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The title of a crossdresser manga

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8:52 pm, Dec 2 2018
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I forgot the title but I remember some details clearly.

a normal guy, (i think he was in early twenties) meets a crossdressing couple, a husband who is a woman and a wife that is a man. They throw a party and drink a lot. When the drunk husband reveals her true gender in fromt of the guy as she strrips her clothes, he was shocked.

Afterwards he had trouble remembering.

Then the couple reveals and explains their crossdressing habits. He had a hard time accepting their lifestyle.

In another chapter, the husband refuses to go see her father. The wife, who never saw his father again, persuades her to have a reunion with him.

I think the couple have a daughter who is close to age of the guy. I also think the guy was estranged from his family and has to live with the crossdressing family.

Please help me remember the title

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2:51 am, Dec 3 2018
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I think that its F. Compo.

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3:47 am, Dec 3 2018
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Yes, you are correct. That is the title I have been looking for. F. Compo.

Thank you very much.

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