter but because he is idiot and because reporter super smart he now believe that he can't do anything, even thou he can sue him for creating false news there's a witness for god sake how can he be so IDIOT. because everyone believe the rumor the girl lose collage recommendation now became prostitute sure If japan only have one collage that could totally happen.

Main character became more and more loner, if he really want to be alone he can always go to the mountain seeing he can survive only drinking water and eat piece of chocolate a day. Meet the prostitute girl, getting his cock sucked, now know there is so much more fun thing to do than climbing mountain or being quite all the time. it probably good if it end like that problem is 12 volume of soul crushing story to follow.

I probably will continue to read it(only because of the art), but take this as warning this manga is full of negativity the world literary fill with malice and evil.
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by EminaLoli
December 28th, 2014, 9:16am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Make things short --- believe all good reviews here. This is too good to bother with bad reviews (if there are some).

Don't get a second thought and read this, now.
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by hkanz
August 31st, 2014, 10:54pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
I really enjoyed this one. I'm not a climber, but a solo long distance backpacker, so it was awesome to see appearances from Platy, Golite, Snickers and other familiar pieces of gear. Mori well embodies the love for nature and lust for isolation that form the core of my sport.

Personal bias aside, the art is gorgeous and the story is well-structured. The only genuine gripes I have with this manga are: 1) How everything is too easy for the MC in the first few volumes, and 2) Most of the characters being stereotypical (this improves later on)/exaggerated in personality and morality. You have a group of 'good guys', who are kind, honest and understanding, and then a group of 'bad guys', who are liars, bullies and thieves. About 80% of the cast is bad guys and they exist almost solely to make life difficult for the good guys. Naturally, they also cheat when climbing mountains.

How attractive would this story be to the average reader? Since it's so up my alley, I have no idea. But as others have said, I recommend reading at least up until the MC leaves school, since the story and characterization improve at that point.
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by RoxFlowz
December 13th, 2013, 10:31am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
This one really left a deep impression on me. I find myself thinking about it sometimes even now, when I've finished this quite some time ago. I'd put it on hold after the first volume cause I found it to be a bit too Shounen and the mc was difficult to relate to (and I'm an introvert myself).

All that changed after the story left the school setting behind. The author does an incredible job at depicting the mc's state of mind, the imagery he used sometimes even reminded me of myself. While the manga is of course about mountain climbing, it's even more about the mc's growth and the challenges someone, who's bad at expressing himself, has to overcome.

It really may be difficult for some people to relate to the mc, but don't give up after the first volume. It gets a lot better.
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Psychology with sports as battleground  
by Mizura
September 1st, 2013, 12:41am
Rating: N/A
This series has one of the best depictions of an introvert (albeit an extreme case, most aren't That extreme. Some are though) that I have yet read. I guess it will be hard for extroverts to relate to the main character, but that is really how many of us introverts are like:
- To outsiders, introverts seem quiet and aloof, but in fact their mind is constantly filled with thoughts: past, future, possibilities and imagination all mix together and distract from the present. For those of you who are confused by the images that pop up while Mori is climbing, those are actually depictions of his inner thoughts and conflicts as he challenges the mountains. For extreme introverts, such images can be just as vivid and tangible as the present outside world.
- Interactions with others drain their batteries like no tomorrow. Social interaction is a source of great anxiety. They don't know how to respond to them, they don't know how to deal with outside demands. Mori's interactions with that creepy girl and his teammates are all depicted in ways I can empathize with.
- Despite being afraid of social interactions, introverts do seek intimacy, not the shallow, "scary" interactions with total strangers, but someone "safe" who understands them and will support them no matter what, and be a part of their small, inner universe. Introverts value such bonds dearly, though may often have trouble expressing their feelings.
All this and more was portrayed in this manga, in a way I feel is much more realistic and relatable (to other introverts at least) than well... most series.

Ultimately this series is not just about mountain climbing. The mountains become Mori's means of escaping the people and reality underneath, but they invariably catch up to him, and his climbs become a battleground of both nature and inner thoughts. Yet they force him to confront aspects of himself that ultimately leads him to slowly mature as an individual. He starts caring more about safety. He learns to speak up for himself. He learns responsibility. And ultimately, he learns that he doesn't want to be alone after all. With that, step by step, he gets a job then gets a family.

Ultimately you could argue that he didn't grow that much, but you'd be forgetting where he was coming from. Mori is still heading for the mountains, but now he has something just as important waiting for him at the ground. (there are differences with the real person that the character was inspired from, but this was never meant to be an autobiography anyway)

Some people have complained about the way the side characters are used, by the way. I didn't have any problem with it. Real life isn't like a Shounen manga, where characters magically show up and become lifetime rivals and where nature cuts everybody slack. Mori's friend in high school, for example, was in the end just a trouble-maker with big dreams, but lacked the courage to pursue his dreams, and became one of many drop-outs out there.

... Last updated on September 1st, 2013, 1:13am
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by kreatur
December 5th, 2012, 5:00am
Rating: N/A
This is a good manga, however what drags it down is the 90% focus on climbing.

This puts it in a low niche where few people would really enjoy it, those people being climbers. I can understand a manga like this since i can compare its sports density to similar mangas with other sports. But if you're not really into, say, martial arts like we have with Gekiryuuchi, you'll soon get bored of the countless explanations and just skip pages to the story and character development parts. And here lies the problem with Kokou no Hito, these parts are too thin and really not interesting. Like another commenter said, you don't attach to the characters, you don't care. There were a couple exceptions in the beginning of the manga, but soon the author lost interest, killed the characters or just made them disappear with time skips and with no explanation, while skipping further development for the nice views of mountains. I got bored of mountains. It's true i read this in one go, but this way one can see the flaws easier. Really, entire consecutive chapters with views of mountains and delirious ramblings get to you after you've experienced it ten times before.

This is the reason why this manga will never get big, it focuses too much on some parts and too little on others. By the end of it i didn't like any of the characters. I also finished Veritas yesterday and those guys killing each other everywhere were a lot more likeable chars than the ones we have here. Those guys in a fantasy manga had better personalities than everyone here.

One might argue that people in Kokou no Hito are real and that's why they live and act so crappy. But the problem is not with the tragedy in their lives as is with the way they react to it. Let's take two examples:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Yuki gets from being a cute and intelligent high school girl to a stealing whore in just a few years. Plausible, i'm not saying it can't happen, but the chances are low and i, as a reader, need an explanation as to how things got here. I need to understand what i read, not just eat the facts. Also, even in that state she would show a bit of remorse, which does not happen. Returning the money later was just a scheme to get more from Miyamoto. And this is how we get to my second example.

Miyamoto is not that bright and doesn't seem to know anything other than climbing. But what he does know, he does it good - kind of how the mangaka makes a manga all about the thing he knows best, climbing. He's also very ambitious and has actual plans to realize his dreams, he gathers money to get to France. Bam! A couple years pass and Yuki becomes a whore while Miyamoto becomes a failure with no real reason. Yuki tells us he never went to France because that's his nature, a slacker that keeps saying he'll do things "Tomorrow". He got into drinking and debt. How in the hell did these things happen? There's no way a change like this is possible, the Miyamoto from highschool and the drunk Miyamoto have completely different personalities, same with Yuki.

Well, these things make you lose interest in the manga since it's stopped being realistic. As a non-climbing-die-hard-fan you only get left with the pretty pictures.
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