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BL that isn't stereotypical, ftm and looking for a manga I can't buy anywhere

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8:15 pm, Jan 6 2020
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The manga I'm looking for is this one: Japanese is fine, as I don't find it in english or translated anywhere.

For ftm stuff, the only one I know with an ftm guy is tasagore, in which there isnt much of him anyways, and I did not like it at all. I guess I.S. (Intersex) could be considered that too, but I also did not like it (too preachy and kinda weirdly shown, its kinda like a shojo, the tone doesnt work well) much apart from the educationnal bits.

I don't want stuff where it's just genderbender, crossdressing or non-comforming, as it isnt the same as being transexual, so not that. Supernatural is also very meh, and weird, so not that either. Just plain ftm stuff that is realistic and not preachy, if that even exist yet. Probably not, but eh, worth asking. Can be slice of life, drama, whatever else, no preference as there probably isnt much on the ''topic''.

As for BL, I don't like the obvious ''seme-uke'' dynamic in most BL, so none of that please. Dudes that act like dudes and look like ones. No short female proportions characters that look like shota or chicks.
I also prefer more realistic or semi realistic art styles, and higher eye positioning with normal sized hands/big ones. And when both characters have believable dude proportions that arent widely different builds... height difference is fine if not too stereotypical.
Also... not a fan of effeminate characters that are short, big eyed, act like blushing maidens and most likely are ukes (realistic effeminate works though, but still prefer if they arent short), so none of those. So no Junjou romantica type of thing, and definitely not Love Stage things either.
Definetely no rape (unless it has a point and isnt glorified in a romantic thing, kinda like in Skin -by Asada-), kissing and preferably no ''surprise'' kiss in the first chapter, sexual stuff on the first chapter and other too fast paced things. People don't straight up kiss other people to show they are interested before getting to know them, that's not a thing that happens much unless its sexual assault... its not cute or quirky. Though I will (maybe) not drop a manga for that, so recommend away.
More things like Dousei Yankee Akamatsu Seven, Canis or 10 dance. Rather.
Ah and subtext BL things work too, as well as bromance. Kinda like Descending stories.

It can be not translated yet, not a problem.

And link to MAL account if you feel like checking what I've already seen or get a better idea. I can also add some of you guys if you want.

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9:02 pm, Jan 6 2020
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Quote from RegalRascal
Just plain ftm stuff that is realistic

You do realize that real "FTM" transexuals lop-off their breast, mutilate their vagina and uterus, and have a pseudo-penis grafted from skin taken from a large section of the thigh and that becomes "erect" because of an air pump, right? And, at the end of the day, that person is still a woman (Except now without functioning sex organs and $50k down the drain)?

Straight-up science fiction and fantasy are your only options if you want a "realistic" gender bender, sex-change story.

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Post #773668 - Reply to (#773667) by Transdude1996

9:10 pm, Jan 6 2020
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Ooh, edgy. Very informative and scientific indeed. I ain't talking about chromosomes or sex buddy, so I don't see the relevance but okay.

Realistic just means realistic, it ain't that deep. Realism within the world can just be realistic with the current state things are right.

And you do realize that I know that? And that is a mental issue too right?

Plus that's off topic with my question, if you wanna talk about that, go debate some sjws or something buddy.
Here is a manga recommendation, etc site, not a sex or political or whatever site.
Or PM me, but you just want to be pissy for the sake of it, I don't see the point.

Very ''Playful and carefree'' ''Friendly towards others'' indeed lol

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9:42 pm, Jan 6 2020
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Quote from RegalRascal
I ain't talking about chromosomes or sex buddy, so I don't see the relevance but okay.

And you do realize that I know that? And that is a mental issue too right?

Then what you're looking for is a series about gender dysphoria, where the girl thinks that she's a guy. Okay, now I know what you want.

Trying to think of anything like that, and all I can come up with is series where the guy masquerades or believes that he's a girl (Even drawing a blank at thinking of hentai that applies). The only three series I can think of that come close what you want are F. Compo (Where all the female characters know that they're female, but a couple like playing coy with the protagonist), Secret Maiden Revolver (Where that's more of a fan theory, and the story doesn't really go anywhere), and perhaps something in Change H (However, majority of those stories are about guys becoming girly or doing gay things, and the only "relevant" story I know of in the series is where the girl is literally turning into a guy).

There are also games like Akiba's Trip and Demon Gaze that may apply, but that's only because the game's narrative is built around the protagonist being a guy (Even though the player can choose to be a girl).

EDIT: I just remembered, there is one series that's about a princess that's raised as a prince and is almost assassinated, but I forget the name of it. It isn't Basara or Ribbon no Kishi because the fem-protag thinks that she IS a guy. Also, I think Tenshi Kinryouku may sound like something up your alley going by the description, but it's a fantasy series so maybe not.

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Post #773672 - Reply to (#773669) by Transdude1996

2:40 am, Jan 7 2020
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Well there you go, thanks buddy, that's more like it ahah

I'll look into those

EDIT: One of them is an effeminate male traps though, I aint into that.

Masculine chick one's good enough though, Basara, even if unrelated.

And most the rest don't seem anything related to gender dysphoria, just chicks being masculine or effeminate guys like you said. More into things like Hourou Musuko maybe? (though I also did NOT like that one either)

Definition of gender dysphoria: The condition of feeling one's psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one's biological sex. As in a mental issue, not a outward presentation thing..?

A manly chick or effeminate dude isn't what I'm looking for, but more of a psychological based thing? I dunno, just traps or effeminate dudes is kinda boring.

But I'll read the others anyways, they seem fine.So thanks, still.

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9:00 am, Jun 28 2020
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I'm going to be honest: you're probably going to have better luck looking at comics that aren't manga. Manga that have MtF transgender characters seem to be more common than those that have FtM transgender characters. The only ones I've read besides Shimanami Tasogare and Hourou Musuko are Yuureitou and Claudine...!. Claudine is shoujo and the main character is very effeminate (same author as Rose of Versailles, so that's a bit of a given), so likely not your thing, and Yuureitou is....well, I would read the reviews on that one before you decide if you want to read it

I have not read it, but Boys Run the Riot also has a transgender male character

Post #778229 - Reply to (#773672) by RegalRascal
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10:59 pm, Jun 30 2020
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The best two I ever read were not straight-forward trans stories, more gender divergence. They were also about amab rather than afab people.

But they were Hana ni Kuchizuke (the sequel being not nearly as good) and Udagawachou de Mattete yo. Also it’s very much a sub-plot, but Homunculus has one of the best representations of trans identity I’ve seen in manga.

There are some better stories about intersexuality, but it looks like you’ve read those already.

Agreed that manga is a hard medium for finding informed stories about any part of the LGBTQ community, especially trans folx, as it’s something that they’re just starting to be able to openly discuss in terms better than “new-hafu” and “okama.” I’d recommend looking outside of yaoi/yuri for stories with better representation.

There are some promising looking titles if you look under the “Transgender Protagonist” tag, (like Boys Run the Riot) but I can’t specifically recommend anything else as they are mostly untranslated. Good luck in your search and please post if you find any good ones! I tend to look for good stories about transwomen rather then men, but any good representation is welcome!

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