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Quality vs. Speed (mangapirate case)

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Post #564561

2:01 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 60

I agree, quality FTW. I've read speed scans before and it just makes my eyes bleed sometimes. It quality of the scan was so bad the characters' faces were just made of VERY thick lines. I can wait, but I prefer not to wait too long, especially if it's a weekly chapter.

Post #564564
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2:05 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 18

I canít speak for MPís work quality since I havenít read anything from them. But what bothers me about MP in general is that they are picking up titles that have been released quite frequently and in a good quality by other teams for some time, instead of picking something new or something that has been abandoned. Just a waste, imo. no

And to the question, for me definitely ~ Quality over speed (quantity).
(The best is if I can get quality print books if I really like the story; one can dream with Korean webtoons, right? wink )

Post #564567
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2:27 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 618

I like to have a balance of the two. Ofc I like to get my manga fix as fast as possible, but if the release is almost unreadable (i.e. horribad engrish or smeared-looking pages), I wouldn't read it.

Post #564571
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2:37 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 473

I definitely prefer quality.

Whenever I come across a LQ scanlation, even if the manga has really great art or a fantastic story, I just can't seem to enjoy the manga as much as with a HQ release. (If the manga has only LQ releases to its name, I usually will choose not to read it, regardless of the quality of the manga itself.)

I'm generally a patient person, so I don't mind waiting weeks at a time for good, high quality releases. (I also keep myself occupied with many, many manga at a time, so I won't have to feel the wait as strongly.) There have definitely been times when I have waited for my favorite scanlation group to release chapters of a manga, even if the chapters have already been released in LQ.

I also keep a digital archive of unlicensed titles, so that ties into the quality over speed thing as well.

Post #564580 - Reply to (#564540) by Spikexp

3:21 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 198

Quote from Spikexp
The goal of scanlation is to bring thing from a language to another so that people can read it. It's a way to share the work to a people who would never have been able to before.

Doing 2 times the same thing goes again this, having 2 time the same thing doesn't give a broader range of people that c ...

You would have a point if people were being civil about it. They're not.

People are being complete douches towards Manga Pirates. In your own words, "They can't even be consider fan, they only do it for the money that the little work they do bring them... For all I care, they should die in a fire".

If you'd bothered to spend a minute on their site, you'd see that they actually give a shit about the works they're releasing. And they're also well aware of the criticisms they receive for scanlation quality.

Hell, the more I look into this whole situation, the more I'm getting pissed off at EG-Scans for acting like territorial assholes. I mean, trolling MP's comment sections? Are you serious?

Post #564581 - Reply to (#564486) by wolfinthesheep

3:22 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 56

Quote from wolfinthesheep
... Scanlation will be "unprofessional".

I feel inclined to post the last page of DearS, "professional" translated by Tokyopop were there is a (?) on the text.

There is the question of what is a good translation, professional ones (meaning, official English translations) are often filled with localization attempts, such as the rather annoying habit of giving a California accent to Osaka-ben.

Then we have Ikkitousen, another series that Tokyopop "translated" so well to the point its not a translation, its a re-write.

Granted, I ended up using Tokyopop as a example more that I wanted but the point stands, professional translations can be pretty awful as well.

Good translations will always end up hitting with a issue, the fact the Japanese language have its impossible to translate directly quirks (honorifics for example) and this will always be a sore spot for some people.

What part of "Please do not put in huge images!" did you fail to understand?
Post #564583 - Reply to (#564581) by Drakron
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Local Prig

3:57 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 1899

Quote from Drakron
I feel inclined to post the last page of DearS, "professional" translated by Tokyopop were there is a (?) on the text.

There is the question of what is a good translation, professional ones (meaning, official English translations) are often filled with localization attempts, such as the r ...

I wonder how much is really 'untranslatable.' Granted, there are a few things which are impossible to recreate, and it's true that there are methods for phrasing in Japanese that can't be word-for-word replicated in English, but any translator worth their salt can rephrase and properly mimic tone and texture, and that includes honorifics. A good translation is never literal, because (somewhat ironically) literal translation loses more than one with some fudging.

On topic: in theory quality over speed. I'm certain the majority will answer that way when asked. In practice, whoever releases first is probably going to get the audience, because the general audience has a poor frame of reference for what good work consists of anyway.

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Post #564584 - Reply to (#564581) by Drakron

4:13 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 198

Quote from Drakron
I feel inclined to post the last page of DearS, "professional" translated by Tokyopop were there is a (?) on the text.

There is the question of what is a good translation, professional ones (meaning, official English translations) are often filled with localization attempts, such as the r ...

Official works at least have a minimum guarantee of quality in terms of art, typesetting, inclusion of all text, correct grammar (not counting typos), etc.

Sure, professional work isn't perfect. But it will always be good-great. Scanlation can be anything from garbage-great, with many failing in at least one area (grammar is, unfortunately, the most frequent).

Rewrites are another matter entirely, because there is absolutely no intent on staying true to the original work. And even some of those can be a lot better than the original work (Samurai Pizza Cats, Final Fantasy VI, etc.).

Of course, regardless if you agree with me or not, the point is still made. Official licensed work, you expect quality, and if it's not there, you're upset. That level of expectation isn't present with Scanlations.

Post #564585

4:22 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 147

Quality. I often drop series if the scanlation has annoying english, unless I think/hope it'll get better. e.g. some of Death Toll's releases of Destroy & Revolution made close to no sense. But I've seen many of their previous releases and knew that they were capable of better so i kept with it hoping it'd improve. Another exception was with Superior. First I dropped it, then came back to it in '11 when no one had re-released but better groups had continued where JanimeS left off.

Post #564586
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4:45 am, Aug 6 2012
Posts: 12

I would have to say quality>speed for sure. I would gladly wait extra time for the higher quality as low quality really bugs me. I just want to rip out my hair if there are grammar mistakes or the manga's not cleaned well. I don't know why it bugs me so bad, but I just can't stand it. Having the sound effects untranslated doesn't bother me to much as I honestly think sometimes the sound effects look better in their original language anyway. If I know it's low quality I always finding my self thinking "Is this translation right? It sounds weird here." Even if the translation was perfectly fine, I wouldn't be able to read just the speed done scans and be done with it. I would definitely have to read the higher quality later.

The only time I would ever choose speed over quality is if there is a huge cliff hanger right at the climax of a monthly manga. I might have to peek at the speedier lower quality ones just to see what happens but I would definitely go and read and download the higher quality chapters once they come out. I can't stand cliffies, especially for monthly manga.

I don't think it is right at all that other groups would try and translate series that are already being done by another group. I didn't know that mangapirate was translating some of the same stuff the The Company was. Although I had heard of mangapirate before I had never actually read any of their stuff because I knew they had a bad rep for some reason. I started reading and will continue to read at The Company till they or I die. It's such high quality with them and a few extra days of waiting for something like Tower of God isn't gonna kill me.

Post #564918

1:32 pm, Aug 8 2012
Posts: 1041


mass produced shit from south korea [webcomics]

can get so many ppl interested and angry lol

before when i was unable to read japanese...i used to read the first available version of [jumptitlehere]
in english
grammernazi AKA americans did not like these scans back then...they dont like them now

and the whole stepping in on someone elses most of you live in countries that have a rampant free market...and you love it[america?]
so i dont really see the problem

atleast they [MP] translate their own shit and release it...they dont just take other ppls translations and make money out of it like ...mangafox ASO

Post #564920
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2:06 pm, Aug 8 2012
Posts: 278

Even if the speedscans are good, I think it is "unethical" (best word I could come up with) To take a project (or multiple) of other groups.

If groups don't want to engage in heavy competing with other groups, which is totally normal. It isn't their job, just their hobby. They might drop a project they steadily translated because the other group pumps out more releases. And when they finish their scanlation everyone already red the chapter. So there is no more interest. The original scanlation group might drop the series because they do not want to waste their time and energy on things that aren't red.

When that happens the speedscanlator doesn't have any reason to try to get it out as fast as possible.
Which can have the following effects.
They don't care about the others and keep up their pace of releases.
They care about being the first to release. now there is no more need to do it as quickly as first and they slow down and use the translators for other projects to beat other scanlation teams.

And last but not least.
They may lose interest. Maybe in the project and just dropping that. Maybe in scanlations and quitting the group completely.

And Groups that just die out, or those that just get inactive without any notice. are not that rare that I want my releases of my favorite manga to be done by a new (speed)scanlation team. with the chance that at the end of the day the project isn't scanlated anywhere anymore.

Oh, and Translation is everything, speedscans that have a bad translation are not even considered readable.

Post #564921

2:22 pm, Aug 8 2012
Posts: 82

How about speed WITH quality? Want an example? Mangastream or even A-Team. Both of them release high quality scanlations in a speedy way.

But yeah, it's a rare case to find both of these aspects (quality and speed) in a group. And I guess the ones I've mentioned have spoiled me since I expect every other group to be on the same level as both of them bigrazz

Quote from Kaitentsuki
And why are most/all Uchiha so quick to nerdrage with hatred?
Post #564932

3:43 pm, Aug 8 2012
Posts: 7

I don't really see why compare speed to quality. If you are in a scanlator team of course you have to choose but as a reader you don't have to. What I mean is if a chapter is out, I read it and if I'm not happy with the quality I can wait.

For example when mangapirate releases a ToG chapter (but the same goes for noblesse, girls of the wilds, etc), I read it, but I know that thecompany has quality releases and even translates the author's blog and comments, so later I read that as well.

I'm happy that there are both speed and quality scanlators and I can choose among the releases of different teams and can read different versions of the same chapter. I hope egscans, thecomapny, webtoonlive and other teams (or individuals) won't be mad at mangapirate and continue to do the same quality work.

Last edited by kosa333 at 3:56 pm, Aug 8

Post #564994 - Reply to (#564462) by htt91
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Mome Basher

12:43 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 3380

Quote from htt91
A team is a horror on any project.When they were KMTS Amaru was epic with the translations and the necessary additional information to be added with the chapters example UxU

Nowadays the blatant use of watermarks from them makes me wonder why they even bother with it..Check Sekirei chapter 131 or 132 i believe had full page watermarks they didn't?

What sucks is most of it is "Fuck You Mangafox" whereas we all know that Mangafox or Mangareader is only doing the same thing A-Team is doing to the authors of the series.

This is just an opinion on a whole different topic of discussion that has been covered many times on these forums.
Yes, they are both doing the same thing to the authors, but one is profiting(by an insane margin) whereas the the other doesn't.

It's quality > speed for me.
As much as I would want my releases as soon as they come out, I'd rather wait than torture my eyes with the crappy scans and terrible grammar you usually get with speed releases.

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