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The Missing O   
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Sex can be amazing, not to mention ecstasy inducingly mind-blowing. And Eunsung knows that because 7 years ago, she had good sex (an understatement). She felt the universe crack open to show her its secrets. Too bad she hasn't had a decent orgasm since. It's been a long journey, but everyone knows, before you get to "P," you have to go through "O."

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Lezhin, Ridibooks, MrBlue, Naver Series, Peanutoon

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Giving Man
Mảnh Ghép O Bị Khuyết
Untouchable Man
안주는 남자

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137 Chapters (Complete)

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S2: 41 Chapters + Review (41~81)
Side Story: 10 Chapters + Review
S3: 56 Chapters + Review (82~137)

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May 1st 2024, 5:49am



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Lezhin (Lezhin)
MrBlue (MrBlue)
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Naver Series (Naver)
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Comico Korea (Comico)

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User Comments  [ Order by usefulness ]
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by Nanaine
February 4th, 2024, 2:43pm
Rating: 6.0  / 10.0
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Misunderstandings are quickly solved and in a straightforward way. Disliked eunsung at the start, later she's grown on me. Johan great. Okjae was nice at the start, later she became insufferable with how she treated Areum, she was only using him and treating him exactly the same how the hat guy was to her before. Art superb as always. I love how it's possible to see the art getting better as the plot goes further and further.

I was hoping that Johan wouldn't be that guy from seven years ago, why the leads must know each other before the plot starts? Why must they always be "destined partners"? It would be so much better in my opinion if Minhee was the guy, but Eunsung fell so hard for Johan that in the end she decided to be with him. But no, of course not, we can't have that. Since the guy from seven years ago was supposed to be a sex-god, anyone else instead of male lead would not do. Apparently he was her best sex partner, and it was even his first time. Looks like Johan has a talent for being great in bed right since birth. It may be my fault for reading smuts for plot, but well, I'm not going to stop.

Characters are mostly working adults but all they do and think of is sex and relationships. The only realistic couple from the main three who could work in reality in my opinion is Sarah and Minsuh. Sarah's really mature and experienced, and Minsuh was already in a long relationship before. Okjae and Areum are not in a healthy arrangement, and Eunsung with Johan wouldn't work, she's too immature and fixated on sex life to be able to go with someone else through the rest of her life, when other hardships arise

It's never told how exactly and why Sarah started loving Minsuh, Minsuh never had any internal doubts about being a lesbian, even though she was shortly before with a man. There also wasn't ever told that she's aware of her bisexuality. I like any relationship as long as its described satisfyingly. It's great that the setting is so open-minded, but why in that case was she so worried of her friends finding out about it?

I'm glad that every couple have their own struggles and differences between pairings, but I wasn't really enjoying at all Areum&Okjae. Even though he made a bad first impression, later as plot developed I was pitying him. Their relationship was so one-sided

I finished it in july 2023. Wrote this review then, but never published it. When I dropped and wrote the review for "The Virgin Witch" I decided to also publish this one. Kinda sad that it didn't age that well, since the latter work of the same author made me want to drop reading smut altogether.
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Too much wokeness?  
by Kore137
June 22nd, 2022, 7:41am
Rating: 4.0  / 10.0
I am all for empowered female characters who take charge of their sexuality but the amount of times one is reminded how much the FMC sleeps around without discretion just irks me. It’s one thing to sleep with whomever you want and it’s quite another to sleep with someone you don’t even want just for the sake of getting it on and trying to find sexual gratification. Maybe I’m old school. Yea yea they did point out that sex was better when done with someone they had feelings for and all but the bulk of the first half was the former scenario and it just made reading through to the end that much harder. Also there was too much focus on the body image issues of the side character. I didn’t come to a romantic comedy for the everybody is beautiful propaganda.

For the good: Main male character, Johan. The end.
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unexpectedly good  
by gloriousmangalover
March 4th, 2022, 10:46am
Rating: 8.0  / 10.0
- i think this is a josei in the truest sense of the word. there's heavy discussions i've never seen in any manhwa ever (tw for self harm depiction and domestic abuse!!!) and it was actually?? handled super well. tbh though wish some of the characters' stories were more fleshed out
- depicts the modern woman experience really powerfully. there's diverse body shapes, discussion of body image/weight, and the stress of careers and grappling with what you want out of life. the female friendships and overwhelming support with realistic disputes and healthy communication was so refreshing. no slut shaming shit! the "2nd woman" doesn't interfere with anyone's relationship! boundaries are respected!
- frankly i read smut bc i get bored w regular manhwa and smuts r the only guarantee for an fl who knows what she wants and !! the fl delivers that. I LOVE HER FASHION. but she's not perfect, and neither are her friends. they have character flaws and actually grow to overcome them.
- i actually really liked the ml :>> he was a person of his own, had his own ambitions, but super supportive of the fl. never abusive or weird and very distinctive from other men (who have shitty attitudes and behaviors and are depicted exactly that way wo any glamorization which is fantastic). he's really kind and their relationship is really sweet and yes does have its own conflict but none of that weird soap drama miscommunication; more about how their faults as a person do tend to drive and ruin their relationship. there is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT from both parties
- you might be wondering why this isn't rated much higher if this is so refreshing and diff. one of the fl's friends relationships with a slightly younger man was extremely disturbing, seemed like a weird power dynamics, bdsm relationship meant to spice up the manhwa but i hated how it bordered assault.
- the writing could be kind of clunky at times - better than most manhwas for sure, just the themes were so obvious and i don't think sometimes played out enough. also i got lost in the narrative sometimes.
- art is nice, the dicks are really funnily drawn. super amusing too the fl's tree costume made me laugh irl. yes there is yuri but it is a little bit later and tbh not well established, it kind of just happens. sex dialogue was ehhhh. sometimes randomly thrown in drama bits to keep the story going. wish there was more explained abt all characters' pasts bc i was so confused w the timelines lmao

overall: 7/10 :> recc if ur into smth diff and sweet but a little bit hard hitting ?
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A smut that pleasantly surprised me  
by Daedalus679
September 28th, 2021, 9:28am
Rating: N/A
Hilarious and some themes being explored were actually pretty good. But some people just annoyed me, especially the young guy who's a sexist prick and doesn't change. Also kinda hot art.
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It's too perfect  
by KSAOHeartUnderBlade
July 17th, 2021, 3:22am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
From character depth to storytelling i like every aspect of this story,the mc is unique and connectable,side characters are not ignored and each character is full of life

Overall,it was a story that will be to5 in my list
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AMAZING character development  
by torpidowl
April 13th, 2021, 4:33pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
this manhwa really impressed me. i am STILL very pleasantly surprised at how well the author managed to develop three leading ladies, their significant others, and their friends.

for starters, meet our main babies - Eunsung, Okjae, and Minsuh - 27-year-old alpha female best friends who are on the search for orgasms, which they nickname "Mr. O." one is a coffee shop part-timer who can never settle down in anything because she isn't satisfied in every way; another is disciplined and cold, with unconventional, um... tastes that she can never satisfy; the last is a sweet and adorable accountant in a relationship with a guy who never sexually satisfies her. each lady is an absolute icon.

now, this premise may sound typical and unappealing, but trust me, the characters all go through so much development it's crazy! it's not just a smut story; it's more than that. it's about the characters' lives and how they overcome their fears, insecurities, and adversities. it's about how strong and brave and badass these three women are, all in their own unique ways.

the characters and their interactions were amazing, if you couldn't tell already. although there were a few misunderstandings and teeny love triangles, two things i'm not a big fan of, they were resolved quickly and maturely with OPEN COMMUNICATION, something vital that manhwa authors often overlook.

the friendships of this manhwa, especially those of the women, were beautiful to read about. i LOVED how open and honest the characters were with each other, thus having no unnecessary or unrealistic drama drag on for too long. all of the characters were lovable (maaaybe with the exception of one, but that's based on pure kink preference), and i rooted for all of them (yes, even that one character i just mentioned).

also, i am LIVING for the DIVERSITY in this story! we've got different body types, different heights, preferences, kinks, dynamics, and other statuses, things you would find in real life. our three leading ladies, for example, have very different body types, all beautifully and perfectly portrayed.

all in all, i'm so glad i stumbled upon this manhwa! it was so good i binged the entire 147 chapters in two days. it explored a lot of deep and perhaps controversial topics with grace, poise, and GREAT MOTHER EFFIN' ART (seriously, the art was GORGEOUS!). hands-down top 5 manhwa of all time as of now. i was very pleased with it!

... Last updated on May 25th, 2021, 10:47pm
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by meijita
March 16th, 2021, 11:13pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
Beautiful and adorable 😣😆😆
Finally all have happy ending. I really love their relationship
Multiple couples so just skip parts which ur not into and enjoy the rest

... Last updated on March 17th, 2021, 12:33am
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