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Manga where MC struggles really hard puts in maximum effort and gets crushed

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2:21 pm, Nov 28 2019
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So i'm looking for Manga where MC struggles really hard puts in maximum effort makes (to his knowledge) all the right choices and then gets crushed. Like losses/never atains it all and there is no happy end.

The 'no happy end' is optional.

- BL/yaoi
- GL/yuri
- gender bender
- cross dressing

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3:23 pm, Nov 28 2019
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That kind of thing happens a lot in horrors so i would recommend looking there. However, giving a recommendation would essentially spoil the manga since you would already know where all the tension is going. If you still want a recommendation I can name a few manga.

It also happens in dark shounens where the main character loses everything midway through the story.

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4:29 pm, Nov 28 2019
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Warn: Banned

Do you mean like the ending to sports films such as Rocky, Real Steel, and Cool Runnings?

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4:46 pm, Nov 28 2019
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Girls Go Around is the one I can think of right now

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8:48 pm, Dec 9 2019
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Fujimi Lovers

It crushes your soul.

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7:15 am, Dec 12 2019
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I can't say I read a lot of this - I like stories where characters are progressing towards a better future, and actually get there. But it reminds me of this manga Bokurano, also with an anime adaptation.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I haven't been brave enough to finish it, but essentially, a bunch of middle schoolers are conned into signing up for this game, only to realise it actually happens irl, and that it involves piloting this giant robot and defending the earth, at the cost of their life. So they're all facing imminent death before their life really begins, and each one deals with it differently. Arguably, they do gain something, and that is in saving the world, but they won't be alive to witness it.

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2:01 am, Dec 13 2019
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Holy Shit I forgot about this series, did you finish it? Was it something that is tragic? Do the words "Happy Ending" even apply, no exist in the series? I have to find the English version one day.

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10:35 pm, Dec 14 2019
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Quote from superspartan177
Do the words "Happy Ending" even apply, no exist in the series?

If you are talking about Fujimi Lovers...
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
There is no happy and no ending. The author just stops and says "to be continued"
. I don't recommend it. But it corresponds with OP request.

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