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bros before hoe!!

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7:21 pm, Jan 16 2018
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im looking for a real bro type of manga and anime.

basically lets not focous on some useless girl with big tits but two guys that may be friends or enemies at first but work together to survive their adventures.

like jin and mugen from samurai champoo as a example of enimes working together

or kamina and semon as a example of friends/bros working together

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9:43 pm, Jan 16 2018
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Hunter X Hunter

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12:57 am, Jan 17 2018
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I love when people make broad accusations like that because it usually shows their own ignorance.

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Lone Wanderer

1:53 pm, Jan 17 2018
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Get Backers, definitely.

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4:11 pm, Jan 18 2018
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Ushio to Tora

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