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Looking for a monster x human romance

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12:17 am, Apr 16 2019
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Looking for suggestions for a monster/human romance manga! I’d prefer that the male romantic interest is actually rather monstrous in appearance.

I’ve read (and enjoyed):
Mahoutsukai no Yome
Niehime to Kemono Ou
The Beast and his pet Highschool Girl
Itou-kun Doesn’t Know About Love
Totsukuni no Shoujo

For further reference, The Shape of Water is my favorite movie and Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical lol

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2:57 am, Apr 16 2019
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If you don't mind oneshots, there are a couple works by Nagabe that sort of has female human x animal-like creature relationships (same author as Totsukuni no Shoujo that you listed)

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3:40 am, Apr 16 2019
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Azufareo no Sobayounin
Yuusha wa Shimei wo Wasureteru
Not a lot of chapters out for these right now, hopefully there will be more in the future.

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