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New Poll - Sequel of an Ongoing Series

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7:29 am, May 11 2019
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This week's poll was suggested by jacob66. I can't actually think of an actual example of this right now, but what do you think of an ongoing series (meaning it's not finished yet) that has a sequel coming out already? I presume the sequel takes place in the far future, because that's pretty weird if it wasn't. But if you know of any examples of this, comment below!

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Previous Poll Results:
Question: Favorite thing about a scanlation's credit page
Translation notes - votes: 914 (34.7%)
Comedy from the scanlators - votes: 1205 (45.7%)
Group news - votes: 113 (4.3%)
Original artwork - votes: 307 (11.6%)
The credits - votes: 98 (3.7%)
There were 2637 total votes.
The poll ended: May 11th 2019

Looks like people appreciate comedy. But keep in mind that we've done 2 polls in the past about scanlator April Fools' jokes and fake releases, and the majority of people either hate them, find them annoying, or straight up ignore them.

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8:31 am, May 11 2019
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Sounds pretty confusing. Have any of these every worked out, outside of Batman Beyond? Valiant´s 4001 AD quickly ran out of juice, Spider-man 2099´s legacy is a cool looking costume but the 90s comic is overall mediocre. Curse of Spawn is rubbish and... Oh wait, we are supposed to talk about manga. Well, still not a great idea. Finish the original work first before starting another ongoing. Here is how Hulk 2099 looked like btw. ...vomit:
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@lambchopsil Far past prequel spin-offs do exist. Knights of the Old Republic was legit good for example and deserves to come back. Medieval Spawn was lame and... Oh wait, we are supposed to talk about manga. I am hardly a fan of OGINO Makoto but he fits this example the best. He put his latest sequel to Kujakuou on hold to do an origin story prequel despite the fact that the latest work is about traveling back into the Sengoku Era. So both are prequels...? He just died and both books are left in limbo. Makoto apparently rushed a concluding chapter for both before drawing his last breath but I don´t think that anyone is holding out hope for actual resolution or quality.

The new Nana to Kaoru - Kokosei no SM gokko managed quite the feat too by being set after the original but before the already concluded side-story-sequel that ran parallel to the original during the middle of it´s run. Readers got 2 sequels that are automatically destined to accomplished nothing and an original work that needed to be left open-ended due to the existence of Black Label 😐. All 3 works are also rubbish for other reasons but this may be the worst continuity fuck ups I ever saw in a Japanese comic. DC continuity dreams to be as broken and stuck in limbo as this! Hats off Hakusensha. You did it, your dated soft-core porno broke time and space.

Gundam needs to be mentioned too. Keeping the MU entries for these toy commercials liked in the proper canon order will give me a tumor one of these days. How exactly are Reconguista in G and ∀ Gundam to link together and are the 90s standalone anime part of the U.C. timeline as all are set before ∀? Unicorn further keeps getting sequels despite the fact that it already has concluded sequels in the form of F91 and Victory Gundam. Is time is a flat circle? Help me Rust Cohle senpai!

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10:47 am, May 11 2019
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I've never encountered such a thing in any of the series I read/watch, whether in Japanese media or otherwise... Probably because this only happens to very popular franchises, which I have no interest in anyway. So I'm gonna have to go with No opinion.

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HanaKana Fanboy

11:38 am, May 11 2019
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Horrible idea. Very much so. As mentioned by residentgrigo above, going this route was and still is a huge problem for Nana to Kaoru, which is a very interesting and stangely entertaining series otherwise. But publishing a sequel way ahead of the original story's completion will always and seriously restrict the author in their writing of the original series. This only works out if the sequel/spin-off series is set in the same universe, but deals with enitirely different characters, like L. E. Modesitt Jr.'s Recluce Novels do.

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12:06 pm, May 11 2019
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Unless the author is a genious it will end up in a mess, so mostly I'd say it's a horrible idea mmm...

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1:00 pm, May 11 2019
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Absolutely hate it.
I hate it even when they do a prequel while the main series is still running, especially if they use a different artist.

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1:07 pm, May 11 2019
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Probably because this only happens to very popular franchises, which I have no interest in anyway.

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1:22 pm, May 11 2019
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No opinion as I have never encountered this. Sounds weird, but I'm sure it's possible to make it work.

Post #769153 - Reply to (#769144) by RoxFlowz
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5:48 pm, May 11 2019
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Couldn't have put it better.

Like any story, it's not only content but execution. So no opinion.


6:17 pm, May 11 2019
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Both horrible and confusing, but I chose the latter.

If it was a spin-off rather than a sequel and was a short 2 volume story I could see it getting a pass. But main stories need full care and attention so juggling 2 main stories at once will be difficult which can leading the original being sidelined or rushed to give more attention to newer story.


3:55 am, May 13 2019
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I really doubt there are that many series that have had sequels published while the original is still ongoing. At least not a legit direct sequel to the ongoing work, i.e., one that frequently references things that happened in the prequel. Otherwise, the only way this works is if the sequel can essentially stand on its own, i.e., you don't have to be up-to-date on the ongoing original to read its sequel because the sequel has very little to do with anything that goes on in the original work.

I think this is one of those few polls where the person who suggested it probably should have been asked to provide an example of such a situation.

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7:20 pm, May 13 2019
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Spent a few minutes talking about this with my co-worker, and we thought if done well, it could be a great ideia, maybe if both series complemented each other nicely with the sequel series showing immediate repercussions of actions taking place in the prequel series at the same publish time.


8:19 pm, May 13 2019
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I'm kind of surprised that no one's mentioned Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san yet which is a future spinoff/sequel to Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. Both are still ongoing.

Considering the original series is romcom where the romance is never in doubt, I don't think having this spinoff ruins anything (though I voted for the "sounds pretty confusing..." option as a general rule) as there was a future chapter in the original at one point. Also someone else other than the original author is writing/drawing the sequel/spinoff so that might also make it easier to disregard if you don't like it.

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