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Seriously, why do you people still read this?

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Post #404932 - Reply to (#404808) by APOKOLYPES
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The Gorilla Killa™

8:25 pm, Sep 7 2010
Posts: 3229

can't say everything in the story is AMAZING AWESOME FULFILLS ALL MY HOPES DREAMS DESIRES AND EXPECTATIONS, but overall Naruto has been a pretty enjoyable comic

This for me as well. It's a pretty decent manga, despite the drops in quality with some arcs.

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Post #404936 - Reply to (#404795) by x0mbiec0rp
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8:33 pm, Sep 7 2010
Posts: 14

Quote from x0mbiec0rp
If you're this critical of Naruto then you haven't read Air Gear.

Having Obama in AG trumps naruto.. even though after that chapter I dropped AG until it finishes to actually try to understand the train wrecks that occur....

Post #404938 - Reply to (#404936) by turbz
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8:37 pm, Sep 7 2010
Posts: 49

Quote from turbz
Quote from x0mbiec0rp
If you're this critical of Naruto then you haven't read Air Gear.

Having Obama in AG trumps naruto.. even though after that chapter I dropped AG until it finishes to actually try to understand the train wrecks that occur....

lol i forgot about that, makes me wonder why i still read Air Gear as i dont even undertand whats happening anymore and theres no way im gonna re-read it to try and understand it

Post #404992
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The Shorty

12:44 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 330

Naruto is better than most of the mangas out there. If you think Naruto is **** then, maybe you should stop reading like 80 percent of the mangas out there. roll eyes roll eyes Besides, I think Naruto is going to end soon, because Naruto has finally gotten the ninetail fox's chakura. It's going to end soon so most people, who are too lazy to wait for the releases will read it again.

Post #404996 - Reply to (#404928) by Burningdragon

1:15 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 325

Quote from Burningdragon
My response to this thread is: Why do you care?


For any other person who didn't get what I was trying to point out, your opinions are insignificant compared to the masses. What you may think to be true can be far from it, for example:

The statement on McDonald's food. You think of it as lunacy to consider it "good" food, but look at it this way. Out of most fast food chains, McDonald's has been ripped on the most for being unhealthy. They have also been audited based on the healthiness of their foods and has made huge changes towards health. Compare this to other fast food franchises such as burger king who don't get so much bad rep as McDonald's does, and compare? McDonald's has stopped releasing any fantastically huge heart-attack inducing burger, whereas burger king has released the steakhouse series, the angry whopper series, and the stacker series (which is bacon, cheese, burger, REPEAT). Which one is healthier now?

Bottom line...McDonald's food is good. People crave their mcflurries, their fries, and occasionally their burgers or chicken nuggets all the time, and when compared to other fast food burger places, they are actually healthier. Just because YOU think that McDonald's food is still unhealthy based on the stigma it possesses for being the front line fast food restaurant does not mean that it is true, and just because YOU think that it is bad because of this also doesn't make it true.

It fills you up, it's not overly expensive, and it's healthier then plenty of alternatives. Not the quality or rating that gives it a great or best, but it definitely deserves a good. Point being, when someone says fast-food burger joint, McDonald's comes up for a reason.

Back to the topic though, Naruto: genre - comedy, shounen, action.
Action - (particularly recently) There has been a lot of action particularly in the 1 on 1 situation with plot twists (mediocre mind you) added in it. In terms of fighting, who doesn't want to see naruto get uber up by controlling his nine tails even more, or watching bruce lee use his mega fist attack. It's entertaining and action packed, not necessarily epic, but getting their.

Shounen - is there any other way to describe cliche shounen than naruto? Main character is weak, main character has some twist about him, main character gets stronger and stronger. Cliche right? but heck, they can mess it up terribly like bleach and have naruto fail again and again and again, getting his ass kicked at the start of every arc.

Comedy - while not too funny as of recent because of the serious tones about naruto's family, who didn't laugh when the bruce lee wannabe kicked the shark guy's ass when he came rushing out of the waterfall? I loved that part!

Bottom line, if I'm in the mood for a cliche shounen, comedy, action sort of manga, i don't mind reading the latest chapter of naruto. It may not be the most epic shounen/comedy/action series out there, but it has the qualities to stand above the average guys.

Lastly, for anyone who STILL doesn't get it. Calling a series good doesn't mean it has to be amazing. It just needs to stand above the average joe, and when you compare naruto to some more obscure mangas, it does that.

I'm sick of restating crap like this to people who just don't get it, peace out

Post #404999
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1:26 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 2037

Seriously, why is your thread title a piece of ****?

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Quote from LawX
You are like the dense main character in a shoujo manga.
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Post #405000
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1:26 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 3342

Cause of the fights.
As of now, I could care less about the story.

Same thing with Veritas and Bleach.

Only active shounen story line I care about now is One Piece.

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Post #405002
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Slumbering Remnant

1:27 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 657

I'm not really sure for me it's cause I have nothing else to read... I only want to see the sasuke vs naruto fight. I skip chapters, I know it's going to be a waste of time for me to read the whole thing so I basically skipped over 20 vol. and went to the most current chapter. (I read most of the stuff on wiki or some other website). I'm not a big fan of naruto but I have nothing else to read right now...

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Post #405059 - Reply to (#404996) by Vudoodude

7:25 am, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 284

Vudoodude, tactics, loosecannon504, and Vudoodude (explaining twice now) have exactly hit the point i was trying to make... although i don't know if ppls will stop being lazy and actually read what they said, as with most message board forums,

wink it's o.k. though, ppl are entitled to reading the manga they seem to really hate

Post #405183

10:25 pm, Sep 8 2010
Posts: 8

lol there are people who still continue reading even though they claim they don't like it anymore...

For me if i don't like it anymore i would just stop reading. Why would i read something that i don't like ?

there are many manga that i dropped cause i don't like it anymore such as psyren, world embryo. one piece, gantz, tiji-kun actualy there are a lot more manga that i dropped cause i don't like it anymore. cause to me i would rather use those 2 minutes time for fapping than reading manga that i don't like. (and yes i said 2 minutes fapping cause i'm not in denial like you guys, i could say 1 hour but that would make me in denial)

Last edited by BakaSon at 10:33 pm, Sep 8

Post #405257 - Reply to (#404795) by x0mbiec0rp

5:28 am, Sep 9 2010
Posts: 221

Quote from x0mbiec0rp
If you're this critical of Naruto then you haven't read Air Gear.

That's why I don't bother reading (crap) manga.

I'm glad I've never read Naruto then.

Post #405399
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7:32 pm, Sep 9 2010
Posts: 37

Quote from x0mbiec0rp
If you're this critical of Naruto then you haven't read Air Gear.

Having Obama in AG trumps naruto.. even though after that chapter I dropped AG until it finishes to actually try to understand the train wrecks that occur....

Haha, yeah so true -maybe only REBORN is worse than Air Gear (my opinion). In only understood in Air Gear what happend up to chapter 150 ... and then , there was this one chapter, were ikki kind of went crazy and everyone was against him, and there was a party, like a big sex-orgy .. and then ... well i stopped to understand the manga, though i read it, just jumping the pages takes you 2 - 3 min, maybe even less.

Back to Naruto: I started reading Manga because i wanted to learn some other languages(no its true, i dont like to study grammatics, who the fuck learns the grammatic of a language if he wants to learn a language?) and books were kind of hard to understand (in the mangas you´ve got pictures, and even if you dont know the words you get the gist). i could only speak german and russian, and since then i read manga in french and english ... and well, i think i´m more or less fluent in these now (reading manga since 4 years) , maybe i´ll pick some mangas in portuguese or spanish

Every "Read Online" / "Lecture en ligne" - website is like ... you´ve got the main page, and there were Naruto, OnePiece and Bleach always marked as "HOT" - i think that was the main reason why i picked them up first

i nearly read the whole data-base of (when they were online) ,, and many more (french sites are:,, and believe me, nothing beats Hajime no Ippo or Initial D .. but i think i can only say that, because i did not follow those storys for decades (like other people did), would be a pain in the ass to read one downhill race in initial d ... like, 3-6 months ..

Last edited by Vamripper at 7:40 pm, Sep 9

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Post #405458

11:18 pm, Sep 9 2010
Posts: 320

Well, I read it because it's not the worst manga out there. While a crap manga like Bleach was been on free fall since the Arrancar arc, Naruto still has it's moments every now and then. You know, we'll be forced to sit through 2 months of Sasuke being emo once in a while. But then we'll be treated to something pretty entertaining for just as long. While I continue to read Bleach out of a misguided sense of necessity, I continue to read Naruto because there's enough of a balance between good and bad to make it a half decent manga.

Post #405463
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11:49 pm, Sep 9 2010
Posts: 52

I still love it. Some arcs are better than others, but I still find it very enjoyable. IMO, it has been pretty awesome lately.

I don't really understand why you would continue reading it if you hate so much.

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Post #405470
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12:13 am, Sep 10 2010
Posts: 89

It's kind of funny when some guys here say they don't like the manga but they're still reading because they started a long time ago. If you really don't like it stop reading it and wait for the final chapter (if you want to know how the manga ends)... That's what I did with LOST. I liked the beginning but then it turned out to be a mess, so I waited and watched the final episode. At least, I could save some time and watch other series.

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