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Quality vs. Speed (mangapirate case)

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From User Message Body
Post #565006 - Reply to (#564994) by Scyfon

1:59 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 56

Quote from Scyfon they didn't?

They did ... twice at least, once about The Breaker and then in the wake of the whole Mangafox issue.

Also on the subject of "opinion", we been over this a few times and the authors for most part have stated they dont want scannalizations of their works, in A-Team case the author of The Breaker: New Waves come out and said that.

Also give a break, there are people making money out of this, this is clear with H series were groups take commissions but also outside were translators take commissions, its in a way amusing that one the persons that started the whole Mangafox issue also takes commissions.

Also there is this: y/

Why do you think so many groups love a certain online reader?

What part of "Please do not put in huge images!" did you fail to understand?
Post #565007 - Reply to (#565006) by Drakron
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Mome Basher

2:09 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 3380

Quote from Drakron
Quote from Scyfon they didn't?

They did ... twice at least, once about The Breaker and then in the wake of the whole Mangafox issue.

I was referring to the Sekirei chapters mentioned...

Also, I specifically mentioned that Mangafox is profiting by an insane margin.
Yes, some groups do make "money" out of their releases, but Mangafox makes a freakin' salary out of it.
Either way, this isn't the place to discuss this. There were threads dedicated to the topic, and they were locked for a reason.
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Fanboys/fangirls are just too stubborn :\

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Post #565011
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2:45 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 145

Quote Tony Stark from Iron Man... "Is it too much to ask for both?"

Post #565014

2:57 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 150

Obviously both would be ideal, but if you were to ask me I would pick quality over speed every single time.

For series that I really like, I will take the time to go to the scanlators page and download them directly from the source. If I'm just doing casual reading I'll just hit up Batoto for some manga consumption.

At one point DeathToll Scans was doing Cage of Eden, but DragonFly Scans was releasing them a little quicker so their version was posted to manga aggregator sites like MF and MR. I dare you to read something by DragonFly and try to make sense out of it - it's painful to do so.

Personally, I find Mangastream to be the gold standard for both sides, but I'm sure others would disagree (RedHawk and a couple others are also terrific).

Post #565029 - Reply to (#564994) by Scyfon

4:07 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 4

Quote from Scyfon they didn't?

What sucks is most of it is "Fuck You Mangafox" whereas we all know that Mangafox or Mangareader is only doing the same thing A-Team is doing to the authors of the series.

This is just an opinion on a whole different topic of discussion that has been covered many time ...

Well i messed the chapter numbers.I rechecked and 122 and 123 definitely have more or less full page watermarks and that too on every single page!Same with The Breaker New Waves chapter 79.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)

Now u say they are different but think this way that the authors know they works are being manipulated and worked upon without permission and it does cause losses to them!If they decide to watermark every single page with say "F*ck you Scanlators" like A-Team do u seriously think it would solve anything?I am sure even with the watermarks Mangafox shamelessly hosted those who suffers in the end?Its the regular readers and fans who suffer...Think this way we live in a globalised society and its not impossible for the authors to hire a Korean/Japanese --> English translator.

When A Team does scanlations as a fan themselves I love them,I praise them but if they make it a money making business its shit.Also there is always the option of Batoto which shares the earnings from Ad clicks on their pages with the scanlators.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)

Post #565036 - Reply to (#565007) by Scyfon

4:46 am, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 56

Quote from Scyfon
Also, I specifically mentioned that Mangafox is profiting by an insane margin.

This is irrelevant, if its 1 cent or $100 this is something nobody should be doing in the first place.

The whole things bogs down to moral, not legality and its kinda amusing the whole outcry about Mangafox when some people are being payed for translations were the ones that are getting money out of scanalation.

In short kettle, pot, black.

To remain on topic, with money involved there is a incentive to be "first" and so quality takes a back seat.

What part of "Please do not put in huge images!" did you fail to understand?
Post #565093
user avatar

2:24 pm, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 18

Vendetta Scans speaking here

Latest Release(s)
c.7 by Vendetta Scans (0d ago)
c.6 by Manga Pirate (1d ago)
c.5 by Manga Pirate (5d ago)
Search for all releases of this series

Killer Stall series, they took our chapter 7 cleaned watermarks took out credit and made it their own

Post #565096 - Reply to (#565093) by Dafortminor
user avatar

2:43 pm, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 920

I even recall reading that they leave the credit page from other groups, makes them a liar embarrassed

Post #565097
Piss Ant

2:48 pm, Aug 9 2012
Posts: 171

I'm tired of bitching about groups who steal works, so I just don't care anymore. Why let something so trivial stress me out in any way, shape, or form? I don't care about MangaFox making money nor do I care about scanlator code (or whatever you want to call it). Whoever is first is the one I'll read. Just don't care anymore. All the crying in the world wont make a difference. I admit it does suck for a group to get their works hijacked. I just have too many RL problems to care about petty shit like this anymore. Yea, I read quite a bit of MangaPirate's works. If it ain't on Batoto, I'll check MangaFox. Fuck it. If anyone's that worried about it, just use Ghostery and AdBlockPlus add-ons. Either way, I don't care. I'll read the fastest release. If it's really, REALLY bad, I'll check out the higher-quality version when another group get's around to it. Otherwise, I'll just be glad it's free and carry on with whatever else I have going on in the day. I don't have time to be picky about shit like that. Some people who cry about the dialogue not making sense or something need to learn some reasoning skills (not that anyone here was crying about it, just another case). In the end, I still don't care. I'll read whoever is faster. Not that they'll know I was there with my blocking add-ons. none

EDIT:Just read through most of the thread until this little nugget stopped me in my tracks. Nearly did the cliche spit out whatever is in my mouth when I saw this...
Quote from TaoPaiPai
atleast they [MP] translate their own shit and release it...they dont just take other ppls translations and make money out of it like ...mangafox ASO

Please tell me you're trolling. Or you're very, very new. Anyone can tell you you're horribly, terribly, unfortunately, and completely wrong. You poor misguided soul. no laugh

Last edited by That3rdGuy at 12:17 am, Aug 10

-No longer do I quote great scholars, the famous, etc. Kids feigning wisdom ruined it.
--I wont type a post like a college report. If you don't read it just for that reason, you don't have to post why your hoity-toity ass refused to. I swear, so many people on this site are so full of themselves. A lot seem to think they always have an "intelligent and/or logical" point or show signs of a superiority complex. They never admit they're wrong. Maybe partially, but excuses abound! :\
-Stop mailing me about my comments. I don't read them.
Post #565163 - Reply to (#564918) by TaoPaiPai
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12:04 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 60

Quote from TaoPaiPai

mass produced shit from south korea [webcomics]

can get so many ppl interested and angry lol

before when i was unable to read japanese...i used to read the first available version of [jumptitlehere]
in english
grammernazi AKA americans did not like these scans back then...they dont like them now

and the whole stepping in on someone elses most of you live in countries that have a rampant free market...and you love it[america?]
so i dont really see the problem

atleast they [MP] translate their own shit and release it...they dont just take other ppls translations and make money out of it like ...mangafox ASO

kinda brought it up on my own , but you obviously are not that informed , MP have stolen chapters and translations on many occasions from all the groups they have stolen projects as well

PS. Stolen project is not a term i like to use , but as someone that is hindered by their actions i gave it a slip there.

Post #565219
user avatar

6:11 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 60

I really wonder if it is fine to allow Manga Pirate to add their rlease here.The reasons I consider it should be removed from MU database is---
*It is an Manga Hosting Site just like Mangafox,Mangareader/Mangapanda etc..... Isnt that as same as promoting manga hosting sites? If you are going to allow them,then you might allow mangapanda for the big three release or mangafox where some fans release some manga there. Its completly equal as promoting manga reader sites,which I think is not allowed,right? Now you might say that they are releasing their own manga but thats an excuse they are using to advertise their site. They can make an blog or something for releases? The Company never said their website as Batoto,did they?

If I recall this site is for readers and scanlators...and not for aggregator sites.
If it continues,every aggregator site would pick one to two series and promote their site on MU.

From my point of view,its totally unfair.

* They steal releases. Yes,they steal releases from other scanlators and use it as if they are the one who released it.
(I am not from any scanlation team.)
The rules should apply to them too.....
I would request the staff to consider removing MP from MU database,if not for second case then the first one is more than enough.

Last edited by tragicking at 7:30 am, Aug 10

Post #565223
user avatar

6:44 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 182

I think both are important, but if I have to say which one I would still prefer quality.

If I'm following a series, I would still download the chapter from the group that release first, but after another group release the high quality one I would delete the first file and download the quality. One of the example I can think of is Skip Beat with mechgouki as the fast releaser and maximum7 as the quality.

By quality I mean translation quality, how much the translation makes sense in the context of the chapter, and sometimes type matters to me too.

I don't really find any problem with two groups having the same project especially since they have different policy or release quality. Manga aggregator sites are a different matter completely though. If I'm desperate enough, I would go to them. But if I can survive another day without reading the next chapter, I can wait for a proper release.

Post #565238
user avatar

9:21 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 111

I have doubts many people will agree with me, but I see "piracy" like scanlation as a form of preservation. Manga is considered disposable in Japan and can be "lost" easily (original masters destroyed, commercial release becomes rare). As scanlation is a fan effort (even though it's often done by non-fans nowadays) I think quality should be the top priority. English publishers and printings come and go and often suffer from a loss of quality compared to the Japanese release anyway, but a scanlation is effectively eternal. Making the files inconveniently big and keeping them off of online readers serves the benefit of keeping the scanlation underground, avoiding unwanted attention from publishers, and keeping it at an acceptable level of quality for future computers.

Speed groups are more like "profit groups" in my experience. They put out a crap product quickly to gain hits and revenue.

To answer the topic, quality for me, hands down.

Post #565244

9:59 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 6

I have a suggestion for the high quality groups that are being robbed of their projects by those speed groups. Maybe they could make a fast release with a poor quality and then later on, make a high quality release. This would address the problem of losing their projects to those speed groups and in turn, give manga hosting sites a crappy quality releases. If the readers would get sick of reading those crappy releases, they would be forced to visit the scanlator's site for the high quality release, thereby increasing traffic to their site. Umm, so that's it. Does it make sense?

Post #565247
user avatar
A talking rock

10:21 am, Aug 10 2012
Posts: 383

I'll wait for my favorite scanlator to release their translation, regardless of the speed.
And yes, sometimes, too much quality is a burden, especially for those who have slow internet connection.

For the mangapirate case (and many other similiar case), I appreciate their work on translating series that is untranslated/ translated-but the release take forever. But to take a series that is already translated and is updated frequently (ex: Noblesse, Girls of the Wild's, ToG, and Kubera) by another group is pointless.

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