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Shoujo ai with feminine girl x boyish girl

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Elysia Moonlight

12:56 pm, Feb 2 2018
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Something sweet and adorable, preferably, like Tamen de Gushi. With the tomboyish one being more dominant. No smut please.

ADDITIONAL plus points:
- height gap
- opposite personalities
- boyish looks boyish, girly looks girly

Thanks!! (Honestly, I'm not sure whether i posted this in thr right category but oh well)

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3:54 pm, Feb 2 2018
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Technically I suppose this should have been in the Yaoi/Yuri forum... but, oh well...

Anyways, Asagao to Kase-san. is what you are looking for.
Sasameki Koto might also fit. She doesn't really look boyish though.
Maybe Strawberry Shake...
LL Sister perhaps... though not sure that the boyish one is dominant here

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Mythical Creature

5:06 pm, Feb 2 2018
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I'll second kase san, its one of my favorite manga of all time.

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7:56 pm, Feb 2 2018
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The first thing I was going to recommend was Kase-san too, so I guess I'm thirding it.

Candy (Suzuki Yufuko) also fits, if I'm remembering correctly, though it's been a while since I've read it.

And, Collectors, kind of.

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1:54 am, Feb 7 2018
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Give Hana to Hoshi a shot

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