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Romance with Feminine/Girly Male & Female Lead

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Elysia Moonlight

8:12 am, Jan 2 2020
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So i'm looking for some romance manga where:

+ The male lead is feminine/girly (i prefer both in looks and attitude, but if he only LOOKS feminine, it's also okay)
+ The female lead is also girly, or at least not a tomboy

No yaoi/yuri please. I find it hard to find this type of story cause it's usually feminine boy x masculine girl.

Thank you!

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2:12 pm, Jan 2 2020
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usotsuki lily
family compo to a certain extent
Tenshi na Konamaiki not sure if this falls under this category or... But I can't give too much away without spoiling the story

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4:11 pm, Jan 2 2020
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Shouri no Akuma
Pump Up!
Akahime Ranshin

that's all I can think of right now.

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5:12 pm, Jan 24 2020
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Fruits basket has tooru honda (girly but dense/ditzy girl) and Yuki Sonma (girly looking but he doesn't act girly)

I havent finished the manga or the anime so idk if romance between them blooms but its what you're looking for

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an Everlasting~

8:24 am, Jan 28 2020
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It's like a hentai for girls (has an anime adaption), but Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono deshita. is just that.

Also this one (also H): Tonari no Onee-san to Himitsu no (this one I highly recommend cuz the guy is so sweet :3).

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