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Tomb Raider King   
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Mysterious tombs appeared all over the world one day, each containing a relic which grants its owner supernatural abilities. Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer, excavator, and raider. Betrayed by his employer, he's about to die at the hands of a powerful new relic when he suddenly finds himself 15 years in the past, before any relics or tombs made their debut. Driven by feelings of revenge, how will Jooheon use his knowledge of the future to become the Tomb Raider King?

Original Webtoon

Official Translation:
English, French, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, T.Chinese


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Tomb Raider King (Novel) (Adapted From)

Associated Names
King of Excavation
King of Thief
The King of Robbers
Tomb RaIder (Yoonz)

Groups Scanlating
Scylla Scans
Jaimini's Box
KKJ Scans

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c.327 by Luminous about 1 hour ago
c.326 by Luminous 5 days ago
c.325 by Luminous 10 days ago
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302 Chapters + Prologue (Ongoing)

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Average: 7.5 / 10.0 (127 votes)
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May 10th 2022, 3:27am



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Kakaopage (Kakao)

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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Starts okay, becomes inconsistent mess over time  
by AceBunneh
February 13th, 2022, 12:28pm
Rating: N/A
Most of the bad reviews come down to taste so I thought I would leave one about actual problems instead.

For these things there needs to be a certain level of suspension of disbelief. The MC has some skill that makes then overpowered even before gaining powers, yeah sure. Whatever. Incredible memory? Okay, happens all the time in these things.

The real problems with this come up after around 200 or 250 chapters. It feels like any planning that was done with this was all used but they wanted to keep it going to they kept throwing more and more into it.

For example during a raid on a tomb he gets a new power
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
. It is extremely overpowered and would be useful in many situations, but it's like the MC and his team just forgets he has it. It doesn't get used again in public and it doesn't get used again in tombs. Maybe it will come up again further down the line, but there have been several life and death situations where it would have come in handy but the MC just didn't use it and suffered instead.

Another thing, one of the supporting characters had an important development point come up
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
a sister thought to be dead was just brainwashed instead and they captured her
. But after a distraction came up, they completely forgot about finishing it up. They start doing random unimportant things instead
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
like holding an art exhibit?

Another issue is power levels. It seemed like it wasn't really thought out or planned well at all. At first there was a reason given why the MC wasn't using god level relics he got, but a bit later he was shown using multiple at the same time with little repercussion. Regardless he still continues to try going against armies with a low level relic later on multiple times and struggles and suffers for it. Why wouldn't this MC who has been established as overpowered and not caring and being a jerk not just bulldoze over everything? It makes no sense and doesn't even line up with his established personality.

4/10 because it's a fun casual read, but if you think about it a little it suffers greatly.
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Story is okay but...  
by Banbanban
September 24th, 2021, 7:28pm
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
The MC is kinda an as*hole so you might get put off by him but other than that plot is actually decent and this gets regularly updated. Overall a good past time read.

... Last updated on September 24th, 2021, 7:29pm
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It's good  
by Maalibo
August 22nd, 2021, 1:54am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I don't care what the other say but it has a high ratings for a reason and it deserves ,I would actually rate it 8.5 but since a lot rate it low ,I will rate it 10 to make up for it
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The protagonist is unusual, yet that's what made this story interesting  
by mallika23
July 16th, 2021, 3:41pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
At the beginning, I didn't quite like Seo Joo Heon. As a protagonist he's a bit unusual. He's smart, strong, yet cunning. And it's even more annoying how he used his relics to make his team members work like a slave.

However, the more I read it, the more I think why there must be something more than the Hamurabi Code relics to make the team members trust him and being loyal to him. After all, despite their complaints they all decided to join Joo Heon's party, put their trust on him, and work together as they did in the past.

The contract might be "slavery", but then again, Joo Heon knew how to put his trust to his team members. He protects them, and he actually knows how to give some appreciation to his team. And after reading it so far, I feel like that "slavery part" is actually only his way to make sure not being betrayed anymore.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I really appreciate him when he fulfilled his promise to Yoo Jae Ha to clean his name, even though by that time, he didn't know the full story of Jae Ha's role on Joo Heon and the team members' death.

And time to time, he showed that he protect the public. He has enemies, and knows how to make sure that these enemies whose actions endanger the public wouldn't be able to avoid their consequences.

He's not being heroic or having a glorious/noble vision/mission. He just wanted revenge on the companies who exploited him in and made him and his team members killed in thd past. He tried to make sure that these companies wouldn't be able to have it that way. And he did it cunningly. That's the kind of protagonist he is, and that's one reason why I found this story is interesting and decided to keep reading it.

Another reason why I really enjoyed this is because the fact that these relics was based on real person/artefacts from history, even if it's not the real person/artefact. I was able to learn a bit of history from these references.

... Last updated on July 16th, 2021, 3:44pm
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Utter garbage.  
by uNderdog_101
June 18th, 2021, 1:42pm
Rating: 2.0  / 10.0
I can't read comics with unlikable protagonists, and boy is this guy unlikable. He treats his male "friends" like slaves who have to do what he says of be in incredible pain, and only treats his female associates like human beings. This might have been acceptable if any of it was funny, but nothing ever comes close. Also he's a thief and con artist who will steal from anyone as long as they have what he wants, and what he wants are relics, ALL of them, so if you have any he'll steal them from you, no matter who you are, whether the American government or a completely innocent princess of Monaco.

And of course he's invincible in a fight, since after the first fight where he "dies" and goes back in time, he never even comes close to losing a fight, no matter how ill-equipped he is. In fact, he's so smart he can beat his opponents just by talking.

This series seems written by someone with a mental age barely older than its demographic of 12-year-old boys.
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I tried but couldn't  
by jom95
May 29th, 2021, 7:43pm
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
I really tried to read this webtoon few times since it has high rates on most of the sites I visit before dropping it again.
I really couldn't take how d*mb the MC, plot and other side characters. if it was funny or has any interesting elements I don't care about it being d*mb but I couldn't find anything that piqued my interest. I also find the MC annoying, more of a side character than an MC. I think this one just isn't my cup of tea.
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by tiankioo
October 11th, 2020, 12:42am
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
Seemed ok at that start, then I reach chapter 4 and MC supposedly remembered a bunch of passcodes from 15 years prior. What the fuck? These fucking authors don't even try anymore.
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so good  
by bloodkick
December 18th, 2019, 11:13pm
Rating: N/A
it's so good 🙂
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Is it trash? Perhaps  
by aptop6
August 26th, 2019, 4:48am
Rating: 3.0  / 10.0
I never rate any novel or manga a rating of 1 but this is pushing the limit. This thing is for kids.

... Last updated on January 22nd, 2020, 9:31pm
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