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The rating of "1" and "10"

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From User Message Body
Post #252313

4:39 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 155

so how often do you rate a manga 1? 10?
What do you usually meant by rating a manga 1?
a) absolutely unreadable
b) absolutely un-enjoyable
c) not your type
d) too frustrated or too confusing or totally predictable
e) because too many 10 votes and you don't get why it is "10" (or overated)
f) terrible art (added, RexIX)

there is a relate topic thread here 4526&hl=rating%201 but the point of this thread is different..

People voting 10 or 9 meaning they really love the manga.. but i want to know some reasons for the vote 1... We are so accustomed to the ABC system that a 9 and 10 is A and everything less than a 7 (with a grade of C) isn't that good.. So that is why there is a lot of 10.. but i don't get the rating "1" , since "2" or "3" or even "4" give the same feeling as a "1".. and I don't understand why there are "1" in some really really good series.. For me, if I cannot finished chapter 1 to 3.. then i marked at unfinished or drop.. because i believe i didn't read enough to gave it a rating.. so how many chapters to do you read before giving a series "1"?

a) 1 chapters
b) 3 chapters
c) 1 volume
d) 3 volumes

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Post #252323
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4:52 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 86

For manga to earn "1" it should have all your named things plus horrible drawings, pathetic scenario, and very many people who have rated it with "10". No srly I would rate some manga less terrible if only there wouldn't be so many fan freaks who because of some godly idioticy have put for the manga "10" withour really explaining why - Just because they liked it. So only logical conclusion if people give manga 10 without a logical reason, then why shouldn't I give 1 without a real reason.

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Post #252326

5:03 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 135

Unfortunately, I don't rate manga on this website because too many people are rating only 10s and 1s. Whether or not you (generic "you") like something, there are actually certain markers for quality. I know they can be subjective, but really people, what's the point of ratings if every single series becomes binodal?

People should not be rating extremes just because they happen to like/dislike something and want to offset the people who have an opposing opinion.

RexIX, I understand your frustration; it's why I don't vote. I know it's the other person who started it, but by scoring that opposite, you are only making it worse. I honestly believe the rating system on this (and certain other manga websites) needs to be removed due to some very severe abuse. It's gotten so bad that I ignore it entirely as a waste of page space.

Post #252329
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Mad With a Hat

5:05 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 4767

First of all, this should be in manga general, no?

About my vote system...
If I enjoy the manga greatly, and it has great art and great plot it gets 10 from me. (It greatly depends on my personal enjoyment)
I vote 1 for series I don't enjoy at all, or maybe can't stand them so I vote so low...
The higher 2,3,4 are given based on art mostly.
Sometimes manga has fine art, but not a really good story... So it's 5-6 for me.
If the story has great art, and annoying/bad or whatever plot, I usually rate it 7. (maybe 6+)

Maybe a chapter, maybe more... If I don't like it, I usually don't like it for good. none

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Post #252331

5:07 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 332


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Post #252332
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5:09 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 612

this is an interesting topic, though a poll would be more effective

to be honest, i rate series using 4 digits only - 1, 5, 8, or 10

1 would be rubbish...something incredibly cliche, with horrible arts, unrealistic twists, and ridiculous plots

5 would be bad...common, unoriginal plots with some unheard-of but stupid twists, average arts, and bad character development

8 would be good...nothing spectacular, but good storyline, likeable characters, and still remained in my reading list

10 would be spectacular....awesome story, art doesn't have to be amazing, but endurable, and the plot must be out-of-this-world

i don't see the point of a full 10-points based scale...rather, a smaller, about 5 or so levels, would be more effective for readers to judge whether the manga is good enough to try or not

ps: i don't use the points in between the judge for "neutral" or "so-so" series...if i rate the manga as rubbish or bad, it would only be to warn readers to not read it; a good or spectacular rating would encourages people to try out the series...however, a so-so series doesn't deserve even a small effort to rate or review

Last edited by Cerulean at 5:22 pm, Jan 26

The Deviant
Post #252335 - Reply to (#252332) by Cerulean

5:16 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 332


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Post #252339
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5:27 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 1622

Hrm. 10 is I absolutely love it and will re-read it and recommend it with enthusiasm.

9.5 or 9 is I really like it, but it probably doesn't have the re-readability. (For 9.5, there was just something about it that bothered me enough that I didn't give it a 10. It might be the ending, or a character, or something about the art, but something was a little bit off.) Still definitely recommended.

8.5 or 8 is I liked it, but it's nothing extraordinary. Relatively common plot/art/characters for its genre. Recommendable under the right circumstances.

7.5 or 7 is not much in the way of plot or art. Still recommendable under the right circumstances, but less so.

6 thru 4 is I didn't like it (bad or no plot, repetitive, maybe OK art). Where it falls is subjective to my mood that day. Wouldn't recommend it.

3 or 2 is I can't stand it, I probably won't even finish this trash. I despise the art, the story, the characters, and everything.

1 is I don't want to remember it exists.

My lowest score to date is a 4 though. Nothing's hit the 1-3 range... yet.

If you've ever thought or said "Nice Guys finish last" and really meant it, then you should probably read this LJ post by DivaLion. It's incredibly insightful whether you're male or female.

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Post #252341
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5:33 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 3120

i rarely give out 10's, usually a 9 is already great
1's are for series i wish never existed at all

Post #252358

7:06 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 155

RexIX and Coccyzus ... there aren't much say when a person rate a series 10, people keep repeating of what already said, and that is why a lot of "10" rater doesn't comment... as for me i am more curious of "1" rater comment..

*cough* srry fair lolita .. i meant nightswan..

Sijy- i rate berserk 10 but because it quite extreme.. there will be readers cannot stomach it..

Cerulean and Sagaris- funny you brought up.. it come to my attention that manga do got cancel due to popularity decline.. that meant so-so and wish-never-existed-at-all still have enough fanbase to continue..

Liria- most thorough comment so far.. though some manga is great but since you already know the ending, you just don't want to reread it ... really good series like "20th century boys" .. for example *just for me though*

Sometimes for continues manga, i went back and rerate them (i rate naruto and bleach quite high before and now i rate them a bit lower)

Post #252373 - Reply to (#252358) by movingstone
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9:31 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 1622

Quote from movingstone
Liria- most thorough comment so far.. though some manga is great but since you already know the ending, you just don't want to reread it ... really good series like "20th century boys" .. for example *just for me though*

If something is truly deserving of a 10, regardless of re-readability, then I do give it a 10.

My only problem is that when I first started rating, I didn't have that system, so there's some older ratings that I need to go back and re-rate now.

If you've ever thought or said "Nice Guys finish last" and really meant it, then you should probably read this LJ post by DivaLion. It's incredibly insightful whether you're male or female.

From a bumper sticker I like:
"If you're gonna ride my ass, at least pull my hair."
Post #252375

9:45 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 135

Liria certainly gave a pretty thorough comment, and of the messages so far, has the most thought out and balanced explanation. My only issue, to reiterate, is just that personal preferences shouldn't skew the common definitions of quality. (If more people were like Liria, I wouldn't be nearly as upset with the whole rating system.) For example, L clearly has a slight preference for art when scoring manga. I tend to be less stringent on art and more demanding in plot. But I know this, so on sites that I offer a rating for, I take this personal preference into account and alter my score accordingly to compensate.

Since it was asked, I never rate 1s and 10s. In order to rate a one, the art is unnacceptable (I rated something a 3 once when the mangaka fairly consistently gave one character two right hands, and proportions were inconsistent and often ridiculous), there is little to no plot, there are severe continuity errors, and blatent impossiblities in character behaviour. There are other things, but moving on...

A 10 would be something not just in the canon of manga, but something that almost everyone would appreciate the actual quality of. Even if the subject matter, genre, mangaka, etc. is something you would not like, but the work as a whole is so good that you know it is something that must be read, that rates a 10. It has to be in every sense, a superior work, even if you hate it.

edit: don't forget, most people don't bother to go back and rate things unless they loved it or hated it. Hence binodal scoring. A four star system may help with that...

Post #252376
user avatar
Crazy Cat Lady

9:52 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 1850

I don't think I've ever rated anything a 1 or a 10. (Might have rated Yotsubato! a 10 just because I love it so much, I can't remember...)

To be rated a 10, a manga would have to be PERFECT, and - though I've read many manga that I dearly love - I have yet to read one that I think of as PERFECT, they've all got at least a few flaws.

To be rated a 1, a manga would have to be, in my opinion, totally worthless. I've certainly read some that I thought were pretty bad, but (as yet) nothing totally worthless.

I don't actually rate manga very often, but when I do I try to take art, plot, & character development into consideration. It's mostly a scale of "how much would *I* recommend this manga?" and as such my personal preferences do play into it.

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Post #252377
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9:52 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 227

Never read a manga that I'd rate a 1. There are a few mangas that id give 10s to though.

Post #252392

10:36 pm, Jan 26 2009
Posts: 18

Well, in case you haven't noticed, a lot of people are trying to cast votes that will hold greater sway over the arithmetic mean. If they see a series they think is overrated, they give it a 1 by default; if they see a series they think is underrated, they give it a 10 by default.

Some people also miss key points and judge a series in a superficial way and/or rate a series effectively speaking by how much they like the genre.

Generally speaking ratings are a little high, because most people are inclined to simply put an 8, 9 or 10 if they have any sort of like for a manga.

With regards to how I vote, a 10 means that it touched me deeply. Low ratings are a bit ambiguous, but always mean that I have some sort of fundamental problem with the series.

I think my lowest rating was a 2 from when I read a manga that had blatant political themes but provided no insightful outlook and no compelling story. (Most people who rated it loved it -- I just felt like it was too propaganda driven, which is something I can't stand even when it's a political stance I agree with.)

An example of an obvious 10 would be Berserk. I cannot see any reasonable human being rating it lower than a 7 no matter how tough a critic they are unless they seriously hate the genre itself (dark, gritty, low fantasy/horror).

An example of a 10 that to other people probably wouldn't be a 10 was Suzuka, which paralleled my first romance in many ways, except that mine ended sourly. And without some of the stupidity, particularly with regards to life-changing mistakes.

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