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Male lead falls first?

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5:22 am, Aug 11 2018
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Okay, I am tired weak pushover and annoying female lead falling in love first and chasing guy who is not interested.

So I want to read something where the male lead falls first and chase the female lead who isn't interested in him so he tries to win her over. Female lead doesn't return feelings and takes a lot of time of at least time to like him back.
Bonus: Male lead is jealous or Tsundere or both
Please no weak or pushover female lead rather headstrong female lead who speaks her mind and stands up for herself
You can recommend me ANYTHING. Like manga couldbe anime webtoon webcomics Chinese novel etc.
No ecchi or hentai please. ?

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6:53 am, Aug 11 2018
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I would definitively recommend My Hero!. ?

However, the following manga don't 100% fit your requirements, but I'll mention them anyway.
Hana ni Arashi (TAKAGI Shigeyoshi) (male lead no tsundere)
Strange Dragon (male lead tsundere, female lead doesn't hate him)
Nobara no Hanayome (male lead no tsundere)
Joou no Hana (male lead no tsundere, female lead has yet to return his feelings)
Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata (unconventional female lead)

Hope I could help.

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an Everlasting~

1:17 pm, Aug 11 2018
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Mangas that fits most of your requirements:
Mikansei Lovers- this one fits your requirements the most as it has a jealous male lead and he constantly gets rejected by female lead
Koroshi Ai- killer male lead pursues unwilling female lead that is also an assassin
Raise wa Tanin ga Ii both leads are engaged to each other, but female finds out about the real him, so she rejects him
Toukyou Kareshi - the side story "Tatami 4.5 Mats Lovers" fits minus tsundere/jealous male lead
Orange Marmalade- male lead pretty much stalks female lead, she tries to avoid him because of various reasons

These kinda fits, but still relevant:
Last Game- main male lead pursues dense female lead, female lead is not weak crybaby so there's that (oh main male lead is tsundere)
Special A- same as above but male lead is jealous type, female lead can be a bit silly though
Koi Dano Ai Dano- also same as above, female lead is smart (but dense)
Otome to Meteo- female lead rejects male lead's "proposal" but quickly warms up to him

Hope these help you. Worth going through the "male lead falls in love first" tag.

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5:49 pm, Aug 11 2018
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It has all you wanted but the male MC is jealous and not tsundere
Akuyaku Ouji wa Koi ga Dekinai
The MC is jelous too this may fits it's so popular but I dropped it
SP x Baby
The famale MC has a strong character but the male MC isn't tsundere but sometimes he gets jealous of her neighbor and he is very kind
Mizutama Honey Boy
But the male MC like sp X baby

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8:57 pm, Aug 11 2018
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Beauty Pop
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Narumi fell for Kiri way before she even showed signs of having romantic feelings

Eensy Weensy Monster
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I'm pretty sure the guy fell first

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4:10 am, Aug 14 2018
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You should try the webtoon Live or Not

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4:41 am, Aug 15 2018
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Hana yori Dango (girl is super headstrong, while the ML is a tsundere yet totally in love with the girl,
the male lead falls in love first and chases after the female lead who isn't interested in him at all and in fact hates him but he very slowly wins her over)
Saver (the FL is very strong and indifferent to most things, for a lot of the manga she is disguised as a man and no one questions it because she is so strong, and calm, but that doesn't stop the ML from falling in love with her as well as a few other ML's. The only qualms I have with this series is that it isn't solely romance, instead it more so focuses on the action and adventure of the FL trying to overtake the villains but for the romance it does show I really enjoyed it. It was slow but very sweet)
100% Perfect Girl (The ML falls in love at first sight while the FL finds him interesting but doesn't fall in love and instead distances herself, and for the rest of the story it continues to be this way. Even after they fall in love things happen making the FL distance herself while the ML desperately chases after hoping to win her back)
Beauty Pop (someone else already mentioned this one but I just want to say its a good read, the ML is sort of tsundere and falls in love first while the girl is very indifferent and from what I remember doesn't listen to anyone if she doesn't want to.)
5-ji kara 9-ji made ( The FL is pretty savage, the ML chases after her but she only wants to work towards her goal and doesn't want a man, which she tells him time and time again. [Even after sleeping together, which I believe happens in the first few chapters, it means nothing to her, just a one night stand] However he is petty persistent and goes to great lengths in order to "capture" her.
100% Sweet Love: The Delinquent XXX Wife Is a Bit Sweet (Novel) (haven't gotten around to reading it yet but from what I hear its pretty good and the ML falls in love first desperately trying to win over the FL while she tries to run from his love before learning to slowly accept it and finally start loving him back, she is not weak and stands up for herself and gets revenge on those who do her wrong)
Stunning Edge (Novel) (the FL is strong while her personality is cold, because of this a lot of guys fall in love with her and pursue her while she stays indifferent, I'm not super far so I don't know who the ML is (although I have my suspicions) but there are a few tsundere guys following her around along with all the other guys (there like 8 so far))

That's all I could think of right now, sorry for the long explanations but hope it helped.

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2:31 pm, Mar 13 2021
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Raise wa Tanin ga Ii

-The male lead is a manwh0re (λˆˆβ€Έλˆˆ)

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