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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!"   
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Associated Names
Maoyu - "Be Mine, Hero!" "I Refuse!"
Maoyu: Archenemy and Hero
Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Be Mine, Hero!" "I Refuse!"
จอมมารนักเศรษฐศาสตร์กับผู้กล้าบ้าพลัง (SIC)
まおゆう魔王勇者 (カドカワコミックス・エース)

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For The Halibut
Konpeito Scans

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c.57-58 (end) by Kougeki Scans over 3 years ago
c.56 by Konpeito Scans over 4 years ago
v.17 c.55 by Konpeito Scans over 4 years ago
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Starts at Vol 1, Chap 1
Ends at Vol 7, Chap 23

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October 8th 2023, 2:53am



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Comp Ace (Kadokawa Shoten)

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Book Walker (Cancelled / 16 Vols; digital)

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this englobes all the things I dislike about manga  
by Joese
December 7th, 2020, 3:48pm
Rating: 1.0  / 10.0
It supposedly gives a twist to the "archetype" but it actually uses boxed reasoning on the very specific setting of a (Japanese rpg) game-like world with a hero and demon-king. Instead of choosing some elements of these fantasy worlds, it gives lazy reasoning for the settings to be like that and then uses a realistic approach on solving stuff using very dull and idealistic politics / economy .

A good and easy example of this loathsome reasoning would be the "Fantastic Racism" trope it overuses.

... Last updated on August 28th, 2021, 4:07am
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by zeidrich
January 4th, 2016, 12:29am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Great manga adaptation. Beautifully drawn and thoughtfully paced. The battle scenes could be clearer, but is not really a problem because the resolution is less than a few pages. It's nice to see that the battles don't last multiple chapters.

Female lead is mysteriously brilliant. I hope they go into more detail about how she is able to invent all these "new" products. Male lead needs to be fleshed out more, but works so far because the reader can immerse themselves into his role. Decent premise.

The story needs villains more capable. Right now everything is going quite smoothly, though I'm only at chapter 12. Update to follow.
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2 choices, choose this  
by GreedyLocust
December 14th, 2014, 1:14am
Rating: N/A
I prefer this interpretation over the previous one, however, the art in this one is more toonish

they both have the same author, but different artists so I dont know whats going on

but if u are deciding between both and dont want to do both, choose this one
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Economic Simulation  
by JetGT
December 13th, 2014, 6:07pm
Rating: 9.0  / 10.0
This is pretty much what this manga (and novel) is about: Economic Simulation. There are no names given to any of the characters because when you read a report, it's all about numbers and statistics - nameless. And this is how the story are unfolded.

The premises is great, but the deus ex machina of the whole problem solving makes the story appear like a joke. Numerous inventions were brought up by a single person called Female Scholar (Demon Queen). They are pretty much a carbon copy of stuff from our world. Hell, even the vegetables are from our world. I mean it's relate-able since we know it so well, but calling it one of the staple food is of demonic origin is incredibly offensive. This is what potatoes are in the story. Wheat and Rice came later. -_-"

I mean the Author could have make something more unique and in the fantasy setting the story portrayed. The morality about religion versus advancement is heavily implied. I could go on for ages about how wrong this is, but I'm not religious so I tend to enjoy the story for what they are.

Cuteness overwhelming between the Hero and the Demon Queen. I mean it so fluffy at times that I couldn't help but grin at the situation. He's bad ass in skill that never explained fully, which made it a few "what?" moment. The two factions are there to create fictions between the characters and pretty much did nothing more. They pretty much detailed in their own background and individual goal, but in the end, they pretty much fillers. There is one overall plot, but it gets stale very quickly and I just want to see if their relationship gets any further developed than they are.

Also, harem route is played with but ultimately abandoned. It simply doesn't work in the setting where everyone is nameless. The females cast aren't shallow, which is great relief to know. There are many real life theme that this manga touched on, but like real life, never really solved, which makes it somewhat realistic. There are bad and down just like any stories, but overall, it's deserve the score it got. People who gave it low score because it's not stereotype "fantasy" is incredibly biased. Fantasy doesn't necessary mean sword and sorcery and its mechanics, it simply mean the setting is in a fantasy world where magic existed.
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by sakura2012
August 15th, 2014, 4:14am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
Did not think it would be this goooood!
My thoughts at first: (nah probably just a shonen manga with 'fan service' like any other manga...)
Despite my distaste agains this type of manga, I liked and very much enjoyed Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - "Kono Watashi no Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo" "Kotowaru!".

Maybe its because it has 'logic'. unlike...some stories out there.
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Quite worth the read  
by Mizura
August 28th, 2013, 2:38am
Rating: N/A
In the past, I've often thought how silly it was that so many manga "ponder" on the inevitability of war, only to take the easy way out with the defeat of the bad guy of the day (Naruto being a prime example).

After all, we've figured out the path to peace a long time ago, and we're living it right now: economic interdependence (coupled with social progress). As long as it's more profitable to trade with other countries than fighting against them, countries will avoid fighting. China won't ever attack the U.S., for example, because it'd be economic suicide to mess with its largest client (if you think otherwise, you're crazy). And yet, just about no manga bothers to address this economic aspect. Certainly, building a stable economy and society is MUCH harder than killing some bad guys, especially when the different parties hate each other to begin with.

When I first started reading this manga, I at first dropped it after 2 chapters: despite the excellent concept, the arguments put forth still made the execution feel flimsy. I only picked it up recently again, and I really don't regret it. The series dives into more aspects of the reforms and puts up better arguments later on. It still fails to go into the socio-economic aspects in real depth: spread of new concepts occur way more quickly than realistic, obstacles are easily set aside, social aspects aren't really addressed beyond "and now everybody is prosperous and happy" (though the changes do lead to backlash from existing establishments). It's a bit like how in fantasy stories, everything resolves itself once you kill the bad guy of the day, except here the issues are resolved with the crop, technology or social reform of the day.

Still, it is extremely refreshing to read, because it goes where 99% of adventure stories do not. For that alone, I must give it credit. While the readers may be familiar with most of the concepts described here, it is still quite interesting to see it used within a fantasy setting.

This is also aided by a cast of highly competent characters (sadly, with more basic common sense than many politicians around the world seem to have nowadays). The author doesn't treat any of the side characters as stupid fodder to make other characters look smart and competent. On the contrary, all of them (or at least the not-bad-guys) are highly competent in their own way, and side characters display remarkable growth to later take on more prominent roles in society, which is Really satisfying to read. Action is mixed in in a way that keeps the series lively.

In conclusion, this is a fantasy series that uses economic, social and technology (as well as fighting) to achieve its goals, instead of merely fighting like more series do. Though it addresses these aspects with as much depth as most fantasy address the concept of war (which is to say, not that much), it is still very interesting and refreshing to read, moreso thanks to its cast of competent characters.
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Fan's rebuttal  
by rennov
June 18th, 2013, 9:11pm
Rating: N/A
Hahaha... it's interesting to see how many heavy-minded comments stuck for this manga series. Well, I'm also a fan (big ones) for this series, so allow me to express opinion about the previous comments.
First being first, i guess it's not quite right for you to judge this series based on the details of every attributes in this manga, like the back-ground story, magic process, knowledge source of the Demon Queen, the source of strength of the Hero, etc. If you read it carefully each chapter of this series, you will find that this Manga is entirely talking about PHILOSOPHY, please note that word. (Sorry spoiler) First arc, they talk about the PHILOSOPHY of war, whether it's good or not, based on Keynesian Economic. Next arc, they talk about the PHILOSOPHY of technology of agriculture, international trade, freedom, and so on.
I guess the writer is quite understand that if the writer add the details for each arc, the storiy will too overloaded with information, and the focus will gradually away from the philosophy itself.
About the graphic? Matched very well with the style of the story (a bit ancient-ish) which myself really like.
About the story? (sorry spolier again) It's explained eloquently with implicitly tells about the philosophy of almost all big event in human history, like war, international trade, freedom revolution, and even religion).
Score: definitely 10 (it's very subjective though)

Note: there's a comment that this series just imported invention from future to middle ages (like cars)... Come on read again, it's not stop at that point, this manga also explain how to introduce the car to middle age, how to manage the reaction, and how to maximize the utility from the technology morally.
Ah, don't worry if you dont like philosophy, this manga wrap the main message with a beautiful plot and dialogue, so don't miss it just because i said too much words about philosophy.
Have a nice read...

... Last updated on June 18th, 2013, 9:18pm
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by kronpas
March 4th, 2013, 1:48am
Rating: 7.0  / 10.0
Im not fascinated by the teaching (a good amount of pages is used for teaching essential political, agricultural & economic lessons apparently), merely interested in how the relationship between characters develops and enjoying the RPG elements thrown in here and there so the manga is not that exciting.

The biggest flaw of this series, as some pointed out, is its free use of advanced modern knowledge (vs the ancient/medieveal theme) as a mean to progress the story. Basing the whole plot structure on it seems rather ... flimsy.

Btw, the art is gorgeous, +1 point.

... Last updated on January 14th, 2014, 8:25pm
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Amazing best version of this story  
by SSJR2
January 4th, 2013, 11:14pm
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
this is a really great manga version of the light novel series and hands down the best version (yes ive read the others). the art is amazing and i little more sketchy but makes this series look even better trust me. the story is really interesting and i find it funny and interesting that the characters names are only there position or what they are, its a good twist on things. anyway the only thing i gotta say about this (personally it doesnt bother me) is that there are chapters with a lot of text and reading so it does take some intellect to apreciate this fully but its still enjoyable either way so enjoy

... Last updated on June 1st, 2013, 9:44am
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Brain needed, but appart from that very good  
by mulox
September 6th, 2012, 9:52am
Rating: 10.0  / 10.0
How does society adapt itself to the introduction of new technologies?
A fantasy universe, a sad and endless war between humans and demons,
a few powerful characters dead set on changing the game rules and putting the world in motion.
Among them, a genius inventor gambling on the rapid introduction of a few key technogies and ideas in a grand scale.
The plot revolves around the means and effects of this accelerated introduction in terms of simple
geopolitics, political economics and diplomacy.
The characters are cute and convincing. They have nearly unlimited ressources in their own field of expertise: strength, knowledge, money, political power.
They appear like levers by which the society changes.
Do not fear, it's very easy. I know nothing about economics, but with a few interesting concepts it opens the mind to a lot of things you have to think of when you want to change something in society. It's cute, interesting, funny and now I sympathize with resigning ministers.


-In my opinion, learning characters names is always a waste of brain power, so having no names for once felt quite good.

-Yes, spice & wolf comes to mind because they both deal with economics at one point. But the theme here is more society in motion where S&W doesn't dwell further than monetary systems (not that it's a competition, there are other interesting aspects developped in S&W)

-Many said this manga feels minimalistic (background drawings, names, character information).
I don't feel there is much more info on other mangas, isn't it just that for once you want to know more? I personally agree with U-Jin, everything fits great.

-I like your idea iggsta3o5, about the story beeing keynsian propaganda. Well, some mangas justifies for us some of our bad thoughts to sell.
It feels so good to have a universe where what we think is right:
One Piece (anarchy is the best), Berserk/Death note (homebrewed justice),
Most Vampires and girls stories (It's okay to like violent guys, they can't help it, it's the beast talking)...
Also, lots of manga explains how you can achieve anything, anything really, has long has your ready to endure enough pain for a normal human to kill himself over, and as long has you discover at one point in your life that one of your relative is a VIP/celebrity/hero/king/god.
But you are right, justifying Keynsian theories is pushing it.

-They could make such a good game out of this . No they must!

-Fun garanteed for Civilisation and simcity players

-minimum system requirments : eyes, brain, IQ 85 &+

... Last updated on September 6th, 2012, 11:56am
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