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Manga with real life themes + romance

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5:34 pm, Feb 7 2019
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Looking for a manga that has a lot of themes about real things. Also must be a romance targeted at females.

Example: Real Clothes which talks about the MC's struggle to find meaning in her work and exercising her talent, having ambition, and where love fits in for a working woman.

Example: Cheese in the Trap where most of the MC's problems are about nuances in social relationships in a college setting.

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3:16 am, Feb 8 2019
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The Full-Time Wife Escapist would fit. Personally I dropped it because I found it too depressing (like at one point the underemployed characters discuss the pitfalls of globalization...) but it does have a high rating.

Interested to see other responses, I wish I knew more manga like Real Clothes!

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10:11 am, Feb 8 2019
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I'd definitely recommend checking out The Lady and Her Butler. It's a romcom series about a woman and a man who end up sharing an apartment together due to a housing scam. One of the main things that stood out to me about this series is how the main characters don't follow the stereotypes of the romance genre.The female lead is super independent, and at the beginning of the series she's not really interested in romance at all. The male lead looks tough on the outside, but he's actually pretty sensitive and just trying to recover from a bad breakup that ruined his life. The series touches on real life issues like dealing with past trauma and working your way up in the workplace all while focusing on some pretty complex relationships.

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7:00 pm, Feb 22 2019
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I would second Full-time Wife Escapist. I absolutely loved how the author handled what could be a very cliche poltline with a surprising maturity i.e it was a real story about real people.

I also loved Bonnouji - it's a seinen but there are alternating perspectives of the FL and ML at no point does it become melodramatic or tropey.

A few other good ones are:
[m]Tonari nani o kuu hito zo[/m]
My Girl (Sahara mizu)
Haru no Noroi

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5:21 pm, Feb 24 2019
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For a realistic romance I always recommend Our relationship is... it's similar to Cheese in the Trap as it deals with college problems and social relationships but I feel like it has less suspicion and dramatics between all the characters.

Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon shimasu is about two people with different views about marriage trying to date as well as both of them being in high pressure jobs.

Principal the girl moves to a new town with her divorced dad and has to get along with her new school, pretty much about family dynamics

Other recommendations which you might enjoy:

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is a light read, not too many problems but it's about otakus hiding their otaku-ness from their coworkers and just enjoying each other's company

Boku no Kanojo wa Saikoudesu! another light read, 4-koma of the daily life of a couple

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim a secretary wants to leave her job but the CEO wants to keep her. There's a lot more to it than that but I don't want to spoil anything

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