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Maou no Hajimekata - The Comic   
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"I do not trust humans. They’ll betray you without fail.” Aur, the man who had obtained the ability and right to become the Maou at the end of his life of research. Summoning the succubus Lilu, he then sets out on creating his own domain, a gigantic labyrinthine dungeon. The misanthropic Maou taking on the world, the curtain rises on a dark harem fantasy!


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Getting Started as the Demon King - The Comic
How to Book on the Devil - The Comic
How to Build a Dungeon: Book of the Demon King
Как стать повелителем демонов
魔王の始め方 THE COMIC
마왕을 시작하는 법

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c.45 by Setsu Scans about 1 year ago
c.44 by Setsu Scans about 1 year ago
c.43 by Setsu Scans about 1 year ago
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Comic Valkyrie (Kill Time Communication)

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Seven Seas (7 Vols - Ongoing)

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Pointless depravation, no thanks  
by PZcolo
September 14th, 2019, 8:46am
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
The MC is too much of a piece of sh*t for me to have any interest in this and there really is no point to his cruelty for the most part. Mass murder, rape, manipulation, brainwashing, hypnotism, needles to say, lying to his teeth and who knows how many more things that have not yet happened. After 10 chapters I just lost the little interest I had, my disgust is more intense and I see no reason to read a crap like this. There is no haigher purpose, no redeeming reason, nothing, 1 page talking about revenge at the start but that's it, we don't even know on whom he wants revenge upon or even if they are alive 70 years later.
Not my cup of tea and I wouldn't like to know those who find this likable either. Only reason this is not a 1 is because the art is good.

... Last updated on September 14th, 2019, 8:51am
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If Borderline Hentai sat on the borderline  
by izumabakumatsu
November 22nd, 2017, 3:21am
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Exactly as it says. We have a rather OP and cunning MC. A certain event makes him lose all trust in humanity (Especially guys), He builds a dungeon, he builds a harem, he conquers everyone around him.

Do no expect the nudity and sex to be a side snack (like quite a few adult seinen), it's the bread and butter in this series while the plot is the side snack. Fortunately, author does write a not-too-bad plot.
That said, it gets repetitive really quick. Aur wants to do something (or about something), he gets his eyes on a female, either the female submits to him or he rapes/'coerce' the female into his slave, the 'slave' REALLY adores him after that, he gets whatever objective that he wants. I do applaud some of the subtler and cunning things he does, and magnificent bastards like Aur are a dime a dozen as MCs, but I do wish we can see him up against an opponent who is just as magnificent as a bastard as he is... and Aur gets NTR'd by that person. Just to we can see the despair and anger on his face, just for the fun of it. Of course, the opponent he's faced so far, some have made him lose his stone-faced facade but he still manages to recover and turn the tables just as quick. Somewhat of a disappointment for my sadistic heart. Not even in the LNs have we get something more satisfying. Hence, expectation on this improving is not high for the manga.
The few comedic moments are not too bad. Nicely slipped in between Aur having sex with everyone, or when they are planning something. The series is not all about Aur having sex with all the females. It does have some nice battles going on, but nothing on the levels of Action-focused nor even Mind-battle focused Seinens around.

Characters-wise, they tend to be a little bland. The males apart from Aur get a few shots if they're lucky, a certain male in recent chapters gets a bit more time but nothing too much. The females gets fleshed out (Obviously) a lot more, yet they all tend to be slaves of desire for Aur after he has his way with them. What this does is that even when Aur does manage to 'coerce' a female to his harem, the impact is light, sometimes even disappointing, especially when after one sex session, they all just LOOOOVE his meatpipe.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
The 'coercion' with Alan's party was not too bad, expecially Wikia but it still lacked that impact when you read an good NTR story. The same with our esteemed hero (who got into the same repetitive plot again) in post-vol.3 chapters.

It is such a waste, since it is not often you get this kind of setting (Evil guy, Rapes and NTRs all females to his harem, kills all guys who he doesn't like) and that Evil guy is the MC of the story. Such dissatisfaction.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Even Aur's own motivation for all the things he does is rather... bland. The way he lost his trust in humanity is... stupid and rather immature at the very least.You'd think having 7 decades of live would make his motivation be a lot... grander, less teenager-like, and more... evil. This is just my personal feeling though.

Visual-wise, Komiya-sensei has always had a nice way of drawing characters. I am glad they did not use the rather stone-faced looks of the LN design. Being the type of manga it is, censorship is only lightsaber meatpipes for the males (Aur) and barbiedoll nether region for the females. Certainly not something you want to read in the open. The females does look exquisite enough to just read the manga to see the without worrying much about the story. I do think the facial expressions can be improved, some of them look rather awkward for the situation they are in.

All in all. If you're used to stories where you are the bad guy and you keep using underhanded but cunning tactics to get your victory, this is not a bad thing. If you a sadistic heart and you can empathize with an evil MC, not a bad thing to go through once. On the other hand, it's not something you will read again and again even if you like the genre it contains.
On the other hand, even if you're used to some of the darker seinens, but if you're not used to a guy pretty much raping and NTR-ing everyone into his harem, you probably won't like this series. It does not have much in terms of other fruits of delight. It's probably a level higher than most stupid Harem-making-because-I-have-A-cheat-power WN/LN/Manga out there, but it isn't that grand of a series. Merely something you pick up, flash through, and put down.

I would give it a 7 if we get more despair in this series, but alas, a 6 is most that I can give. Mayhaps it can change in the near future.
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Not for everyone  
by Heroxi
October 3rd, 2017, 4:55am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Slight Spoilers ahead...Mc has problems, with people that is. He was a war orphan and imo this developed into a hatred for mankind and mostly towards men.Being weak and not being able to prevent anything in his life push him search of infinite power.Then control individuals around him.He does what he wants atm and has a purpose though you may feel there is no ''plot'' in it.All in all we have power hungry villainous protagonist that is far from main stream mangas.I say give it shot for refreshing yourself.
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This is just a hentai  
by DakOZero
February 1st, 2017, 1:30am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
This had a plot but most of it is hentai.
The first two chapter were alright but then the rest just ruined the whole thing... The one thing I want to know is why the hell is this consider a manga? If it was a hentai then maybe I would't bitch about how crappy this manga!

This is just a sorry excuse for a hentai.

... Last updated on February 1st, 2017, 1:32am
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Love it, this is a middle finger to hero complex  
by quantumdelta123
December 26th, 2016, 4:21pm
Rating: N/A
I truly enjoy the tears of those moral slaves as I watch your typical shonen MCs with hero complexes get dismantled one by one. What else to say, if you like to take a break from those self righteous moral bound copy paste Shonen MCs, this manga will be right up your alley. I enjoy every moment of those "innocent" tears. 10/10. Need more.
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This manga is SUCKS  
by okuta38
September 9th, 2016, 6:19am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
First time I saw this manga, I was interested because the art is good. But after I read many chapter (until chapter 13), I was bored and didn't find any enjoyment in this manga. Though I tried read raw manga it's still the same and very dissapointment. The MC is a bastard, the women is stupid, the plot is lame, so I say this is my first harem manga that sucks and full of sh*t. I won't read it anymore.
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Novel is so much better  
by Trimutius
June 15th, 2016, 3:45am
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Well, manga kinda doesn't mention most of the parts that are important for plot. While in the novel author spends a lot of time to explain decisions of Aur and it makes a lot of sense and adds deepness to the plot, in manga it is only action, so it is lacking the most important part. But oh well, there is not much of English translation of novel unfotunately (i was reading it in Russian translation, as that translation is even ahead of manga)

... Last updated on June 15th, 2016, 3:52am
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Manga for horny teenagers that  
by trips
May 24th, 2016, 1:53pm
Rating: N/A
Author had some complexes that's for sure. Whole story is about powerful mage getting laid and increasing his influence in kingdom. Intercourses have as much time as plot and both are on same shallow lvl. I would say that its too weak for hentai and way to weak for fantasy adventure story.
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Chapter 3 Took A Turn For The Worse  
by re: netero
May 9th, 2016, 2:39pm
Rating: N/A
As it was still early on, I didn't stop reading after the first two chapters, however,
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a manga with a villain protagonist with seemingly no real motive behind his cruel actions was definitely something that I could not take part in reading. Chapter 3 was quite enjoyable though as it built upon the main protagonist's character, if only a little, and gave him some sort of motive and a sense of being human. However, at the end of the chapter this was revealed to only be an illusion he had implanted into the hero character's mind to gain her trust. This story had so much potential. Somehow the author thought it was a good idea to make the main protagonist a senseless evil person with no actual reason for any of his actions. The most interesting character by far was the female hero that was introduced but seeing her being completely controlled and fooled by the main character really turned me away from this series completely. I can't imagine it getting better as it goes along and I can't bring myself to read anymore. I'm pretty much fine with reading a story that has a villain protagonist, however, I still expect him/her to actually have good character development. This story just throws you around and plays with your emotions without having any moral purpose or even any backbone at all. Edit: After reading three more chapters (and part of chapter 7), while the manga has its entertaining moments, the fact remains that the main protagonist has no real motives for causing such pain and trampling upon others . . . perhaps his true character will be revealed as the story moves along, however, the set up is already very lackluster and not enough to keep me interested.

... Last updated on May 9th, 2016, 4:08pm
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This is a power fantasy.  
by Commissariat
April 9th, 2016, 7:34am
Rating: N/A
It's become a sort of trend in japanese light novels to focus on the villain and make him the protagonist of the story. In most of this stories the villain has been portrayed as extremely powerful and/or great capability for growth. This series is in the first cathegory.
Why this is getting a 1? Because it's not a good read due to:
1) We don't really know what the hell is wrong with the protagonist. He was 'betrayed' and that apparently fueled his hatred to the point he researched for decades till he got this power. And it will never be shown. He's just a blank slate. Aur is just a mould made for the reader to fullfill his power fantasies. We know nothing of his past and his personality is that of a hipocryte (he says humans are evil but he's the worst of the bunch, going as far as committing genocide).
2) There's a lot of contrievance. Aur has a flaw: he's weak in close combat... only that that will never happen so it's like saying he has no flaws. A weakness is something that comes into play, an achilles heel that will weaken you and maybe fail you. This won't happen. He has a lot of uberpowerful shields. His fortress is in a super mega depot of mana (how convinient that it powers him, isn't it?)
3) Morality here is horrible. Don't read this if you like doing good things. The main character has raped, brainwashed and tortured people on-screen.
4) This is a power fantasy. I've said it before but this is a power fantasy: all the characters are weaker than the MC he wins all his battles with no effort and he's always controlling. The morality of the story is his and thus we have to accept and praise all his vile acts. Everyone falls for him and he's awesome and the most intelligent man on the universe.
5) No tension whatsoever. Linked to the above. The Main character will curbstomp everyone and thus there's no reason to keep reading. You could well over read the first and last chapters and you'd miss nothing interesting as there will be no development for the characters once they reach the breaking point (read: they'll be introduced, raped and brainwashed, then we will be done with them).
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