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Non Romance Manga made by BL Mangaka

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6:33 pm, Feb 21 2019
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I just want to read more about Non-romance manga/manhwa/manhua (Action or Slice of Life or Supernatural, etc) but specifically made/drawn/written by BL (Shounen-ai or Yaoi) Mangaka/author.

The Lead character(s) have to be Male.
The Genre is NOT Romance, Shounen-ai or Yaoi or Yuri/Shoujo-ai.
The Mangaka/author obviously have to be BL Mangaka.
If there's Romance-subplot or Shounen-ai Subplot/BL subtext on the categories but NOT on the Genre, it's fine.
But not just any manga, a Good Manga! Not weird or Lame or annoying.

Amaama to Inazuma made by AMAGAKURE Gido (BL & GL Mangaka)
Grainerie & Kakemakumo, Kashikoki made by TAKARAI Rihito (BL Mangaka)
Hisohiso -Silent Voice- made by FUJITANI Yoko (BL Mangaka)
Tactics made by KINOSHITA Sakura (kinda BL Mangaka with different penname: Katsuo Wasabi)
Boushiya Ellipsis made by KINUTA Nana (BL Mangaka)
Hinatama made by IWAKI Soyogo (BL Mangaka)
Nanohana Boys made by Pyong (BL Manhwa author)

though I would also take manga like this:
Sakazuki-san Chi no Gikyoudai by Saho (Non Romance Mangaka)

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4:48 am, Mar 28 2019
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Maybe you can try Op: Yoake Itaru no Iro no Nai Hibi by Yoneda Kou.
It's my new favorite now 🙂

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5:27 am, Mar 28 2019
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You might also take a look to Kamitoki no Resist by YAMADA Shiro.

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