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New Poll - Author Pet Peeve

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Post #556835
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12:04 pm, Jun 18 2012
Posts: 409

"Copy art or story from another author" - Why is this part of the poll?

EDIT: Never mind. I think I took it too literally - as in plagiarism.

Post #556850
Piss Ant

1:18 pm, Jun 18 2012
Posts: 171

All of the above laugh
-I hate it when every character has the same face but different hair.
-Plot holes are abundant in most series.
-Long side-stories about a characters background that diverts from main story is annoying. Ex. In One Piece where it went on forever about Ace and Luffy's childhood was stupid as hell.
-Killing off the main character isn't always bad. Makes for a memorable series. Ex. Elfen Lied
-A discontinued series always sucks.
-Copying others works ruins the original (Trace being the original, Trace Perfume is going to suck. I just know it)
-The formulaic is way too detailed and the author shouldn't waste so much time trying to make the characters seem super smart. It's almost like they're trying to show off their own intelligence. Maybe I'm thinking of a different word for formulaic, but I'm pretty sure that's it. Being cryptic is also annoying.
-Plots that make no sense is the essence of manga laugh Look at Sora no Otoshimono.
-I really don't care for female mangaka's art style. Not all, just most. 80% of manhwa characters have same color scheme and art style.

-No longer do I quote great scholars, the famous, etc. Kids feigning wisdom ruined it.
--I wont type a post like a college report. If you don't read it just for that reason, you don't have to post why your hoity-toity ass refused to. I swear, so many people on this site are so full of themselves. A lot seem to think they always have an "intelligent and/or logical" point or show signs of a superiority complex. They never admit they're wrong. Maybe partially, but excuses abound! :\
-Stop mailing me about my comments. I don't read them.
Post #556910

8:39 pm, Jun 18 2012
Posts: 9

I can deal with most of this. Killing off the main character? That takes some balls on the author's side; I actually think it usually ups the drama pretty well. Dividing the plot between characters? Good for variation. No plot to speak of? Not necessarily a problem if the setting is comedic enough. None of these points would in itself be a complete contract killer for me to be honest; it can include one or even several flaws and I can still find it readable. It doesn't even have to be a bad thing.

So...I guess what irks me the most, like many others, is the series that are axed/discontinued/put on hiatus. In a good series, I suppose this is always a bad thing...

Post #556994 - Reply to (#556910) by Horn
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10:10 am, Jun 19 2012
Posts: 47

Most hated are "Plot makes no sense" and "Too many plot holes".
I'm looking at you Bleach.

Post #557031
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5:01 pm, Jun 19 2012
Posts: 19

My worst pet peeve is, in fact, that the authoor almost NEVER take the time to write a good ending for a series. Almost all the times, the ending feels rushed, not really thought of, as if the author was just bored and said "let's just finish this".

Post #557057

9:17 pm, Jun 19 2012
Posts: 1

This is entirely my own opinion and everyone is free to disagree with me, however I have no intention of offending someone with my post, I am sorry if that happens. It is just what I think. Everyone has a different opinion.

Kill off the main character i think this should not be taken as an equal to "the author is bad", because the author kills his character thinking that's the best ending there could be. It is our own interpretations and tastes that make the fact seem something bad.

Have such similar characters (looks or personality) that you confuse them - that certainly might be the cause of irritation. Always trying to guess which one's speaking. At least the clothes might make it easier, and you can guess it with many hints from the flow of the story, but having to do such a brain-wrecking action just to know who's talking/moving etc is too much. Should be considered the failure of the author in his/her try to make a good, original character design for each character. That is, unless the two characters need to be alike, for the story. Such as twins or something like that. (even for those kind of situations, there should be something we could differentiate them with, just the bangs going opposite ways won't do, because manga is not like real life. Depending on the angle of the drawing, some manga-ka change the way the hair goes. For example, when a characters switches from looking to right to left, the hair also changes sides). I have quite a bad memory with this, my friend was drawing a manga with two characters exactly the same, but who had no reason for being the same. And said how I was the only one who knew who was who (I made great efforts. uhh), but I should have realized it was her fault and not mine and I shouldn't be the one to e on her good side. I was always like "hehe, really, it's easy..hehe...why would you mix them...hehe..."

Draw the same faces on different characters in other series - at first it will be confusing and a bit displeasing, but it's not like it's the same character. It's just that the manga-ka wanted to draw them like that because it fits their personality, it's not like they made them similar on purpose. It's not like all authors make different types of eyes and such for every character. Sailor Moon, for example.

Discontinue the series (or hiatus)]
I think a hiatus or discontinuation is not the author's fault. Because these kind of things come with a reason the author can't argue with. For Hiatus - it could be anything. What if the author falls really ill and is hospitalized? If we say "what is this author doing? making us wait? just draw already" then it's like saying we aren't complaining and accept the situation every time the teacher or boss makes us work even though we aren't feeling well or something and does't even care. And for Discontinuation - the author really has nothing to say about that. A series is discontinued when it's not popular/well received enough. The magazine they're drawing for just says "in X chapters, you end this series". And it's not like they can just draw the continuation and publish it as a doujinshi or something, because they don't have the time for that. If they want to continue to try and make it as a successful manga-ka, then they would not have the time to continue the discontinued series, they will surely try and draw something else. Because it's not like money's falling from the sky.
The one thing I can't understand is why people can't accept these situation. I'm more like, I will wait forever for a hiatus to end. I'm not in any position to complain anyway.

Divert the plot away from the main characters - This should be considered good. Developing all your characters is important. If not, they're just there to connect the story when you can't do that without having a character push the story forward. Anyway, many people say "your character has no personality" and in manga contests "Characters" is one of the judged parts of the manga. Well, sometimes if the character annoys me, of course I don't want to read a whole chapter or even 10 about him/her. Even more so when I know the manga-ka's doing this in order to show his/her past and make me like that character. Because, why make me hate him/her and then want me to like him/her. But, in the case when you like the character, you'll be happy to see him/her more, right?XD

Have characters step out of character - Hmmm this could be in a way a side of character development. Authors might want to show that "this character can also make this kind of expression". And I see no one complains when a good for nothing character goes and becomes all cool in order to do something awesome as protecting someone. That's out of the character for me.

Copy art or story from another author - That is inevitable. Everyone has an idol or a preferred subject (like psychology, mystery etc) so it's not like they're doing it on purpose. For example, I like the art of a manga-ka. But maybe I see another manga-ka that resembles this one. It might seem annoying if you don't think enough, but when you go surf the large web, you'll see lots of amateur artists with that kind of art style. Trust me on this. The story? The word "cliche" should exist for this purpose, is it not? If I were to comment on how this author made the same "cultural festival" setting in their story like some other author did, I wouldn't get anywhere.
Of course, doing it on purpose is not good. Like stealing art and such. I have seen these kind of cases, even for real manga-ka. Plagiarism will always be tried when you think you "can do it, so why not do it? Just a little bit from here and there, I like the idea". I hate those kind of things...but some of them can't even fall into a category. Like, is it on purpose or not? Sometimes eve you yourself can't figure out the answer.

Being too formulaic - This depends on tastes. Solely on tastes.That's what I think. (that is, if I got the meaning of the word "formulaic" right, ehe!)

Have a plot that makes no sense - A plot that makes no sense can't be considered annoying anymore. It's more like, a failure as a story. If no one can get what's happening, I wonder how the author made it this far with such a failure of a story. Or maybe it's me who doesn't understand it. For example, if you made me summarize FLCL, I wouldn't be able to do it. For me, that thing was a complete mess and I didn't get anything from it. Not that I tried too much, I hated the characters anyway, all of them annoyed them to the maximum. At least, that's how it was when I watched that anime. Left me with a "bleargh" expression.

Have lots of plot holes - That should be considered annoying. I mean, you've got an editor, at least make the plot holes less. With two minds thinking, or even some friends to help, one should be able to do it. But still, what's impossible remains impossible. It's like making me say what's 1+1 when I haven't learned any math.

Dislike his/her art style - this one, there's no way of curing this. Just a strong mind who can accept anything. Eh, me, for example, although I choose more based on art (shame on me), I don't criticize someone's art. And if the story is interesting, I could care less about art. Also, really bad art won't pass and be made into an official manga. If the art is good, then the style's at fault. And with the style, you can get accustomed. There was this manga, Akuma de Sourou. At first the art looked like "what's this i don't like it!" but at the end I was squealing at how cute the man male character is.

Hmmm so in the end, I think the ones I would be able to get annoyed at would be:
Have such similar characters (looks or personality) that you confuse them
Have a plot that makes no sense
Have lots of plot holes

I think I'm actually stupid for taking this so seriously and writing a whole composition on the topic. sob.

Post #557296
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Noblesse Forever!

4:32 am, Jun 21 2012
Posts: 1066

Draw the same faces on different characters in other series : The best example would be Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail and Rave. Many characters have same design especially the female one. Also you can hardly distinguish between female characters in Fairy Tail especially in the starting

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Post #557298 - Reply to (#557031) by punkie
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Sam the Eagle

4:41 am, Jun 21 2012
Posts: 351

Quote from punkie
My worst pet peeve is, in fact, that the authoor almost NEVER take the time to write a good ending for a series. Almost all the times, the ending feels rushed, not really thought of, as if the author was just bored and said "let's just finish this".

Finally, someone else thinks like me. Every manga that I've read has either be cut and ended with "and the journey continues" or the story went on so long that the mangaka didn't care anymore and just wrote some terrible chapter that completely ignored all of the character growth that he had worked toward through five hundred chapters.*

*yeah, I'm talking about you Negima.

Post #557627
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7:38 am, Jun 23 2012
Posts: 63

UGH! I hate when the author quits their story, I would prefer a rushed ending to a never will be continued.

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