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Even the oracle, the one who is meant to locate the Dalai Lama's reincarnation, could not foresee that the troublemaker Dang would be the one taking on the crucial mission. However, Dang's power posses a hidden; his true might is shown when his chi explodes due to sexual impulse and turns him into a monster! Not knowing this, Dang enters Mouhyuk High; following the oracle's orders. But his class is a special class meant for "Trash", filled with a bunch of weirdoes, and his biggest enemy, the "Coke Bottle" shaped woman! Can he complete his mission?


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Good fun read  
by gibble
June 9th, 2013, 10:44am
Rating: N/A
There's a lot of good stuff in about this manga. Comedy, not overly forced ecchi situations, a stupid but likable main character.

I enjoyed the current 3 volumes escalation.

However, I found the Chinese translation and read the final 3 volumes. Here's how I felt after reading the last 3 volumes.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Like a lot of manga/manhwa you'll find is there's a disappointingly lack of character development. I felt like the scanlator read the whole story and was like "nah...this is not worth finishing" and decided to just finish the volume they're working on. I don't know but I can totally see that. How do I put this, this felt like an early draft of a story but the author just never spent the time to develop/enrich the story.

For example, it felt like there'll some kind of romance between the main character Dang and Miho. I know he's a monk and story did say too much simulation from the opposite sex can kill him. However, I thought he'll eventually control his power to the point that's not a concern.

To be fair, the author did wrap a lot of things up and nothing felt shoehorned but it just felt rushed regardless if that even makes any sense. I just felt that it could've been so much more.

I put the following in case this story never gets completed scanlated. I usually don't write summary.

DO NOT READ the following cause I'm summarizing what happened in vol. 4 - 6.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
On ch. 22, it was reveal that Mr. X is really Dang in disguised. He was saved by a master he met at the underground cave. No only that, he ate the scale of the Golden Anteater (?) so now he couldn't be poisoned. Guided by this master, he fought in secrecy in the tournament. Miho kind of could tell Mr. X was the naked guy that went berserk earlier. She still doesn't know he's Dang yet. There like situations here and there where she tries to find out who this Mr. X is.

Afterward, the narcissistic dude kidnapped a lot of the tournament participants effectively eliminating them from the tournament. He also knew Mr. X is Dang in disguised. He got the traitor monk to help him fight the tournament, enticed by the fact he'll fight Dang. The traitor dude has a lot of grudge against Dang, a bit too much imo.

The ice sword dude escaped these kidnapping and eventually ran into and helped Dang. He turns out to be the master of this martial art school that was eliminated when the Dalai Lama was killed 20 years earlier. Done by the same group. He had been trying to find out who did it.

Ice sword dude w/ Dang finally ran into the master from the underground cave who he recognized. The master from the cave, revealed to be Miho's father, finally explain why the Dalai Lama was assassinated. Turns out that in the Dalai Lama heart has this pill that can give a person immortality. However, the Dalai Lama split the pill and hid the other half pill in Miho's mother heart, so Dalai Lama ended up reincarnating with his half of the pill. That's why Miho witnessed her father ripping her mother's beating heart out. At that point, her mother was already dying after being attack by the same group the killed the Dalai Lama. The father, thought to be crazy, took the pill and hid himself for years trying to find this mysterious group responsible for the attack. (All these was explained in bits and piece till the end of the story.)

Meanwhile the head monk from Tibet explained about demonic child a thousand year ago that was eventually send to the monastery to become a monk trying to control his demon. Eventually he was consume by demon and disappeared. Ten years later he became the head of a cult. That remnant of the cult group was responsible for killing the Dalai Lama. The purpose is to revived their ancient cult leader and give him the immortality. They symbol for this cult is a snake so let just call them the snake cult.

Back to the tournament, still unable to fully control his power. Miho's father give the half of the immortality pill to Dang. There was also a side story where Dang's group of reject in the tournament, only masters that potential threat were kidnapped so they were spared. About how despite being told they had no chance, fought anyways. One of them won with a malfunctioned machine, the other won by exposing his opponent was a fraud by saying his opponent was a natural blonde and her pubic hair says otherwise (lol...yes he pulled her pants down).

Anyways, the traitor monk now faces Dang and he casually just removed his mask and started fighting. Earlier the crossdressing dude from Dang's class of reject fainted when he ran into Dang. Eventually it was reveal that when the two halves comes in contact with each other there'll be a reaction to the bearer. Important be up till Vol. 6, Miho was the one thought to be Dalai Lama reincarnation. Because of this crossdresser followed to Dang to the tournament stadium. Traitor monk proceed to try to use him to killed Dang with overstimulation. Obviously doesn't work since traitor monk didn't know he's a guy all Eventually the Dang's reject group found the group of imprisoned martial art masters, freed them, then they showed up and confronted the traitor monk. Monk took powerful since he know all the martial art from Tibet.

Somewhere else Miho was attacked by the female gang. The narcissistic dude conspire with the head of that man-hating female group. Miho was taken down, father came and tried to help. The female group leader came w/ those snake cult members. Turns out she's the head of the cult group or something, hid at the school and used both the narcissistic guy and her naive female followers to help her find the Dalai Lama. She still think Miho was the Dalai Lama reincarnated.

The cult spent a lot of effort and finally fully revived the fallen leader. He was resurrected in the form of a giant snake show up to where Miho was and attacked indiscriminately. Snake killed that female group leader and pursue Miho who was running away w/ her father.

Snake detected the real Dalai Lama and turn around heading to the stadium. Snake show up in stadium swallowed the crossdresser dude attack everything including the traitor monk. Snake spit out some venom acid, Dang came and protected the traitor guy. Dang attacked the snake eventually burrow and went underground. Miho was at the stadium now and pursue the giant snake with Dang. Obviously the snake wanted to them to follow considering Dang had the other half of the pill. The ended up in the same underground cave earlier in the story. Won't go into detail but eventually they won -- something something group of reject show up, Dang's power triggered...blah blah blah...snake died, cult now wiped out.

Flash forward one year later, the group of reject was now respected, Miho's father succeeded her grandfather as the head of the school, crossdresser dude showed up w/ Tibetan monk as Dalai Lama (in monk robe in case you're wondering). Then it went to another scene where it turned out Miho's grandfather was training Dang to because the no.1 martial master of the world with Dang complaining during training he never really wanted that title.

That's it.

I did my best to summarized what happened in vol. 4-6. I might messed up on some of the finer details. Again DO NOT READ IT if you don't want to be spoiled.

All in all, do I recommend it? Well, yeah, I still kind of do. I had fun reading it. It's just that I kinda wished for more at the end.
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Not the Best, But Fun.  
by thebesthentai
March 15th, 2010, 6:54pm
Rating: 5.0  / 10.0
There's a chance for nice development. The premise of the story is not new but still builds on its predecessor. The couple volumes I've read are stupid but sometimes we laugh at stupid stuff. I will update when there is more to read. There's potential for romance but I doubt it.

... Last updated on March 15th, 2010, 7:00pm
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HA HA so funny!  
by Sahbiot
January 9th, 2010, 6:51pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
I really enjoyed reading just ONLY 5 chapters, and now i want more! I like the art and the comedy, very much like GTO styled, and it has a good story with lots of potential fights and romance even though the guy is a monk. Definately cant wait for more.

... Last updated on January 9th, 2010, 6:52pm
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Don't be fooled!  
by alchemist11
July 20th, 2009, 3:54pm
Rating: N/A
Looking at the genres don't be fooled that this is the same kind as other MANWHA. In fact, it isn't even close. The most surprising is the art. Compared to other popular Korean comics, this takes a completely different approach. Check it out and you'll be amazed. It's much to early to give my opinion on this as the scanlation is only a few chapters, so I'll wait till more come through.
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by pinUp
July 12th, 2009, 9:27pm
Rating: 8.8  / 10.0
yeah its has ecchi,but it's so funny and interesting ,in chapter 4 last page ,upper right panel ,that woman face make me laught ,such a beautiful face make a face like that ,really funny.

its been month a half since they last scanlated it,i really cant wait....
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Great Teacher Onizuka style  
by a_v
May 28th, 2009, 9:02pm
Rating: N/A
So far quite ecchi, along with a fair amount of violence. If you like GTO, you'll enjoy this manga. If on the other hand blatently ecchi and/or humiliating characters offends you, stay away.
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my thougths about this manga so far  
by qu1eet
April 30th, 2009, 7:29am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
a very funny series about a dumb moron idiotic monk that takes place
in a different time where the spirit ,martial arts are very respected.
i liked his decease xD he transforms into a muscular monster when he sees a woman(he's a monk thus never seen a woman).
A funny and amusing manga with average art and a stupid story to laugh at.
recommend it if you wanna laugh.
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