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Yaoi where rough guy is uke/ reverse role expectation

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Ancient Alien

1:53 am, Jan 10 2019
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Hello, I'm looking for some recommendations for Yaoi where the bottom is the rough, yakuza-ish kind of guy, while the top is a pretty boy/well, someone you wouldn't expect to be a top. I love seeing role reversals in which the guy who seems to obviously be the seme is actually the uke and vice versa.

Something like Scarlet Beriko's manga or Okosama Star. I'm open to different sorts of couples (opposites attract/enemies is a favorite trope lol) and switching. I'm also open to f/m couples and f/f couples as long as they aren't just side pairings.

If there are similar threads I apologize!

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it's a boy

3:20 am, Jan 10 2019
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Moved to Yaoi/Yuri.

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7:23 am, Jan 10 2019
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This is one of my favorite tropes!

The only one that comes to mind right now is Nirameba Koi, but look under the Delinquent Uke and Tough Uke tags, there are some really good ones. Maybe also the Seme-like Uke, Masculine Uke, Muscular Uke, and Violent Uke tags.

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Lone Wanderer

2:21 pm, Jan 10 2019
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I'd say this is my favourite trope, provided the "tough" uke doesn't turn into a whiny crybaby in bed, which is, unfortunately, the more common outcome. (I really don't understand why the BL genre is so stagnant and predictable, maybe I'm just too old for it now 😐 )

Anyway, recs!
Negai Kanae Tamae
Tengoku mo Jigoku mo
The title story from Doutei Hitsuji to Abazure Ookami (chapters 1-2+extra)
Blue Sky Complex
Red Hood
The first story from Yume no Kuni in My Darling
Shigekikei My Hero
Kizudarake no Airabuyuu
Scratch Blue
Moon and Sun (ABE Akane)
Apron Yankee!
Shishi mo Kobamazu is often praised for being like this, but imo personality-wise the uke is 100% uke-like, despite his appearance.
A Song of Blood and Fire - I didn't like this at all, but it does fit your request.

Also, definitely check out the categories meshy has mentioned, above.

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Ancient Alien

2:26 am, Jan 11 2019
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Thank you!!! I'm definitely going to check out your recommendation! And I forgot about the tags so I'm definitely going to be binge reading 😎

Oooooh I'm excited for all these recs, thank you so much!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves this trope lol and I don't mind if the tough uke turns into a whiny, cry baby-provided if the sex is rough-I would cry too lmao. Though it honestly just depends on my mood and how realistic it is-sudden tears out of nowhere can definitely be offputting, especially if it's coupled with the trope of a stoic top who never stops being stoic even during sex *rolls eyes*

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