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Who will our butler-in-debt end up with?

Back to Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate chooses...!
Ayumu ("Even though I only like two dimensional characters...")
Hinagiku ("I'll catch you this time for sure!")
Isumi (Counting tatami mats is fun!)
Maria (Maid x Butler)
Nagi ("I will protect ojou-sama forever!")
Saki (Maid x Butler, part two?)
No one at all! ("This manga isn't a tale of Hayate-kun's success")
Insignificant Others
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From User Message Body
Post #6982 - Reply to (#6979) by ares6
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3:10 am, Feb 26 2007
Posts: 563

Quote from ares6
I felt like zero romance in that manga......

That's true, this manga is missing the usual numbers of romantic comedy awkward moments.

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Post #7250

7:41 pm, Mar 1 2007
Posts: 24

I voted Hinagiku because I like her, but I'm pretty certain he'll either end up with nobody or with Nagi.

Matt Soulblade
Post #7484
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9:18 pm, Mar 5 2007
Posts: 65

I want him to end with Hinagiku smile but it will probably be Nagi :/

Post #7486
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9:39 pm, Mar 5 2007
Posts: 38

Most likely with Nagi - like hell he will pay up smile He will just involve himself with another debt smile

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Post #7624
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11:52 pm, Mar 7 2007
Posts: 100

i would like it to be Hinagiku because i feel their character are the best fit but

the was foreshadowing by Isumi when she says "I would worry about someone closer (to Nagi)..." when she was talking to Maria. So Maria is also a good pick and i like her.

If the manga does end with Nagi, it would just be dumb because Hayate sees her as a sister.

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"The only thing to fear is fear itself" (Franklin D Roosevelt)

Its not always what it looks like...
Post #7713
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10:05 pm, Mar 8 2007
Posts: 28

hmm seem nagi or maria cool

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(+'.'+) <(Mwahahaha!!!)

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Post #7758

11:57 am, Mar 9 2007
Posts: 316

Isumi!! biggrin Just because, y'know... all those anime character resurrection crushes blindside you. ;)

hahahah... Of course, I can't imagine him going for her... but y'know, I'm feeling kinda sorry for her after the robot incident. Sooo... it'd be cool if he did end up with her. bigrazz

Post #21258
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3:06 am, Jun 23 2007
Posts: 1191

I wouldn't mind if he ended up with Maria, Isumi, or Hinagiku (Maria's better though), but I think I'd be pretty upset if he ended up with Nagi T.T
That would just be retarded dead no
I chose no one though cuz he's better off single smile wink grin

(+'.'+) <(Kufufufu~)
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Post #21263
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3:36 am, Jun 23 2007
Posts: 5

I like hinagiku the best, but the ending... Im sure will be a:
1- Hayate pay his debt in a "Fucking no one expected ever" way. Maybe the famous cursed relic of the old Sansenin fart or something even less expected
2- Hayate keep being the Buttler of Nagi, but now he is paid as it must be (the guy simply has no real dream or personal drive... por men)
3- Nagi swear its for love... The reality probably, for friendship and because nothing awaits the poor bastard outside of the mansion.
4- He gets NO GIRL because: Nagi, Hinaguki and a lot more are just a lot of child at his vision. Maria is simply too inteligent an mature for him, and his schoolmate is a fucking hamster that even Hayate as lonely as he is will ever take. and principaly because "This is not a history of hayates success, but hayate`s failures and misfortunes" But = he will be Happy... And Nagi will hit him in the head. For sure!

Post #31420
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2:52 pm, Aug 1 2007
Posts: 2

I think he will end up with nagi (obviously). However i don't know for sure. It's possible that he will end up with maria or the other girls but it's not likely. Right now the only other person that hayate likes is Maria, however nagi won't let him touch her..... or else.... "i'm telling you now, if you lay a finger on maria...Death will be the least of your troubles. I will use my 52 submission moves and 48 finishing techniques one after another on you....and my hell roller will turn you into mincemeat..." as quoted by nagi in vol. 1 page 84. Poor hayate.... maybe he would of been better off having his organs removed and sold to anoter country... biggrin
Spoiler (highlight to view)
there is a chance that izumi or some other person might get hayate.... after all, Nagi did almost sell hayate to izumi just because she misunderstood the term "played". When hayate said that he "played with izumi and sakuya. He meant this as playing with them on a video game or such. However, she took it as a totally different meaning.... I didn't know nagi though of such things even though she is only 13. as stated by sakuya in vol 3 also. So she may accidentally sell hayate or just get rid of him in the future by a simple misunderstanding. Like maria said, "there is a bomb between the two, the slightest thing will make it crumble." How sad, but true. Also sorry for the double post. Just wanted to point that out to you ppl.

Mod Edit: Use spoiler tags and don't double post

Last edited by lambchopsil at 3:43 pm, Aug 1

(+'.'+) <(Mwahahaha!!!)

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Post #31423
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 Super Mod

3:27 pm, Aug 1 2007
Posts: 6208

I go for he chooses Nagi even though i like him to end up with Hinagiku, we all know its going to be Nagi or no one.

Spyrolth, you new MU? why don't you go introduce yourself although im not one to talk since it took me a while to introduce myself too...hahaha

Last edited by blakraven66 at 3:56 pm, Aug 1

Post #31424
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3:44 pm, Aug 1 2007
Posts: 9103

Spyrolth, don't double post and use the spoiler tag when talking about spoilers. We made them for a reason

A just ruler amongst tyrants
Post #31429

4:13 pm, Aug 1 2007
Posts: 47

I hope he chooses Hinagiku but will most likely be Nagi, which I'm fine with too haha

Post #31561
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2:13 am, Aug 2 2007
Posts: 2

Im sorry ppl im new here so go a little easy on meh... starting to feel like hayate right now...... laugh But seriously though, I think the best chances he has is nagi, maria, Ayumu, or noone at all. Also, does anyone know when vol 5 will be out? (the english version) can hardly wait for it....

(+'.'+) <(Mwahahaha!!!)

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Post #116894
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5:33 am, Jan 31 2008
Posts: 45

for sure Nagi>>> but the mangaka will probably make it sound good for the other fans out there (he has done an excellent job with the comedy so why not a good ending to top it off confused

like ppl said before, there isnt so much romance so maybe like pita ten and such [first thing that came to mind], the author will made it full comedy in the beginning and then use some more serious factors as the story ends and make it gradual, not sudden [i hope!]


Like a lot of other people, my favorite character is Hina-chan (Hinagiku) because:
A) shes cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B) shes smart
C) shes athletic (in kendo!!!)
D) Of course she compatible with him (she gets along with him well and knows his feelings!)
E) shes normal (in a way)
F) strong character (personality wise)
G) of course she likes/cares for hayate
H) her sister is LOL
I) shes responsible
J) ...etc

But ya he will end up with nagi
(tho i like Wataru and Nagi together ... They kinda match with their love for anime and ya)

I ROOT FOR HINA-cHaN all the WAY... (trys to keep my hope up...) biggrin

Last edited by spatel7 at 3:04 am, Aug 25

"But one day she realized her beloved boxing rejected her...The day she clearly realized she was a girl... However much she wanted it, she couldn't have it. So she had to give it up. And the fastest way to give it up is to hate it, right?"

~Katsu - 22 -

Touch and Katsu!---sincerely amazing

romance! + mystery fan (shounen)

HINAgiku-chan LOVE!!!

Neon Genesis Evangelion = genius
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