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Transexual / Tomboy / smut / Ecchi

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4:57 am, Nov 2 2019
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[m] Its a Manga.
It's about a girl who go to the university. She has short hair and doesnt use skirts, dresses, etc, Only pants. Ppl sometimes think she's a boy.
But she has a friend who went with her to the school before, and He's in "love" with her. She doesnt like him.
I dont remember how she realized, but theres is a Girl SUPER pretty in the university, all students love her cause she is beautiful and pure. Even a popular boy who attend to the same university too, is obssesed with her. In the nights, He walk in the streets wearing the same dresses that use the popular girl, He uses an hair like her, and practicaly He wants to be her.
The girl who doesnt use skirts become his friend, I think, and He try to dress her more femenine.
I have to say that the beutiful and popular girl, isnt that pure like other ppl think, cause she is a sex worker. She even had sex with a teacher from the university (she realized it after have sex, when they see each other in the university). PLEASE HELP, I want know how it end!

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5:32 am, Nov 2 2019
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Himegoto - Juukyuusai no Seifuku

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5:10 am, Nov 3 2019
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Thank youuuu so much 😭😭❤❤

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