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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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really waiting for how the story will go on...  
by Mimi0411
January 24th, 2023, 11:06am
Rating: N/A
The art is gorgeous, really, the artist has improved a lot since BJ Alex, even though that has ended not that so long ago. The story is also good so far, I don't even have a problem with it, that the story scheme is very typical (at least until now), and can be used a lot these days.
However I'm worried about how it will go on. The seme looks like someone, who is uncapable of having tender feelings, and I just don't see the logical transition between the current situation and they are being a loving couple. Also afraid, that there won't be any atonement part, as it is mentioned in a lot of comment, but the uke hopelessly falls in love with the seme, still decides to leave him, at that point the seme figures out, he also fell in love, and wants to be with the uke, he confesses, but no apology or atonement, and the uke just accepts it like that, that would be awful.
Even if it's cliché, I want the bastard seme to suffer at least a little bit, before he can be together with the uke. Otherwise I wish they rather not end up being together at all. Saying that contrary I love happy endings.
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If you're not into violent, toxic, non-consensual smut, don't read this  
by zakiue
January 7th, 2023, 2:02pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
...but if you are, this is PRIMO STUFF. It's only 9 episodes in as of this review, but I already love it. Obviously the art is gorgeous, no question there. Both in terms of art and story, I can tell the creator has improved a lot since BJ Alex. The premise isn't profoundly original (though the MMA setting is somewhat fresh), but I can tell is thoughtfully written. The pacing is good so far, the characters seem well-defined with complex motivations, the protagonist is disadvantaged but not a total pushover, etc etc. And the smut is HOT (again, with the disclaimer that it's dark, violent non-con). The sex scenes are dynamic, with a good sense of movement, feeling, and tension.

Really, just read the description and tags. If you're not okay with reading rape, rough sex, manipulation, blood, etc, then I don't know why you'd start this in the first place. People who don't like the subject matter aren't really in a position to judge its quality. The quality here is HIGH in all aspects, at least so far. Can't wait to see where it goes.
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by misahyun
December 16th, 2022, 10:08am
Rating: N/A
The recipe for a successful bl: sexual abuse and good art

We all know this is going to go. ML treats MC like his personal sex slave and hurts his feelings but regrets it later on and chases him. MC likes him and forgives him anyway because of course he would, he’s the main protagonist cum sexual victim (no pun intended). Oh and of course MC is financially poor, what a shocker! Let’s be real, nothing’s “great” about this story, this plot has been done a million times. I’d be pleasantly surprised if I’m proven wrong though (please do).

Writer draws extremely well but unfortunately artistic talent doesn’t translate into writing talent. I guess it doesn’t matter because readers fall hook line and sinker for nice art plus porn.

... Last updated on January 26th, 2023, 11:05pm
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yes, there is rape  
by miyako666
December 9th, 2022, 4:47am
Rating: N/A
at least in canadian law.

(1) consent, once given, can be withdrawn at any time. even if a person initially said yes to sexual activity, once they express that they want to stop, sexual activity must stop (ss. 273.1(1.1) and 273.1(2)(d) of the Criminal Code).

(2) consent is not valid when the person submits or does not resist because of threats or fear of application of force (s. 265(3)(b) of the Criminal Code). when the perpetrator (here, jaekyung) threatens the victim ("hold still, before i break your ankle"; "if you waste my time like that last little bitch, don't expect to be sent home safe and sound"; "keep testing my patience and i'll smash your head in"😉, the victim's consent has no legal effect. where there is no consent, there is sexual assault.
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I look forward  
by dia69
December 6th, 2022, 7:38pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I look forward to a new story from BJ Aley author Mingwa.
The art design is so beautiful and the story seems to be great, I love dramas. I hope there will be a print version of this as well.
So I don't know where others see a rapist if they both agree. It's more likely that Kim Dan prostitutes himself for his debts and for his grandmother's medicine. And let's be honest, this is not an isolated case worldwide.
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Let's See if I have to Update this Review Later...  
by jojalee
December 5th, 2022, 7:17pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
This seems like it's going to be pretty much the same as BJ Alex...hopefully the Boxer (or whatever he does) gets some character depth otherwise I'm out because bruh, I'm really not into that toxic relationship stuff. Also someone has tagged rape, there IS NO rape. The protagonist consented. He is actually at fault for not disclosing his lack of experience and not speaking up, in saying that he is scared of getting hurt which is also toxic from the "seme."
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horny problematic mess  
by mojoyoyo
December 3rd, 2022, 2:32pm
Rating: N/A
and exactly what i’m here for! ignore all the downers missing the fact that this is fetish porn, appreciate jaekyung’s abs and dan’s crying face.
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I hope I'm wrong but...  
by Jessica_desu29
December 2nd, 2022, 10:03pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Even though it's only 6 chapters in, I feel like I can kind of predict how this is going to turn out. The categories on Lezhin help, too. Jaekyung is an expectedly selfish, entitled bastard yet extremely handsome. He's used to getting his way, either with his fists and feet, his looks or with cash. Dan is an genuine, earnest guy desperate for money to help his sick grandma but he's nursing trauma related to attempted sexual assault by his former boss. Jaekyung is beholden to his weird belief that he must have sex (with men only!*) in order to win fights... I won't even go into how ridiculous that ero-manhwa set up is, lmao, but here we are. He will NOT take no for an answer. Dan accepts out of duress due to his financial situation.

My prediction? Even though
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Dan hates their first encounter because he has no experience and he is an attempted assault survivor, our author makes very, very sure that Dan shows the teeniest bit of involuntary sexual stimulation when he's fingered.
So we just know, based on that alone, it'll get to the point he will enjoy it, and he will be cured of his trauma so he can fall, at least physically, for Jaekyung. It's obvious that Jaekyung will eventually be his savior, both sexually and financially. And Dan, too, will not only save this "violent maniac" from having to pay for sex with random men, but also teach him how to truly love someone besides himself. Because even though he's slept with a whole bunch of guys, he's never loved anyone. It's almost Disney like! Just look at "Painter of the Night";
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Seungho is perhaps one of the most horrible semes ever yet he is being changed through love(sex) as we speak with very little atonement so far.

I wish authors would be less cliché because it's 2022 and we're tired of formulas. But given how hot and sexy Jaekyung is, it's only fitting for fan girls everywhere that he be redeemed through a kind uke's body (especially) and heart. Mingwa did the same thing in "BJ Alex". Jaekyung will become another big devoted dog once all this is over (the Korean tags already hint at this). The big question is how long will Dan have to suffer under Jaekyung's toxicity before we get to the regret arc. How much dubiously consensual, contractually obligated sex will we sit through? 20 chapters? 30? I'd personally rather see toxic relationships stay toxic (like in
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
"A Physical Education")
so the audience can learn about the power of choices and their effects, instead of changing midway to show that abuse can be overcome with perseverance. Not really the best message, but it can't be helped. It's an extremely popular trope. At least Jaekyung from the start doesn't seem completely unredeemable, in my opinion, which is good, although their beginning is very cringe and not nice at all. I think I can see his silver lining. I'll see how my gut feeling holds up. We shall see, assuming I don't drop it. Predictable =/= bad because even if you do know the outcome; if the journey getting to the destination was entertaining, it's completely fine.

*As an aside, I really like that Jaekyung is actually attracted to men, instead of him being "straight" predating on weaker men or liking Dan exclusively because he's small and pretty like a woman. So big thumbs up from me.

... Last updated on December 4th, 2022, 5:28am
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I'm captured  
by kythwena
December 2nd, 2022, 2:00pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
It's utterly terrible, toxic and full of bad decisions. I absolutely love it. The art is gorgeous. Boys are deliciously expressive. Jaekyung is an entitled bastard (I want to see getting broken 🤞Dan is the kind of wuss who may do the trick). Looking forward for what will be coming our way. (And even if it will not end the way I want it to end, the idea is already in my brain.)
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Nothing new  
by rukiamara
December 2nd, 2022, 8:42am
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
Of course, everyone are crazy over this one and for sure will be (many will defend no matter what, as always) because of a nice artstyle.... but that's it, people forget that plot matters in series too... because....what may surprise some...just because something is yaoi doesn't mean it's only porn! And here we have an another one toxic typical story, a rapist seme jerk (even a bloody rape) people will still go crazy over him because he's 'sexy', gosh! It was supposed to be nice, but as usual, just a toxic obvious for yaoi these days...

... Last updated on December 4th, 2022, 12:34pm
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